What is a Credit Report? A Credit Education for Filipinos by CIBI Information Inc.

On our previous video, we provided
an introduction on the credit score,its components and where it was obtained.Credit Scores are derived from the Credit
Report provided by the credit bureauor special accessing entities like CIBI.You may now be thinking what a Credit
Report is and why you should knowwhat it contains.If Juan Dela Cruz used his credit card
or acquired a credit transactionfrom a financial institution, his
record is called a Credit History.And if Juan’s Credit History was
reported by several other sources,this will be compiled and
recorded as a Credit Report.In the Philippines, Credit Information
Corporation is the central repositoryand the regulating body for all credit
information complied and reportedby the submitting entities.Special Accessing Entities like CIBI,
on the other hand were givena special function to structure, analyze
and process information in order toderive effective tools and
provide value added services.That can help the financial growth of
every Juan Dela Cruz, small to largebusinesses and even the economy
of the country, in general.This is a steps toward the development
of a sustainable credit informationexchange in the country and
anchored to the national advocacycalled Financial Inclusion.The concept of Financial Inclusion
is to provide easy accessto basic financial services. That
can make a positive differencein the lives of every Juan particularly
those on the low income segments.And those who live in towns or cities that
has no present formal financial institution.We will discuss more about financial
inclusion on our next video.Credit Report mainly contains
your identifiable information,Credit Information for each
account you hold, and inquiriesfrom institutions who has requested
a copy of your Credit Record.Do you want to have a copy
of your Credit Report?Have it by following these
three simple steps.One, update your Credit Record
with your submitting entity.Two, ensure that your submitting
entity is complied to the CIC.And three, get your Credit
Report from us.Visit our website for
more information.

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