What Happens When Cities Make Homelessness a Crime: Hiding The Homeless

my whole goal is to reduce real homelessness not deal with the symptoms I want to have less people are homeless than the year before you’ll stop in homelessness because were being ticketed and moved out of the out of course everybody wants to move the homeless but they gotta be somewhere don’t play the economic crisis may be over but three and a half million Americans we homeless this year a number that’s remained constant for more than a decade despite programs designed to get homeless people back on their feet it seems like it’s getting harder I’ve seen a lot of people to lose their houses older people in the housing crunch that have never dealt with homelessness they don’t know how to build cities are responding to growing public frustration with a new tactic legislation designed to hide the homeless rather than help them controversial new laws have been passed by dozens of local governments that make it virtually illegal to be homeless Boise Idaho is one city facing scrutiny for the effect these laws have had on homeless people Boise Idaho is one of a growing number of cities across the country passing laws designed to get homeless people off the streets by criminalizing basic human behaviors like sitting down too long sleeping or even sharing food in public a group of homeless people in Boise have sued the city government claiming that the laws constitute cruel and unusual punishment Janet Bell became homeless ten years ago she lost her arm and nearly lost her life to an infection she developed while living on the streets she was on a railroad bridge when police wrote her a ticket for sleeping outside yes gathered I knew had had a camp down by the river and I’d been down talking to him we both came up and and we got busted how many tickets did you get I got to LA just for camping outside from being outside yeah she and five other homeless people sued the city in federal court and the stakes are high the case has reached a federal appellate court and the outcome could repeal laws targeting homeless people in cities nationwide as the number of cities with such laws continues to grow her case could redefine the rights of homeless people across America what do you think the real purpose of that law is the law to harass the homeless and hope hopes is the homeless will go somewhere else of course everybody wants to move the homeless but they gotta be somewhere don’t they supporters of laws like Boise’s anti camping ordinance say that they help get homeless people off the streets critics say that it just creates a whack-a-mole dynamic whereby homeless are either forced to move somewhere else or end up in jail the majority of cities have too few shelter beds a shortage that’s been made worse since federal funding was scaled back in 2012 in Boise there are only about 300 for a homeless count that can exceed 2000 Richard Morgan became homeless six years ago when the auto shop where he worked went under he couched her for a year but ran out of options and moved to a shelter well you know I get I tried that when I first came literally out on the street homeless and I could only stand it for about two months and that’s if I drank that was part of my self medication for the bipolar crowd anxiety well they don’t like a drink and I didn’t like drinking that much and it was easier to move then he moved to the streets a police harassment eventually forced him to the woods one of the tricks is getting in and out of here without leaving footprints is what it’s got about a half a foot of snow on the ground haha it sounds extreme but we soon found he wasn’t alone taking a little stroll through the woods yeah how’s it go man good we’ve only been walking a couple minutes but all through the woods back here you see evidence that people stay out here to avoid the citations the police give for public camping how many people staying back well we’re in our area there is one two three five five kids and the number will soon grow citing the city’s anti camping law police just announced they’re going to ticket the hundred and fifty people living behind this homeless shelter the shelters don’t have the capacity or special programs these people need but they’re being ticketed anyway where they expect everybody go it doesn’t seem like anybody has a solution other than just to clear out the alley at this point but you don’t stop being homeless just because you are being ticketed and moved out of the alley in practice the laws mean homeless people break the law by simply being homeless I got a warning ticket they know I’m on a voucher I’m waiting for uh from HUD I’m waiting for the apartments to be built for us to move into and I’m still getting ticketed but just throw me in jail I got jealous my housing homeless advocates like Lydia Blackwell say the laws are hurting the people they’re supposed to help where do you think that they’re brought when they are released from jail they’re brought back to the street right back to where they started from the only thing that’s changed is they have another barrier to housing do you see a discrepancy between what the government says the laws are designed to do and the effect they have in reality yeah if the intention is in any way to try to solve the problem of homelessness it does quite the opposite despite those criticisms laws criminalizing behavior associated