What is a Good Credit Score? – Credit Karma FAQ

What is a good credit score? We get this
question all the time. The answer is kind of complicated. We’ll try to keep it short. Take it away whiteboard! First you have several different credit
scores. For example, On Credit Karma you get your
TransRisk credit score, which has a ranger 300 to 850 and the VantageScore 501 to
990 Like a mustache bigger is always better,
but how high of a score do you need? Well, lets
you need a mortgage for a new home. On a 850 point scale you’ll need a score
of 720 or above to lock in the best interest rates for conventional loan. A score between 620 and 650 might also get you that loan but with a
higher interest rate, which can cost you thousands of dollars
over the life of the loan. In other words, a good credit score will
save you money. Now, 720 is just a guideline depending on
the type of credit score used and other factors the number you need for the best
interest rates will vary. Kind of like Ezra’s facial hair. Still, it’s a good goal to aim for will get
more nitty-gritty specifics in the next next video. So, that’s all for now,
thumbs up on three! one, two

6 comments on “What is a Good Credit Score? – Credit Karma FAQ”

  1. Credit Karma says:

    Do you know what a "good" #creditscore is? Here's a quick video of Bethy and Ezra discussing this topic:

  2. Jaz Yu says:

    I was very unfamiliar with the whole topic but this video helped to widen my perspective. I also decided to do some further research and came across this book that was very informational and answered a lot of the questions that I still had. It may help some of you as well. (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TSU0QE8)

  3. TopTribute BandsNstuff says:

    Good one BUT is 2012 info still the rule in say 2017?

  4. nebra lester says:

    Is credit karma accurate? I was told Ck could have your off by 30 points or more

  5. Haynes Jones says:

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  6. Have A Blessed Day says:

    Credit 850 .com and Business School of Dreams will break it down for you 1 – 850 to 800 is Tier 1 and 2. 799 to 750 is tier 2 any thing above 700 is still good and after that well not so good. by law 620 and down you have no real pulse in America. FICO 8 bases its scoring model on credit reports from millions of consumers at once. … Both FICO and VantageScore issue scores ranging from 300 to 850.
    Now listen up there are 3 credit companies privately held with stock holders that sell your information but each one has several scoring models which means in the end you have 49 different scores with all 3 that equals 147 scores. House is one model , car is another , credit card and so on in the end depending what you apply for you will change you finally number. There are several credit reporting agencies in the U.S., but most people are familiar with the big three: Equifax: P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241, 1-800-685-1111. Experian: P.O. Box 2104, Allen, TX 75013-0949, 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742) TransUnion – P.O. Box 1000, Chester, PA 19022, 1-800-916-8800. I am the CEO of an International school being built in Alba Missouri called "The Business School Of Dreams" I wrote serval books and have been doing his for 30 years talking all over the world on credit. So there it is for all of you. God Bless and Have a great day.

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