What is Earnin?

Ever wonder why it takes so long to get your
paycheck? Maybe money really does grow on trees. Or someone is painting Ben Franklin’s face
on every bill. Here’s the thing: There’s no good reason. Two-week pay periods were invented back when
factories were created — along with monocles, steam engines, and phonographs — and companies
needed extra time to get the numbers right. But now, it’s the 21st century, and we’re
still waiting for our paychecks. Every year, while we wait, more than one trillion
dollars of our hard-earned money is held up in the pay cycle. That’s one trillion dollars that could be
helping us pay our bills on time — and as a result, Americans rack up fifty billion
dollars every year on overdraft and late fees. Doesn’t sound right, does it? We agree. Earnin is a community of people, here to take
back payday. And together, we’ve created our own system. Tell us where your work, connect your bank,
and voila! You can get paid the minute you leave. No fees, no interest, no hidden costs. Just your money, instantly — plus features
that help you protect and manage it. So how do we keep things running? Earners support the service and each other
by tipping what they think is fair. Because we’re all in this together — normal
people, trying to create a better system. And our movement is growing stronger everyday. Join us. Earnin

58 comments on “What is Earnin?”

  1. Alex Lopez says:

    This is getting huge in a bit I’m the first comment fuckersss 🐀🐀🐀👍🏽

  2. Diego Mejia says:

    It amazes me that people live paycheck to paycheck, this isn't helping people. This isn't teaching people to budget.

  3. QUES VENOM says:


  4. QUES VENOM says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://youtu.be/wptCPx3yAdY

  5. Eponymous Shapeshifter says:

    You guys are awesome, but my only complaint is that you guys don’t update my balance frequently even though it says it’s already been updated.

  6. Luis Medina says:


  7. JAMES BEASLEY says:

    So whatever I cashed out that day I worked is what I would pay back on payday?? do y’all take out of my account?

  8. Kim Lee says:

    How does the overdraft work?? It’s every time your bank going lower then 100.00 or when u r negative on the account ??

  9. Darren Stewart says:

    What's the song? That is literally all I care about right now?

  10. Arodgers12 Fan says:

    What's the instrumental? 🤔

  11. ThatTacoCristian says:

    This ad will always play, no matter what video I click on

  12. Kbear Awesome says:

    Whats the name of the artist?

  13. Boss Helix says:

    Look, I think the base idea here is a good idea. We should get paid daily. None of us should be tied to Wage-slavery as hard as we are. Though I think we're going about this in a weird technological way that while does work in the system we're in, really doesn't fix the inherit issue with the system. Really couldn't we unionize? I mean collectively we could push for a daily payment offer from employers and even more, instead we turn to a digital work around that ,I don't wanna seem like an asshole about it, really seems like a pay-day lender? I know I'm probably preaching to no-one or maybe just the Earnin' Social Media Manager (which doin' good work by the way), but I just wanted to get that off my chest.

  14. Mr Buckle says:

    very misleading. are you kidding me? this sounds terrible. what a bunch of bs.

  15. Salpertia says:

    Hey earnin!

    You've got the right idea!

    But you fail to see the bigger picture, and that is that the dollar as a fiat currency is never a truly viable source of income.

    As long as the federal reserve exists the middle class will continue to lose more and more money each rate hike.

    Ask yourself. Why do we the tax payers, pay interest on money that has nothing backed by it other than faith it's good?

    That's a message you should be working hard to tell your viewers.

  16. GeneSun says:

    So now instead of overspending once or twice a month, people can overspend every single day.
    I really hope most people can see who is really behind this scheme.
    It only encourages more impulse spending and the banks are just going to end up with more exorbitant fees for overdrafts. Even worse is the payday loans. Most people that fall into that trap, never get out.
    If you can't pay your bills in full every month then getting paid once a day or once a month cannot possibly change this.

  17. koozboy says:

    Well I know what I'm gonna do when I grow up >:3

  18. Malici Bradford says:

    If It Doesn’t Appeal To You, Don’t Use It, Don’t Come Here & Complain About Something You Haven’t Or Won’t Use. For Me Though, I Love It. Thank You Earnin!

  19. Erica Nicole says:

    love these app

  20. evan says:

    If you have to get an advance on your paycheck for groceries, there is something completely wrong and you need to change your life asap!

  21. Keith Ford says:

    I think it's a good app my only problem is the way some people are going to use it. There should at least be a 200 monthly minimum. I've only used the app 2 times in the past 5 months but I can say this app should only be used in emergency situations where a bank loan is not needed. And it should have more tips on budgeting your money.

  22. Phillip C says:

    I still don't understand the "community" part. I'm I tipping earnin or giving money to the next guy? How does earnin profit?