with homeless people are an increasingly popular tactic a major force behind their rising popularity is homelessness consultant Robert Marvin I bend over 708 places as of last week 708 counties sued him in eight counties cities programs that I define it as a program he’s tough approach to cleaning up the streets has made him a sought out consultant to cities nationwide we followed him to Northern California where he pitched his services to an affluent community you got to have a culture of transformation and you do that by being in programs where his advice is often the same stop handing out free food and open a 24 hour shelter where the homeless are kept out of sight feeding people has never got a single person out of homelessness I’ve challenged every feeding organization America please bring me somebody who you’ve fed and because you fed them are no longer homeless it has never happened this is that may sound harsh but he cites improvements that are hard to argue with the system we could get an 80% reduction if we just started working smart Clearwater st. Pete all have had that sort of 80 to 90 percent level cut his results in st. Petersburg in Clearwater have been his calling card on the national stage but we learned those claims simply weren’t true neither st. Petersburg nor Clearwater even undertake a homeless count in the first place but they pointed us to data for Pinellas County where both are located the homeless count there actually increased by almost one thousand people since Marv its hiring inside this former jail that marbet just opened as a homeless shelter his numbers got even more convoluted earlier we talking about metrics and how you measure the success of these programs or these shelters one is how many people are graduating from the street in other words one year from now after going out through the program of no longer come back that that to me is the most important how do you know they just they just haven’t gone elsewhere you can check across all these data systems and see who’s who commit that that’s very that’s doable right that’s not a hypothetical that can be done today these are like vastly different data sets I mean can you really ill a data set that tells you that these people are truly off the street and not just on a street in the next county over somewhere else well homeless the information sent as a required federal required so if you use the backdoor approach and say are they hitting the system somewhere else that data is already there that data’s been around about a decade and is getting better and better when we asked him about his own success rate he said he didn’t measure it the ultimate test and I don’t measure this but the ultimate test would ability of a prior homeless person to have free-market housing that seems almost insurmountable for someone to come off the street and I have to imagine that numbers extremely low and it is and I think that’s why people don’t measure that that lack of data hasn’t stopped him from building shelters across the country this is Piniella Safe Harbor the county’s newest homeless refuge we looked into a shelter marbet built in your st. Petersburg Florida in 2011 the amenities at Pinellas safe harbor are Spartan to be sure they sleep on these mats it’s a bare-bones existence reduce down to life’s minimum requirements they report before the United Nations Committee Against Torture investigated the shelter near st. Petersburg and found it subjected homeless people to cruel inhuman and degrading treatment the report was led by Erik tars senior attorney with the National Law Center on homelessness and poverty in st. Petersburg what he was pushing was for people to be put in solitary pretrial detention if they don’t choose to go to the shelter and so to keep them there in solitary until they decide well I guess the shelter is a better option pretrial solitary confinement for what are misdemeanors yes exactly but Marvin’s business has continued to expand got the full life full system of everything going on here Keith sets a Rogaine in and they used condom we shadowed marbet while he took stock of the homeless situation in Grass Valley California his focus wasn’t what we’d expected he’s sending a symbol here you know he’s that’s a trying to protect you know he’s this is out trying to say don’t mess with my stuff it’s in the homeless world very similar to you know what dream catchers in the Native American or the First Nation community a lot of time you can fight you can tap into water and electricity in these encampments I’ve been in Kampen instead have satellite TV and you know cable nothing he said it anything to do with solving the problem of homeless and nothing we saw suggested his programs have helped a significant number of homeless people turn their lives around but his thinking shaped the way tens of thousands of homeless people are treated the law is pushing people into Marvin shelters will face serious challenges Janet Bell wins her lawsuit against the city what do you think the impact will be if you win the lawsuit I’ve had to do what I can you know just to uh to help fight this thing if it changes things at all where there’s less harassment and possibly more help with housing then it will be a great impact of via tremendous impact her case is in federal court and it could be years before it’s resolved until then laws targeting the homeless are on the books you

