7 comments on “What Is Unsecured Debt? | Financial Terms”

  1. Lee sin says:

    i was the 0 viewer

  2. Lee sin says:

    @saba844 WTF?

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  4. Samee Khan says:

    Awesome thanks man 🙂

  5. Dung Nguyen says:

    Student loan may not be a secured debt. But it the worst type of debt out there. They can garnered your wage for life until it paid off and you can't clear it through bankruptcy.

  6. JIM PENDER says:

    This advice does not apply to the UK. Credit card or other unsecured debt can become secured if you ignore it. For example, I owe £30000 on credit cards. I decide not to pay. The creditors may go to court to make me insolvent, and I lose my home. Or they could have a charge put against my property. So…unsecured debt…great if you have nothing that they can take.

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