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Radhey Radhey Swamiji! My question is
how can we understand law of Karma in Hinduism? The law of Karma! There are
certain man-made laws and there are certain universal laws not created by
man but still existing. The traffic laws the laws of IRS, the laws of the state
they are all man-made. If you violate them you can be punished and then there
are the universal laws of God, like the laws of motion. Newton discovered some of
them when he said an object at rest or at motion will continue in that state
unless acted upon by an external force, you’ve studied that right! So these are
the physical laws and then there are the subtle divine laws that control
existence and one of them is the law of Karma. This law of Karma is very much
like the law of action and reaction or cause and effect. It says that every
cause will lead to an effect, when this is applied to our thoughts, our actions,
our works that is the law of Karma. “Karma pradhan vishwa kari rakha, Jo jas karai so tasa phala chakha” ~ Ramayana The law of Karma says
whatever you do will have consequences, so be careful about your every action,
about your every thought. The law of Karma also explains
why you are responsible for where you are in life. Very often people have this
tendency of playing the blame game, you know it’s all my parents fault that
I’m not so successful. it’s the fault of society, it’s the fault of God, it’s the
fault of the government. It’s so easy to fall into this blaming mode but the law
of Karma says no you took choices all through your journey in life and the
consequences of all those choices is that you find yourself in a particular
situation today. So the law of Karma tells us it is our responsibility and
that is why we now have the onus. If I am responsible for where I find myself
today then it gives me hope, if I am not satisfied with my state all I need to do
is to change my actions and to change my thoughts and I’ll find myself in a
better place tomorrow so the law of Karma helps bring out the best in people.
That is the reason why God has it in place. Just like for example now if you
play well and your team wins that is an incentive to play even better next time
but if the scores and results have no correlation with how you played then
everybody will be demotivated forget it it really doesn’t matter that is why
later on when you grow up and go into the corporate world you will find that
there’s a performance appraisal system. Your boss will evaluate your performance
and help you in your promotion. Why is that
performance appraisal system there? Because people need to learn this
fundamental principle that to rise you have to work, think and do better. So on
the universal level this is the law of Karma that God has in place. The law of
Karma will also punish. Somebody came to an Hindu Acharya and said Swamiji you
know I’m so miserable my family situation is so awful, my health is bad, I
lost my job my house got burned why did God do this to me?
So the Acharya said that’s because you are a rascal and you did many sins in
past lives. Now that apparently is a very harsh
answer, I’m a rascal and I did many sins but it opened that guy’s eyes that if I
am in a terrible mess it was my Karma’s from this life and past life and if I
wish to improve my lot I need to improve my Karmas. So this at the subtle
level the law of cause and effect this law of karma. It exists in various forms
in other religious traditions as well. So the Bible says, as you sow that shall you
also reap. In the Sikh Dharma the Buddhist Dharma, the Jain Dharma the law
of Karma also exists and as the Hindu philosophy is getting more and more
prominence and gaining influence these words are getting adopted in the English
language. So somebody once told me at breakfast Swamiji would you like to try
almond milk, I said let me check the box and the box said good Karma proteins,
so I said look this is proof that mainstream has not opted the word Karma
they saying meat is bad Karma proteins and almonds is good Karma proteins so in
brief that is the law of Karma!

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  1. Swami Mukundananda says:

    Understand The Law Of Karma – and it's practical relevance to lead a happy & successful life🙏

  2. Tenzin choden says:

    I'm Tibetan buddism from Bhutan. We called it as (Lay dha namen or lay jumdrey)…i strongly believe in karma because I have witnessed it! When I was young n immature…i took my grandpa for granted n eventually didn't give him a time n when puberty hit me.. I started missing him… 😢 n I suffered from depression in very young age.. N since then I'm very much cautious bout my own action….i have learned that as you sow.. You shall reap it.! N if u believe in karma.. Everything will be good in consequences…:) don't go…screw people…bexauss U should take what u have put in!

  3. Heimat Fotografien says:

    I am happy for. You are very lucky… but when Kal caught your soul, how will you escape eternal hell? He will never allow this law to function again, since he fought with God and won the soul.

  4. Melvin Kalkan Sabanovic says:

    you indian

  5. Sarasvatiben Patel says:

    Radhe Radhe

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