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  1. VICE News says:

    VICE News investigates the ways in which American cities are dealing with the issue of homelessness.

    Watch next: Hawaii may consider homelessness an illness and use housing as a cure – http://bit.ly/2fmMLLB

  2. Anthony Teofrio says:

    You wanna end homelessness END THE FED END THE IRS. Do what the constitution says simple!

  3. Proteus Augustus says:

    You want to see how cruel people can be to you? Try being homeless. I was homeless for five years and saw what the police are really made of. You are nothing if you're not feeding their pockets and the taxing machine. Not every body can compete in a never ending political regulation of life. No work, no money not a person. Yet; the politicians want to bring foreigners in and give them benefits? Illegal immigrants aren't illegal but homeless citizens are?

  4. Dennis Frey says:

    Fkn democratic paradise don't you just love 'em

  5. socc69 says:

    This is so sad. It's a shame that you give people whom are looking for a place to stay a fine. That's crazy ! smh

  6. Delta Operator says:

    I slept in a tent till I could find student housing when I first went to college. There's a lot of different reasons why people are homeless.

  7. korbels says:

    Unskippable ad: thumbs down

  8. henry q says:

    There is no place for the homeless people ship yards are full of shipping containers and plenty of empty lots around all the cities in america lots of plans for converting cargo containers into housing yet no place for the homeless in America but in the homeless shelters packing a bunch of people into a tiny space with a bunch of rules most won't fallow so back to the streets again no cure

  9. Robert Todd says:

    4 years ago I was very comfortable. On the Board of Directors of the Humane Society. I raised issue of shelter and basic service for humans should be funded adequately as animal. I'm off the board and homeless. Fractions of cents granted by courts in settlement of estate valued in double digit millions. Mortgage & Securities Fraud. Harrassed daily by Blue & Gray(security guards). Criminalized by CRIMINALS

  10. THMCKY007 says:

    Just because you are homeless doesn't mean you have to live like an animal. You can keep your living space clean and civilized like any human being should. At least take care of your own garbage.

  11. Leudwig vonshwartsenhelm says:

    But when you're a property owner and homeless people are camped right next door to you or near by and they keep stealing items off of your property what do you do? Calling the police doesn't seem to help because even when ya do and even when they catch the person who stole their out of jail the very next day and back to the same camp stealing off your property again. You are literally are at the mercy of them being honest which they aren't, the only recourse is as the property owner to sell your property to get away from them.

  12. Who Dunnit says:

    Heres the Math.
    The USA has more of its citizens in prison,per capita,than ANY OTHER country on the PLANET.
    Ergo,they are the LEAST FREE country on the planet.

  13. Huebuckle says:

    That's the shelter I lived in wow!!!!

  14. Mark Fonseca says:

    Give up your indpendance and double up in houses like the imagrits are doing beating your asss out of a warm place to shit instead of on our public street's it is 2018 nomadic behavior is bazzar or drug indused.

  15. Jose Martinez says:

    So many Hispanics in Boise (or any town USA), doing the jobs lazy Americans don't wan to do. Come on Vice, point out that reality…

  16. billny thehighestguy says:

    Well that's when people get robbed killed.stabbed.etc. the government is a bunch of morons. I've dealt with homelessness. In Colorado. If it's between me starving and dying or me eating and robbing you I'ma rob you!!! Shit I'd get a gun and pray off the rich. That's what you force people to do

  17. billny thehighestguy says:

    So instead you want them to rob people to feed themselves. You aint getting noone off the streets

  18. billny thehighestguy says:

    I've been homeless. It's illegal to sleep outside. So guess what? Then I break into abandoned buildings. And if I can't work for my food the right way i start stealing and robbing. Now imagine that times a million. That's what you are making us do. Because you won't feed us,cloth us or give us jobs when we try to do things right. This country is dog crap

  19. billny thehighestguy says:

    Oh let's arrest the poor and really make sure they are homeless for life. So you are making a punishing law to keep them homeless till they themselves end their life. They want them dead or in lock up when they may of just been normal people that were laid off with no other options.

  20. billny thehighestguy says:

    Screw Florida. That shelter is the same as a jail. Wack. I'd rather hide in a tent somewhere

  21. billny thehighestguy says:

    Homelessness should never be a crime. Give us jobs! How bow dat?

  22. Martha Doorman says:

    I've got a plan for dealing with homelessness.
    First, we make all housing free. Second, we give the (formerly) homeless people free drugs. Third, we keep homeless people out for prison by decriminalizing battery, sexual assault, drug use/possession, etc. Fourth, we have a tax payer funded army of therapists at the ready to listen to the personal issues of the homeless and give them strategies for dealing with social anxiety. Fifth, we vote Yang into the White House and become instant millionaires. Sixth, we give virgin men government assigned GFs to fill the socio-sexual-economic gap between have (Chad) and have not (virgin). Seventh, I will begin hormone replacement therapy so that I can begin transitioning into the woman that I was meant to be. Eighth, we force circumcised men to regrow their foreskins. Ninth, the USA invades Iran to defend the value of the petrodollar. Tenth, we start a rock band. I'll be the singer/lead guitarist and you'll play the bass.

