What does being a crewmember mean to you? | FAIRWINDS Credit Union

We are a community not only with our members But also our crew we work together to build each other up and learn and that’s one of my favorite things We inform them about various different things Not just about the product and services that we have but we’re kind of their confidante too as well Being a member advocate, doing what’s in the best interests of a member To me it’s a pleasure to work for a company that’s honest and genuine And that’s what my job consists of I have to honestly deal with members honestly look for their best interest and make sure that they are Doing everything in their power to be well rounded financially Always doing what’s best for the member We’ve always strived and been taught as a crewmember that it’s about the member. If it is right for them. That’s great If it’s not set them on the path that will help them Doing what’s in the member’s best interests to always thinking about their financial well-being as well as your own What a lot people don’t realize is that the credit union manages almost 3 billion dollars of assets And we’re very big company but we’re also very small at the same time. If a crew member wants to learn something All they have to do is ask and to me that’s one of the best benefits of working at FAIRWINDS is all the opportunity that’s available to the crew You have to be an advocate for crewmembers and members alike. So I have a unique opportunity to impact members financial well-being Through our crew members by helping them learn and develop Chase their career goals, things like that I think being a FAIRWINDS crew member to me means Helping people not just our members indirectly, but helping our crew members get to where they want to go To me, there’s no greater story than when someone starts out at an entry-level position And is able to promote within a company and reach new heights and new career status and just keep growing I mean, that’s the best thing you

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