What is PFCU?

– [Narrator] Do you feel
stuck with your current bank? Move up with Philadelphia
Federal Credit Union. We’re a full service
financial institution, equipped with personal and
small business banking services, offering you complete financial mobility. Unlike banks PFCU is a not for profit financial institution,
meaning there are no greedy shareholders to influence our decisions. Instead, we invest in our members. In fact, all profits are
returned in the form of better, more competitive loan
rates, and fewer fees. Plus, we’re local. We’ve helped our members
open their own businesses, and we give back to the
community by providing free financial education seminars, and sponsoring community events and teams. Why? Because we live and work here too, and we want to see our community move up. To get started, all you need is to either live, work, worship, study, or do business in Philadelphia
or Columbia Counties. That’s it, we even offer a
free PFCU checking account with no minimum balance,
no monthly service fee, and no opening deposit requirement. Start moving up today, open
an account at PFCU.com. Philadelphia Federal credit Union, not here for our profit, here for yours. Insured by NCUA.

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