  23. Tristan Mason says:

    How dumb. People are not giving a homeless person food to get them housing! They are giving food for hunger. He is not that bright.

  24. Cyrus Dabar says:

    I've had multiple experiences with homeless people over the past three years as there are a lot where I live. I have opened my home up to 5 homeless in the last year and every single one went the same way. Each one states for at two months minus 1 of them, and they all ended up being the same type. A person refusing to make any effort to get himself going. Instead, they has rather continue abusing the substance of their choice, refusing to bathe themselves and eating nothing but junk food. Instead of going out and looking for work, they would go to the store and continually beg and live as they always had. No matter how much I loved on these folks, it did not fix them. This isn't a judgement on every homeless person, just the ones that I brought into my Home.

    Bottom line is, every single one of them had ample opportunity to better their lives so that they wouldn't have to be homeless anymore, but refused to take any steps.

  25. Jimmy says:

    I'm not sure if what the guy is doing is right or wrong. Can't say it's not improving some people's situations. Some don't want there but look at Skid Row and the diseases there. At least someone is trying to do something. Homelessness is growing so fast, it doesn't matter how many facilities you build. I'm not sure exactly what they want someone to build for the homeless. The idea of the shelters is for basic needs, and the main thing should be trying to get people back on their feet. Takes time, but I don't' see a lot doing much to help out.

  26. Verbal Intercourse says:

    I've homeless off and on since I was a young man, I fucked up and went to prison a few times and have a horrible criminal record so it's hard/impossible even when I have the job and money to find housing, but anyways most of the homeless I knew on the "street scene" were damaged people, whether through drugs, mental illness, or sexual/physical abuse from childhood, making laws to punish drug users is the most backwards shit ever and doesn't help the addict it tortures the addict, these addicts who go to jail almost always get high soon as they get out, most people do drugs because they are fucked up and need something to feel better or to feel alive…alot of opiate addicts are in physical pain and hurt with every step, taking away pain medication and making it hard to get destroys some people because without it they can't physically work because it hurts, I'm one of those people…there is a covert war in our society against the poor and downtrodden… I believe certain people somehow feed off of other peoples misery and pain…I see alot of evil shitty people making comments about how people should get their lazy asses up and work blah blah blah, it's not that easy when you are at the bottom, when you are homeless you look homeless and smell homeless, nobody wants to hire people off of that type of face value, it's hard to work when you have no foundation beneath you to hold you up, there should be designated places outside where these people can camp, and wash themselves, let them have their tent City or whatever as long as it's not near schools an shit…

  27. Verbal Intercourse says:

    It's sad how 711 employees, fast food employees, and restaurant employees are instructed to throw the extra food at the end of the night in the trash, that could have fed somebody, you all talk about don't feed these people and tough love bullshit, how about if they don't get fed then watch how violent crime skyrockets

  28. Frank Ambrose says:

    Don't forget to vote demacrat in 2020, k.

  29. Cheech Whit says:

    God, every one of them just looks broken.. spirit and body, just a frail image of their former selves, a shadow..

  30. Nick Tatters says:

    The Church of Scientology should donate some money to help this issue. They have lots of it, along with real estate. They own most of Clearwater in Florida.

  31. Dewayne Miguel says:

    The homeless sued portland for making them move and won

  32. Sylvia Armstrong says:

    Why don't they ask the homeless what the solution should be? A shelter is not a home! Give the people their damned money and lands back, you dirty rotten vicious murderous greedy bastards!!! Shelter and programs your mama. Dumb shits for brains!!! Let me go and solve the problems of the rich!!! Dirty dogs!!! We are going to put your dumb asses in programs!!! Get a half of a brain please!!!

  33. Slim Morden says:

    Can you name an Industrial Nation that never had a "Vagrancy Law?"

