What is a Good Credit Score?

Hey Hubsters! Today we’re tackling one
of the most frequently asked questions on WalletHub: What is a good credit
score? A good credit score is anything above 700, and anything above 750 is
considered excellent. People with good credit usually have at least three years
of experience with loans or credit cards, at least $5,000 of available credit and
have not been 60 days late in the past two years on any type of loan or credit
card payment. And it is good to have good credit, because when you go to get a new
loan or line of credit that basically determines if you’re going to be
approved, as well as the rates and interest that you’ll pay. It also affects
things like your job prospects, your apartment options and even your
insurance premiums. So if you already have good credit, congrats! If you want to
improve your credit or you’re not really sure what it is right now, head to WalletHub. You’ll see your latest score and a personalized improvement plan.

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