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– First things first. You need to know your non-negotiables. You need to determine
what you’re not willing to compromise on. These could be things like
commute, neighborhood, price or number of bedrooms. Let’s talk about the house’s location. Location is the one
thing you can’t change. We need to make sure the
neighborhood you’re buying in is the right fit for you. First, you need to take your
lifestyle into consideration. How far is the house from where you work? Do you have kids? Are you planning to have kids
while living in the home? What about pets? Is the neighborhood pet friendly? How close is your house to the neighbors? Then find out about the property. Consider where the house is built. On a hill, flat ground,
is there much of a yard? How rural or suburban is the property? These are the things you
can’t change in a home. Make sure you’re
comfortable with the answers before you put the offer
in on the property. Let’s talk more about the house itself. Consider elements like the square footage, the number
of bedrooms and bathrooms. Is the space updated? Do the appliances come with the home? Are the windows energy efficient? How much storage space is there? Is this a fixer-upper, or
is it a move-in ready home? If all of this seems like a lot to you, a real estate expert can help. We’re here to make this
fun and stress-free to help you find your dream home.

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  1. MeloDox says:

    I will only buy a house thats dope and is close to 100 thieves.

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