What does financial freedom mean to you? | FAIRWINDS Credit Union

Being able to make a decision and not really have to think about it or worry about it on how it’s going to affect the small things. Recently I helped a member achieve their goal by Retiring early so I helped her refinance her home to lower her payment I helped her pay off her car and her credit cards and so within a couple months time She was able to retire and help her family and parents. Not having to live paycheck to paycheck. I recently helped a member They didn’t think that we would be able to help them refinance their auto loan And we were able to do so and save them so much money on that which they can now turn around and put into their savings accounts To know that you have savings. You’re not going to have to rely on credit cards if something, an emergency comes up, eventually having passive income Not being owned by the things that I owe So when I meet someone who’s struggling with just that that’s exactly what I tell them You are in control of where your money goes you are in control of what your money does for you It is living comfortably within your means You know struggling from paycheck to paycheck you’re not struggling as to figure out where the Next bill is going to get paid. Everything is paid, you’re living comfortable. You know what your bills Are you know how much you make. It’s a plan that you develop that you’re using your money to work for you, to plan for your future Having the ability to make Financial decisions without the stress because sometimes achieving financial freedom is about saying no To things that you want and don’t really need Not having to worry anymore Not having to live paycheck to paycheck being able to put my kids through school through college and not having to stress over how I’m going to pay for those things

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