What skills should you always have? [PAYDAY 2]

What skills should you always have in a loud build? Now, obviously every build is different, as is every player – you may consider some skills absolutely necessary that others may have never even used. However, there are consistently a few skills that most players can agree you should always or almost always have in a loud build. Keep in mind this video is assuming that you’re level 100, although I won’t assume you have any Infamy, as it doesn’t really matter in this case. This video also isn’t aimed at any specific difficulty, just all the difficulties in general. The exception being I’ll have a few mentions of skills that aren’t per se required on most difficulties, but become so on One Down. Now, I’ve split these skills up into two categories: “Always have”, for skills that, in my opinion, are absolutely mandatory for any loud build, and “Strongly recommended”, for skills that I personally would always use but you may disagree or just can’t spare the points. So let’s get started. First up for skills you should always have is Resilience Aced. The basic version of the skill is a minor increase to armor recovery rate, but the aced version is what counts, reducing flashbang duration by a staggering seventy-five percent! Flashbangs are, undeniably, a frustrating mechanic in Payday 2, and this is the only skill in the game that can help curb their effect. Being blinded for several seconds can result in dying to Cloakers, Dozers, or Snipers you couldn’t have possibly known were there. For a mere four points you can prevent this, and you absolutely should. Next up, you should always get basic Duck and Cover. Without this skill, sprinting feels like you’re stuck in a bog. You won’t get very far and you have to take frequent breaks to restore your stamina. With this skill, sprinting becomes much better overall, giving a 25% boost to your sprinting speed, stamina, and stamina recovery rate. At the cost of a single skill point, I can’t see any reason not to get this skill. Now this next one is specifically for Dodge players, i.e. you’re wearing a suit and choose to avoid damage instead of bulking it. If you’re running Dodge, you should always get Duck and Cover Aced. An extra ten percent chance to dodge while sprinting is key to any good dodge build. The fifteen percent chance to dodge while ziplining is just a nice addition. Back to general builds. In that same tree grab Basic Parkour. The ladder climb speed isn’t too much to worry about, but being ten percent faster in general, at all times, for just two points, is obviously a wise investment. Finally for skills I would consider absolutely mandatory, we’ll touch on One Down briefly. Every single One Down build should always have Nine Lives Aced. As the name implies, on One Down you can only die a single time before being black and white, and needing a visit with a Doctor Bag. With this skill, that’s doubled to two times. Now you’re only losing out on a single down compared to lower difficulties. This not only will make your medical supplies last much longer, but now if you get downed, you actually have a chance to get back to that Doctor Bag. It’s not uncommon to be revived and instantly die again, going into custody without any control. Nine Lives Aced will help along your One down runs better than any other skill. Okay, so let’s move on to skills that aren’t exactly mandatory, but I would argue you should prioritize taking in your builds. Up first being just any form of health regeneration. This can come as either Hostage Taker Aced, which will give you passive HP regeneration provided you have a hostage or Joker, First Aid Kits, which are fourteen bursts of full HP, Or, from a perk deck, such as Muscle, Infiltrator, Ex-President, et cetera, et cetera. Health regeneration is key to survival on higher difficulties, and cutting down on Medic Bag waste. Pretty much every build that has room for it should take a form of healing. Next is any Aced deployable – just something to bring to the table. Whether it be Ammo Bags, Medic Bags, First-Aid Kits, Tripmines, Sentries, et cetera. Be sure to bring a fully upgraded, or as close as possible, deployable. If you bring a single unupgraded Doctor Bag to a heist, your teammates aren’t gonna be very thankful, so try your best to be a good fellow heister and bring some supplies. Now, let’s move on to more specific builds. I mentioned Dodge builds earlier, let me go more into detail. Generally speaking, Loud builds are split into two categories, Armor or Dodge. There are mixes and outliers, but most of the time you’re either trying to tank all the damage you can, or avoid it. So, when you’re in an Armor build you should pretty much always have Iron Man Aced. A 30% boost to your armor is inherently great, but obviously, the higher the base stat of your armor, the more that 30% will matter. So why not bring the tankiest armor in the game, The Improved Combined Tactical Vest? You’ll be thankful for all that extra armor, and the reduced movement speed will be pretty much negated if you’re bringing Duck and Cover and Parkour, as well as this next skill. If you’re in an Armor build, you should probably get Transporter Aced. The more armor you have, the faster you’ll move while carrying loot. Obviously your speed can’t go over your base speed, but when trying to move that engine or toast, you’ll be very grateful you grabbed Aced Transporter. The basic version is also pretty handy, allowing you to throw bags further and higher. Moving on to Dodge builds. If you’re playing Dodge, you should probably get Sneaky Bastard Basic. This skill will give you a higher Dodge chance the lower your Detection Risk is. It’s worth mentioning the Aced version of this skill does NOT inherently give you more Dodge than the Basic version; They both cap at a 10% bonus. All acing the skill does is make the requirements easier. With Basic Sneaky Bastard, to get the maximum bonus you have to keep your Detection Risk at 5 or lower. Acing the skill will change that requirement to 25 or lower. Either way, the most Dodge chance you can get out of the skill is ten percent. That may not sound like a lot, but provided you can make some viable weapons with high Concealment, this passive bonus is critical. With the Rogue Perk Deck and Aced Duck And Cover, for instance, your passive Dodge chance will sit at 55. More than half the bullets coming at you will just not hit you at all. Assuming you’re getting Sneaky Bastard, you should also get two extra skills, the first being Basic Inner Pockets. This should be fairly self-explanatory, giving you a bonus two Concealment for doing literally nothing. It’s worth noting that even from Melee weapons that are already at the maximum base Concealment, being thirty, this skill will still increase their concealment further to thirty-two. And secondly, if you’re getting Sneaky Bastard, you should probably get Low Blow. This skill has the same mechanics as Sneaky Bastard, but will instead give you a thirty percent chance to land critical shots for most weapons. Since you’re making concealed weapons to meet the requirements of Sneaky Bastard and Low Blow, crits will give you an edge by increasing your damage output substantially. Finally for Dodge skills, you should probably get Bullseye Basic. This skill will let you regen five Armor when you get a headshot, with a two second cooldown. You may be wondering, “Why only Basic?” Well, in Dodge builds you usually only have twenty Armor. In PAYDAY, if you have ANY Armor, damage dealt to you can’t hurt you more than the armor you have left, except for Snipers who bypass this. Here’s an example. Let’s say you get a headshot while at zero Armor. You’re now at five Armor. Now you get hit with a shot that deals sixty damage. You will take five damage, at which point your armor will break, and then the rest of the damage will be ignored. The Aced Version of this skill would heal you to full Armor at twenty, but taking sixty damage would still drain your Armor to zero and negate the damage again, having the exact same effect as just having five Armor. So, the Basic version of the skill is all you need for most Dodge builds. However, if you’re running the Anarchist Perk Deck, which will restore armor every time you do damage, it would now be a good idea to Ace Bullseye This is because ideally in an Armor build, you don’t want your armor to break, So in this case you’ll want to Ace the skill to restore as much armor as possible per shot Ideally, as long as you keep doing damage and getting headshots with Anarchist, you’ll be restoring your Armor faster than it can break. In Dodge, since your Armor is capped at twenty, this is not the case. And finally, for heavily recommended, but not per se necessary skills, if you’re playing One Down you should probably get Aced Swan Song. This is an absurdly powerful skill. Whenever you’re shot to death by enemies, you’ll have nine seconds of invincibility and infinite ammo, allowing you to clear rooms and/or get yourself to safety so your team can revive you. On One Down, you’re going to be downed a LOT, so make those downs count and kill as much as you can with very little risk to yourself. And that’s it there are plenty of skills in the game that are very good that weren’t mentioned here, but these are the skills that you should always, or, at least, almost always have. Thanks for watching, and take it easy! Subtitles brought to you by: Caio Gamer