    Amazing app btw.

  23. Lorena ortega says:

    what happens if i erase the app

  24. Jonathan Ngo says:

    At least this commercial isn't as cringe inducing as the others. A guy needs $100 to take his gf to the movies? In the middle of the day?

    Girl needs $100 for her pumpkin spice latte?
    "girl where'd, you get that pumpkin spice latte? You don't get paid until next week."

    You mean to tell me she's so broke that she doesn't have 5 bucks in her account? And her friend is somehow envious of a $5 SBUX drink and knows her pay schedule?? Who green lit that commercial idea??

  25. Antifa is Gay says:

    This is for poor trash. Read Dave Ramsey, losers.

  26. roastmypig says:

    Or you can fucking use a credit card

  27. Based God says:

    Save your money you fucking morons don't spend it before you even have it. Emergencies okay I understand but if you don't have enough money to buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte then don't take out debt just to get one you idiots.

  28. Tom says:

    LOL this is hilarious. this is almost as bad as gopuff.

  29. Jennifer Kammerer says:

    do you guys actually get money? I think this is a scam. plz tell me whenever you see this. thanks. It would be nice to not wait anymore and I dont want to get in trouble if Earnin is a scam or any bad thing. you know…

  30. Andrew Stout says:

    I dont know what is earth

  31. Gabriela Fermin says:

    This basically a pay day loan app.What a fuckin mess.

    I work for a bank and I see people my age and even younger, fresh out of high school, fall for this stuff. Hell, even older folks who don't know better fall for it.

    Yeah, you've earned the money, but your employer has not given you your money yet. Apps like this and pay day lenders just "front" you the money until your paycheck comes in. This will keep you in a loop of cashing out over and over until eventually you owe them your whole paycheck and REALLY have NOTHING left for your necessities.

    This is basically preying on young people. I can't believe stuff like this is not illegal.

  32. Gabriela Fermin says:


  33. Furry Slayer says:

    Stop giving me ads you fuckers

  34. Veredika says:

    Your commercials are annoying AF

  35. G M says:

    ¡Earnin es un Pedazo de mierda!

  36. anneface 1013 says:

    For every fucking time your ad plays, I'm going and disliking all of your channels videos repeating it with new accounts. So fucking annoying

  37. Flagonstein says:

    Stop playing these shit commercials before every video, they’re worse than the “ we buy any car” ads. All commercials suck.

  38. Ak says:

    Are y’all really that broke to wait 2 weeks?

  39. a spai says:


  40. Ben Kraim says:

    who did the animation for this, its amazing?

  41. G M says:

    Fuck the Earnin App, this damn video plays on every F’n youtube video I watch. I will throw a party when it folds and every investor loses their investment.

  42. Jimmy Smith says:

    Bullshit you guys still owe me mfs

  43. Iilonga Paulus says:

    Why isn't this App available to African countries?

  44. XXGRA77IT3GuruXX says:

    I really hate your damn commercials

  45. Turner Classic Bastard says:

    Terrible terrible app. It promotes irresponsible spending. If you’re living check to check then I’m sorry you’re terrible with money. Don’t let Earnin put you deeper in the hole

  46. markishbasedgod says:

    Ads are retarded but the premise of the app works.

  47. wave36 rule says:

    you are trash go die you don't need to alive and keep your trash ads off my phone and fuck off. last time and I will find you and I will kill you get it

  48. Fritzroy Woods says:

    But the app takes the money you took out of your paycheck so if you are $100 short today when you get paid youll still be $100 short roflmao.

  49. Dirty Diesel says:

    Yo, what's the song though?? It's smooth 😎

  50. Jay-Tee says:

    Your ads are so annoying you hire bad actors cringe before watching videos i came here just to hate but this animated ad is good but your other ones suck ass

  51. wot r u an N'wah? says:

    Your ads are shit

  52. That Dude U Hate says:

    I really needed to pay my hooker but my check wasn’t coming for another week. Thanks to Earnin’ I was able to pay that thot before her pimp back slapped her.

  53. Colby Kelly says:

    Kill yourselves.

  54. luke warmirwin says:

    I don’t get it my parents don’t believe me they think it’s a scam

  55. luke warmirwin says:

    Can you tell me

  56. luke warmirwin says:

    I’m trying to get something when I showed them this app they said it’s a scam but I’ll still keep the app but can you tell me about it

  57. Descartes says:

    Payday lender in disguise? I think so. Preying on addicts and the financially desperate with tips that can amount to……I’m not even going to go there,utterly repulsive

  58. 1000 subs by doing absolutely nothing says:

    I don’t get paid till next week. But I want a nice line up! That’s why I use the EARNIN APP so I can cash out $100 from my paycheck instantly!

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