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Welcome to the speak your success podcast What’s going on successors and welcome to this episode of the speak your success Podcast I’m your host Jonathan Jones And today I wanted to make sure that if you haven’t listened to last week’s episode the top 40 dadless interviews I want to make sure you go back and listen to those interviews We had some amazing Individuals on and it was almost like a hot seat rapid fire type segment had about five guests on did five interviews and Even we had the opportunity to interview Cosin kg once again AKA kg Graham, and he was one who just did a documentary He’s the one who also just launched the app for the cosign app Which allows you to get connected with them finding out the cool things that they’re doing as far as different Events as far as different write ups different articles different stuff like that. So I’d encourage you to go back and check last week’s episode However today I want to talk about playing the long game And I specifically want to bring that to the forefront because I received a letter the other day from Sallie Mae talking about that I owe some student loan money. Hmm. Yeah, I do Oh student loans. I’m sorry, but I’m not anyway, when as a beginner, look at this paperwork, and it said John your income driven loan repayment the Process is incomplete. The form is incomplete I was like well, how is it incomplete because I went online and I clicked the form to fill it out Print out the paperwork, but then never uploaded my documents Right, and I wanted to bring this to the forefront because thinking about student loans We don’t wake up overnight and say I’m gonna pay off this all of it at one time We don’t wake up in a week and say let me knock it out. We don’t do it in a month as well So I want you to begin to now take that same analogy and plug into your life as far as goals now We’re in August. So you have this final quarter right August May June July August September October November December We actually have five months If you count this month August you have five months still to knock out what you desire to knock out in this year So what is it that you can begin to work on in August? So once you complete that That will bring you a step closer To doing something that you desired as a goal to complete and knocked out at the end of 2019 Because you still have five months. Like I said, so what is that you can do in August? Maybe it’s you can start the meal prep if you know being physically fit Was one of your goals and then next month in September then you can start working out a little bit more and then after that Boom now you get a trainer whatever that looks like for you Because the same thing with student loans is the same thing like the goals. It’s playing the long game in the way We simplify this process is by breaking up our goals Into smaller increments just like when we watch football games and things like that. They have a hundred yards for the field however, every time a team gets a first down means they they move up the field about ten yards and they’re like Okay. Well now you get a whole nother chance to do it again, and then they get closer and closer and closer and closer They get that increases the chance of scoring a touchdown. That’s the same thing for you the closer you get to knocking out a step of a goal Now you have more momentum then you knock out the first step now You have a head full of steam coming towards the second step. Not that I okay Now you’re working your way down the field getting closer to the goal So today I want you to go back to the drawing board. I Want you to take out a piece of paper and on one side want you to write? the goals that I have not completed in 2019 okay, and then after you write down those goals then I want you to write on the right side of that paper when you put A line down on the right side of the paper I want you to write down two steps that you can just take to get closer to each one of those goals if it was reading more one step could be Setting aside 10 minutes a day read if it was reading more one step could be Getting a book in my hand finding articles that I like finding a blog that resonates with me and then this way now we began to create a Culture around the goal and by us focusing our energy on the goal focusing our energy on that particular task Then we began to knock it out Fran’s tenant speaker and best-selling author Jonathan Jones reminding you to speak your success Believe in your greatness and continue to create the life and business of your dreams Why would you want to live any other? way Not those goals out. Let’s make this progress. Let’s get it done Cuz 2020 is right around the corner I’m not gonna say new year new me, but we’ll see. What’s to come. Talk to you later my friends

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