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  1. BlazeStorm says:

    No Inspire Aced? The most important skill in the game if you ask me…

  2. Will Rigdon says:

    What is the song in the background of the beginning?

  3. Dave Birley says:

    One of the skills I use a lot is called Jack of all trades. Get it aced and you can then carry two different types of equipment AT THE SAME TIME. I've got the combat doctor and the extra lead aced. The primary one selected (in my case the doctor's bag) will have items, while my secondary (in my case the ammo bag) there will be only one of. That is a great way to bring extra stuff to the table for you and your fellow heisters.

  4. USA_ HighLife says:

    1 year later and I still learned something from this video. Been playing for awhile, but new to Dodge builds and didn't know about the armor/ damage mechanics. Thank you for the knowledge good sir!

  5. gamer boi says:

    jack of all trades for all

  6. RizzutoHD says:

    Rip silenced killing 🙁

  7. Muhammad Rafa Amrullah says:

    what is this one down you speak of

  8. Sirpoopsalot says:

    What pistols are full auto

  9. aura enchanted says:

    i think u undervalue transporter basic, being able to throw a bag further or higher totally changes how u move loot around a map. especially when you consider most loot is lighter then servers, toast, artifact. throwing money across the street while under fire to a waiting player saves him having to risk his skin going into the street. and this allows you to toss painting, coke, or meth huge distances. having basic throwing distances to me, feels like such a mistake on the end of many players.

    you cant win a game without bags somewhere at some point being toss about and being able to just toss a bag onto the roof of go bank as opposed to manually moving them up the ladder can save precious seconds of activity.