  34. Jon Alarcon says:

    Homelessness is not a crime drug addiction is not a crime it's a disease what is a crime is our elected officials and government not giving a shit about our homeless , but instead they care more about the illegal immigrants then their own legal citizens

  35. ton3not says:

    People have the right to sleep in parks and public places just ban tents in some places like side walks problem solved

  36. Vorpal Bite says:

    The Homeless are a blight on your community because you allow it. The homeless scum need to take their problems out of the community, or face the wrath – Don't allow them to ruin your good thing, get mean, get vicious

  37. Jessica Channing says:

    It’s not that homelessness is a crime, you have to enforce strict standards in order to help these people get off the street. If they are allowed to pan handle in front of shops and such… why would they change? Take a look at how St. Petersburg, Florida helps their homeless. They have church programs that help them get off the streets and into a home.

  38. freeky dee says:

    The governments of today are so selfish they only care about what they can get

  39. Ideoform Sun says:

    Solutions? This video just highlights the problems with trying to deal with the problem.
    Prevention sounds better than trying to deal with homelessness that has existed long enough to cause secondary health and mental health problems. If there is no cure for homelessness, then looking at prevention is better than looking for a non-existent cure.
    Find people who are willing to be interviewed about what caused them to be homeless, and how they got out of it and why.
    If nobody is keeping track of actual people, then you will never find out what actually is working and what isn't.
    Homelessness is just a visible symptom of a problem. Now the symptom defines the problem, but that won't show you the solution. It will only show you when whatever you are trying to do begins working, as homelessness drops.

    I suspect that the newly homeless are targets for drug dealers. If you fall asleep on the street, someone could inject you with a drug, or put drugs into food or drink they offer to you for "free."

    I think ADD is a contributor to homelessness. It prevents someone from making plans and following through with them.

  40. John Roucoulet says:

    "708 places and programs in the last week". ? Not humanly possible to travel to 708 places in the span of a week but I love the enthusiasm😂 I feel for all the strong homeless ppl around the world😥 n the homeless dogs, cats, all domestic pets alike who run away or get displaced.
    Especially during winter months.

  41. xr28y ge3fl1 says:

    Being homeless is no problem, for fun I have done it, I love having no binding contracts, no bills or expenses, the total freedom is like being 18 again. Then working even a minimum wage job gives me amazing command and control of life and power.
    Watching you bank account go up by thousands every month is great. BUT having a shit attitude will destroy you, and that is what the REAL problem with these people. Good example of where bad attitude will take you. If you want to go to rock bottom its always there waiting for any of us.

  42. Scott Stlaey says:

    I switched my job, and it didn't work out so I am almost homeless .( was gonna be but found a place to stay temporarily) I called a bunch if shelters, and they say they'll give ya 20 to 30 days. Which is not even enough time to get a apartment if you have good credit.
    I am o housing list, but that'll take a few years probably. The crazy thing is there is virtually no hope for people in my situation. It doesn't matter how they got there, because guilty till innocent mentality has to stop. When will we help each other, and establish constructive things to rebuild our broken way of life.

  43. Scott Stlaey says:

    And these programs are of very little help at all. Who can get a apt, even if they have good credit , takes atleast 90 days (in my opinion). So of the policy is to provide aide, but not enough aide to actually help. Then it's broken.
    I'm not saying give them 100s of dollars, and free everything . Make em earn everything. For example: keep your shelter clean, and you get lunches for work/ bagged lunches if there, and a supper. Then they have to work together, and shows them a good example to strive to. That's make your own way. Then provide adequate showers, and hygiene areas/ lockers enough to store a months worth of stuff. Then that have a shot anything else is a joke.

  44. Scott Stlaey says:

    And that scumbag
    Said put em.im solitary until they act right . What is this? So what your saying is: torture techniques are okay on those who submit I mean act right? Torture techniques lile light depravation, sensory deprivation, and I've even had them shut off th water and deprive of me of that too .
    If this is how we treat people unfortunate in life ( not all are saints. I'm not saying that, but a good 50 to 60% are drug addicts n no violent offenders. These people need treatment not prison. That's why we see our prisons have 2 millions prisoners. Which is before they started attacking the homeless peoples rights and freedoms. This is why we are not solving problems. Our solutions lack empathy, and any just resolution.
    I can prove it right now. Somebody, anybody in office anywhere. Have your legal team set up a 401 c llc for me. Give me grants, and proper time to guidelines for people, and I could change one area at a time by atleast 40%. I know that's being hopeful, but I have faith.then once the numbers if successful people leaving the shelters, and establishing sound apartments or rooms for rent; then you put that template everywhere. Cause it works already.
    Now if it's the city idk anything about that, but if we have constructive things to lift these people up instead of drag them into homelessness and lock em up for not being with the status quo; then that's just d*** wrong. But nobody will do anything because they don't care about the poor

  45. Andrew McClenning says:

    I find it fascinating that American cities which have a major homelessness problem all have Democratic leadership. Just saying.