    IMO a build without basic transporter is a build done incorrectly

    even if your trying to justify the 2 points elsewhere as being more vital, the less time your spent moving bags, the less time your on that level, and the less time you are likely to lose that level. and its something u must do, so avoiding it is impossible.


    I cant live without parkour aced.

  11. Idfk _ says:

    What gun is that

  12. Patchess says:

    For me it's: Ace inspire

    Because who wants to not scream GET OFF YOUR ASS

  13. Elsen Bliwki’s says:

    All music please

    And you’re the best

  14. PhantomYT says:

    That's completely a build but none-named

  15. Knee-capitation says:

    If you are going to run ex president with improved combined tactical vest ex president is made almost useless as you receive minimum health regeneration

  16. Kuan Lee says:

    Playing this on Switch. I'm starting to think resilience aced is reducing flashbang duration to 75%. Not BY 75%.

  17. Jerome says:

    4:10 IIIIF you dont play with anarchist

  18. AtrociousAK47 says:

    You should always have transporter basic, and in my opinion, parkour aced since you can run in any direction, also cable guy and drill sawgeant aced so you can spend less time waiting on drills

  19. Raska The Slaanesh says:

    i made a few builds that i use and i say, that for my playstyle and my needs, they are pretty much effective ( not dodge, i need help with that )
    hmm…. i have few builds that require some review from somebody better ( i have very few DLCs )
    http://pd2tools.com/l/65b2aa70b9ccc47d1ac96c1fe68019e3 ( super tank build, this is probably the ONLY build in payday 2 i can think of, where you sometimes want to get hurt ( regenerating ally health ) )
    http://pd2tools.com/l/9fbc9dd58f8cf7434f1dfccf4ec1475d ( dodge build )
    and stealth

  20. samuel salazar says:

    You know what I don't understand about payday how come some people only need 16 points to get to the last perk but I need 18 I don't get that?

  21. Pretend this channel doesn’t exist says:

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  22. YuRi Maged says:

    nice when i used the steps u told us 2 do it worked thank u and i and my 4 firends subed 2 u 😀

  23. Fix 10 says:

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  24. Garret Woeller says:

    Iron man or sneaky bastard literally one or the other have them based simply on armor or dodge build

  25. DavidKYS says:

    Im Infamy-79

  26. Cameron Robinson says:

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    3:14 – Health regeneration is key to survival on higher difficulties


  30. ORION Hunter Dx says:

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    The perks that allow me to reload, shoot while running in any direction are superb, why didn't you mention those…

  33. Rafael Peretti says:

    hey can you tell me which is the upgrade that i need to move hostages

  34. Chris's Films says:

    you could just ace every skill in the game if you get enough skill points

  35. cthulhu says:

    when you said only 2 loud builds, (plus some outliers) I think of my build which is a medic build that makes me last longer than anyone on anything then one down.

  36. FaZe_ Minecraft says:

    I feel like I need something for shields like shock and awe

  37. Azka '02 says:

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  38. Emre Yiğit Karataş says:

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  39. 2000sDigitalBoy says:

    I think Steady Grip basic deserves a shout-out. 8 accuracy for a single skill point is a steal for any weapon that isn't a shotgun that can't max accuracy with weapon mods, which is most of them.

  40. Garret Simpson says:

    Payday on Frostbite engine. That Hardline bullsh** didn't count.

  41. Toaster The Roaster says:

    Transported basic is a must for any build. Being able to throw bags farther helps in both loud and stealth.

  42. CampinCreeper says:

    "With your skills like this, your dodge change will be at 55" he said with a somewhat impressed tone.
    Meanwhile I'm sitting here at 60 dodge. Dodge is wasted on me, holy shit.

  43. The One And Only Cheeki Breeki says:

    How do you survive on ds one down loud

  44. knightblade402 says:

    Ha speed tank is the best.
    Speed skills lightweight ballistic vest and maniac plus aced medic bag

  45. Dnttrip says:

    Why don't anyone use ex President for health?

  46. Scary Spaghetti says:

    on one down

    you're going to be downed a lot

  47. Your God Rosè says:

    If you’re playing One Down is enabled, I’d recommend using messiah aced as you will be going down a lot and sometimes your team can’t save you.

  48. TheD736 says:

    Swan song aced is must have. Change my mind.

  49. king ace says:

    Needs an update probably. Due to all the updates and the dlc's.

  50. Mantas says:

    Already disliked from the start of the video cuz he's talking shit all the time and saying the same thing,i already know what this video is about and he still will say what this video about

  51. hiitoast242 says:


  52. TheUltimateDuck says:

    Does the parkour basic skill stack with duck and cover basic? I mean as in 35% increased sprint speed, or does run and cover just increase non sprint speed?

  53. Andrea Dion says:

    I only get nine lives if I use my messiah build

  54. Emilia uwu says:

    eeeey inspire aced is pretty good right?

  55. Wool Texas says:

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  56. Hello Neighbor fan12 says:

    My skill is ghost and it is my favourite

  57. Atomic Gaming says:

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    Dragons breath rounds always proc bulleye skill. Even when none of the bullets hit the head!!!

  59. Ballz says:

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  60. Bucky The Bucket says:

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  65. {[radical_ ruffian]} says:

    Before this I thought that that sneaky bastard ment the opposite because of how it was worded. I assumed it ment the more detection risk under 35, the better. I would go out of my way to use 22 concealment assault rifles, and would mod dodge weapons with flash lights and big sights.

  66. BaBa YaGa says:

    This is so usefull for noobs like me
    I dont reallt know what some skill really do but this video are showed me allllll

  67. Almir Listo says:

    how does this guy KEEP forgetting to get aced inspire, that's literally one of the most mandatory skills for higher difficulties

  68. Joe Noble says:

    Enforcer and technician maxed

  69. Dinocayden says:


  70. j0hnn13K says:

    For stealth, ignore all stuff that makes you stronger, or deal more damage, go for practical skills that allow you better drills, lockpicking safes, silenced weapons boosts and perks, better movement and carry ability, and make sure you can bring two items (jack of all trades aced), items that aid your stealthing, like tripmines or extra bodybag cases, alongside your ecm's (aced to the point you have 2, and they can open doors)
    The remaining skill points (quite a few) can be used to get a few low tier skills, that are cheap, yet very handy to have. (extra zip-thingies, better ammo pickup aced, not cause of ammo, but of potential zip tie thingies being dropped as loot), you might get a weapon accuracy skill or two as well, but damage boosting is pointless, as you're a stealth burglar (also the perk deck you want with that) you go in unseen, and leave unseen, every guard you kill, dies from any gun you point at him, aslong as he has not seen you. (here, the accuracy boosts, can help, gunning a guard down from a bit of a distance) might want to get the intimidation skill too, as that is handy to get civs down to the ground a bit faster, and they stay scared longer.
    So.. basically, every skill associated with not being seen or heard (silent weapon skills, concealment skills, silent drill skills) are the skills you want, do spend points on skills the build doesnt need, this build isnt a fighter, so dont waste fighting skills on it. (but any stealth mission will becomes a lot easier)

  71. The Lazy Chair Gamer says:

    late, but you misspelled "resilience" as "risilience"

  72. DominikHatHunger says:

    i really dont get swan song… why would you need delayed down time and unlimited ammo if youre going down afterwards anyways?

  73. Robbie Hall says:

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  74. Robbie Hall says:

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  75. Sekrit dokument says:

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  81. CarFloBlys Gaming channel says:

    I could agree Iron Man basic is recommended for armor build, but if it was for Stoic players, since all of the armors are converted into health. Is it good though?

  82. EmperorRahem says:

    Great video. I've been trying to get back into payday and this helped a ton

  83. GROOT50564 says:

    I use Stockholm a lot, being able to have a get out of jail free card by only taking a hostage. For at least me, it’s a must have.

  84. raataggi96 theplayerXD says:

    if only… we could have 250 skill points and not fucking low shit 120….

  85. the border ninja 2 5 5 0 says:

    Stockme syndrome aced is so helpful for solo because it give you one more down and ace if you have a hostage when your in custerdey you can trade a hostage you have to save your self but you can only with this one per heist

  86. SpeedTuberTM says:

    In Technician the skill Jack of all trades if Aced is very useful, as the second inventory slot allows for an ammo bag with your doctor bag

  87. Flav396 Dan says:

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  88. Super_ says:

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  89. -LSTS-MaroK. says:

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  90. JokesGames YT says:

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  92. Gaming First says:

    Transporter aced, ironman aced, and muscle perk deck and jokers and health skills and boom you are invincible on very hard on below and insanely hard to kill on overkill and above

  93. Unity 9 says:

    A fuckin build without an inspire,your build sucks, u have thousands of hours in this game and no Inspire???wtf is wrong with u???

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