  46. dlrarmy says:

    kids….dont do drugs….this is why….some homeless are truely legit…but drug use takes you down this road…once youre on it…..its hard to get off it…..

  47. Banned By Wonkette says:

    what happens when homelessness is promoted??,

  48. Adrian Oscar says:

    This is the left fault.

  49. theother account says:

    Technically I have never been homeless.I always had a home.But I had 3 times hard times an had times where I didn't know how the next month of my life was going to work out.I have done those vauge things.But, having a address made me never truely worried….I never had drug problems.But the attacks on me finally got to a point at 34 yrs old an my voices that I had bad for a bit at 2yrs old came back hard.


    I'm disabled and I'm homeless and I've been waiting for over two years for housing as a homeless person on the street. Sure I live in my car. but it goes to show these programs have failed and all they've done is put the money in their own pockets. I'm 50 years old disabled ineligible for elderly housing here in Sacramento California


    Why did the government bailout the banks when the banks own six houses for every homeless person.. sure we've got money for war but not enough time to make equality…..

  52. Chuck Taylor says:

    Your right. The laws are designed to move the homeless. It’s not society’s fault that people choose to not work. I don’t want to see people sleeping on the street in a city I pay taxes in. Either get a job or go live in the woods.

  53. Kitur Selassie says:

    Homeless consultant or homeless vulture

  54. Blind says:

    "What happens when cities make homelessness acceptable: Homeless living in front of your house"

  55. DustyApothecary says:

    Homelessness is a symptom, not the core problem. Drugs and mental illnesses are the real issue. People that want to bounce back do, there are tons of services in place to allow that.

  56. andyiswonderful says:

    This video comes off as a hit piece by someone with a pre-conceived opinion, rather than objective reporting.

  57. Mit Yelsob says:

    homeless people are homeless because they don't work and I don't see why they should be allowed to treat public streets like it is their own personal bedroom.

  58. Keith Daniel Lamb says:


  59. Nj Osborne says:

    Yes, those that govern us are terminally Stupid.
    And their ain’t no cure forstupid‼️

  60. Charles Gray says:

    Any law it criminalizes your daily habits is not a law it is a punishment they're punishing you for being Who You Are just saying

  61. kim lightfoot says:

    Many homeless people are mentally ill. America moved them out of the hospitals two decades ago, and Poof, Homeless people became the norm. Tent cities went up. Gosh I wonder if there is a relationship there. The drug addict on the street usually has somewhere to go at the end of the night. Drug addicts are very good at grouping together and staying out of the way if they want to. My mother was homeless when she died. Why, the doctors labelled her a pain seeker. So to alleviate legitimate pain from arthritis, and other things, she turned to Cocaine , when the money ran out to buy more, she began selling it. All the while she managed to stay with other homeless people in "housing" I quotation this on account of She was granted "housing" and within four months was removed due to too many occupants in her house. The war on drugs has doctors terrified to prescribe pain meds to patients with legitimate reasons to use them.
    My grandmother, my mother's mother, managed to live in "shacks" until she died of alcoholism. Her two sons stayed with her and between the three of them, they managed to survive in a two bedroom "house" that was later condemned when she passed away. Both her sons died alone and homeless. That makes three of 8 children that became homeless and died due to drugs and alcohol in my immediate family.

    One way we can house people, is to build housing specializing in homelessness. By that, lets build a six bedroom dormatory. Build a common kitchen area, and living area, and bathroom area. Put idk four toilets and four shower stalls in a bathroom and make it available for men and women. Then lets monitor these houses with social workers that come and go, to ensure that there is not over occupancy, nor under occupancy. Lets not tell them that they must find work within such and such a time, and that they must move out within such and such a time. You will find, many will begin feeling safe again for maybe the first time in a decade or two. Their room has a single bed, and they can lock it to protect both their belongings and themselves. Don't put curfews on when people may come and go in their own homes, or set bedtimes, or otherwise impose the shelters rules. This isn't a shelter it is their home, it is paid for by how much a person earns, and if social assistance is paying for it, then it is taken right off their monthly check so the person can't spend their rent money on other things.

    The Social worker in charge of the house, needs to visit daily, to speak with the residents, get to know them, assess their actual needs, wants and wishes, and dreams, hopes and fears. Do they need medication, are they mentally ill, is this the right housing alternative for them? Questions like these are much easier answered once a person has taken time to individually get to know someone, instead of an intake interview that lasts fifteen minutes, is invasive, and degrading. The social worker, only has a maximum of fifteen houses, that makes 90 people that worker is responsible for.

    How about we get behind something like this, instead of criminalizing our poorest, our most helpless of the helpless in our society. One day you could be my mother, who went from living in a mortgage free house, to homeless in three years. All on account of a history of alcoholism, and addiction, coupled with real medical issues, and finally, a blood clot to her right leg killed her. Why? Because the hospital had her labelled as a drug seeker, so they did not believe she was in actual pain, and dismissed her when she came in with the same problem as is fictionalized on the tv show "House" , within three days of living with dying muscle in her thigh due to the blood clot, she died alone, on the street, doing whatever she could to remove the pain of this very painful way to die. Anyone who has ever had a charlie horse in their leg at anytime, imagine that pain, ramp it up by x5 and then make it last for three days, that is how my mother died homeless.

  62. Charles Gray says:

    This man is lying just like that if you feed a person long enough for them to be able to go out there and do an honest day's work they will at some point no longer be homeless like myself so for him to say not to feed the Homeless is a lie that's the problem you're listening to people who have never been there but let some medical problems happen a couple of late payments on the mortgage and you will experience the delights of homelessness none of these people woke up saying well I'm going to be homeless today it all came from something Miss paycheck a missed rent payment a divorce anything can put you in the middle of the street if you're not a millionaire you can be a homeless person you better think about what you saying and listening to cuz bulshit ain't nothing drunk ain't shitt

  63. Charles Gray says:

    A lot of homeless people suffer mental health issues depression high anxiety they need programs which I'm going to put them in apartments and give them the counseling in the medications that they need shorter doing that you're doing nothing just like that you have drug addiction because they're not on their proper medication you have prostitution because they need money for their drugs you have every other thing that is involved in that kind of Lifestyle you really want to help these people stop closing down the mental institutions that were in place to take care of them all this other bullshit and everybody else is talking about is just that bulshit

  64. Charles Gray says:

    This man like all the others that don't understand homelessness is the same they make millions why they keep people homeless and that's just a fact I don't care one bit about this fellow in all that he's done cuz he's done nothing how many people can heat say that he has received housing for how many people can he say did he got jobs for and I bet you the numbers ain't going to add up just like that

  65. Chidera Okolo says:

    America & it's useless damn laws smh.

  66. Long Quang says:

    Reminds me of the South Park episode that treats homeless as zombies lol

  67. Roy Vowels says:

    Greatest country in the world my ass…..

  68. shot forshot says:

    A large percentage of homeless are that way by choice. Don't fool yourself. Common example: A person brings drugs into their parents house (or steals from them etc). Parent eventually says no more and kicks them out. Another is a person being required to take their antipsychotic medication. People make active choices to NOT take their meds. The panhandling/hobo lifestyle is viewed by some as adventurous, rebellious, against the grain, even being tough and resourceful (yes, even while begging or stealing). You often see those with backpacks, maybe a pet dog, it can be a younger couple. All choices.

  69. Dogs Sing says:

    The politicians should be sent to jail, not the homeless.

  70. Sunday Weiss says:

    Workfare, not wel-fare. Tiny 🏡

  71. Devin Green says:

    I am homeless on my channel but i am working on becoming successful with youtube.

  72. mrpower328 says:

    In New York City they let the homeless take over the subway system and smell is just unbearable

  73. William Sr. Donaldson says:

    Homeless people, Unite, start a union and Sue the people making those fullish laws.

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