What Would You Do: Child abused by foster mother

There are almost half a million children in the foster care system with more than 18,000 living here in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona has one of the highest rates of coster kids in the country But sometimes the family sees a foster kid as a way to cash in Taking the money the State provides to care for that child and spending it on themselves or their biological kids Okay, what does everybody want I’m going to get this top out sundae and a root beer float. I wanted to get that too Oh, no, you can’t But why can he order anything he wants? Because he’s my real son in your mouth foster kid if you saw a woman Mistreating her foster child. I only get a certain amount of money from the government, and I’m not spending it on you What would you do? Bring him in bring him in here. We go here bill. We’re rolling at the sugar Bowl and almost 60 year Institution in Old Town Scottsdale What would you do doctor? This first pair has been listening in I don’t understand why he could get anything you want Because he’s my real son, you’re my foster kid, okay? I can’t spend all the money on you or Justin Junuh, but I’m still part of the family you’re a foster care Technically you’re not a part of a very active Okay, once we send Emma away from the table. Just let her everything she wants we can buy you two I pack okay finally he has no problem telling angela what he thinks calmly and quietly All right I’m spending it on my son Well, I just spend it on her. There’s a certain moment. I Don’t think about a job this is how I make money you need taking care of a family that’s reference period With that they’re up and out We hustled and catch up with them, sir. Hi. It’s part of a TV show called. What would you do well? Certainly glad it’s not true. Why is it important to speak up for a stranger? I would seem to be self-evident We live in a civilized society where we have to have for each other but knowing how to wade in on a parent’s treatment of a foster child Can be difficult so what are you thinking about the topics from this really good hot pot Sunday? Yeah, can I get that – no? Sweetie, you’re going to get the potato salad, but maybe can I order something else? We’re so hungry, if you don’t stop arguing with me. I’m going to put you back in the foster care system Do you want that can I at least get the best cereal Sunday? I told you to 95 potato salad that’ll be enough. She calls over the waitress My Lord. Thank you protector. Hi ladies. How are you my look at elephant ear? What did you think we didn’t want to hear that conversation? Decided not today is entry we don’t retaliation against the kids and if he had said something Maybe she would have taken it out on the child get in the car Yes, our family now settles in at the counter but from her table this customer has no problem paying close attention To what’s happening? Okay? Who’s this for? Jenny please save your canela those two that we’ve already been through this you’re my foster child He’s my real child just see one to her she wants one, but you can’t have on earth. I keep telling her I only get a certain amount of money And I’m not spending it all on her right now and when mom and xavier step away don’t order anything, okay? And don’t touch it Sunday okay? She calls the waitress over It whatever you want a dinner What do you want better creation? To get you laid screams, especially whatever you want to do while she got Okay, emma. Thanks, sir. Thank you so much awesome. He’s Gonna give you a And we say hello, hi there, how are you? You were so kind because of a girl Someone would say why are you helping a stranger? You don’t know that she’s the keys I had foster kids growing up you know in my house, and you dude my mom had two foster kids that were four kids and two foster kids and No, no would be treated like that ever Choose something under four dollars, okay, Angela is at it again Then why does he gonna get it and this father’s face says it all if he could ask you mate with which beckoning system Okay, he sits he watches he seems to struggle to hold back what he’s thinking give a roof over your head makes me happy about that and Finally he can’t hold back any longer Can I buy her whatever she wants poor honey go to everything? We’re actually on a budget. We have some money I just it doesn’t matter okay for you know you should I don’t let me again, Bob. I’m not gonna read well I know. I’m gonna buy whatever you want to get organized I do whatever I apologize okay Angela leaves and this generous man steps back up and offers even more Get whatever If I think they deal with me updated Thank you so much And we’ve got to thank him too or much more than just the money either, sir. Oh My God, you know, what would you do you? Think it misses day before were you thinking I could ever talking to her like that It’s not right Why are you so touched by this? Then surprise you that except Anna what a wonderful example of a darling I would never want Anybody to feel you told her if I could take you home. I would mulches should have a home People that love them you handed her a $50 bill that was for her to Get whatever. She wanted by having dollars off you and without my last dollar I was giving it to

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    The last guy almost put me in tears. He was so amazing!😢

  2. Andrew Jennings says:

    That foster child is adorable?

  3. Katherine Miranda says:

    That guys mustache is lit👌🏼

  4. Usman Asjed says:

    I would take you home … OH Dear God … that's makes me cry even more … God Bless you Sir … lots of prayers and hugs from Pakistan.

  5. Cee Bee says:

    omg i’m a mess right now 😭 me and all 3 of my siblings were in foster care for a while as kids

  6. Allison Moreno says:

    Somebody tell me why the last guys daughter was filming like WTF

  7. Scary lego Man says:


  8. Instantly down says:

    That mustache guy has a point if I had a adopted child i would do what he said

  9. ATARi _HMB says:

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  10. Sabian Blevins says:

    7:06 me when I hear Minecraft alpha music

  11. aldin 3103 says:

    Faith in humanity


  12. Bekah TheDonut says:

    That first guy with the awesome mustache was really awesome

  13. wise Human says:

    If you can't love your foster kid like your own kid, DON'T ADOPT!!!

  14. ccljvns says:

    The little girl actress looks like young Ariana Grande.

  15. Jonmwa0303 x says:

    I like at 6:22 the dudes girl just records it on her phone 😂

  16. eween says:

    this made me cry….especially the man in the end

  17. Merkeusy says:

    The actors are good damn!

  18. Blank_Newish says:

    1:58 mustache guy tho

  19. Enrique Jimenez says:

    That’s why abortion shouldn’t be illegal

  20. Pansexual Pride says:

    My god. The first guys mighty mustache wow.

  21. Ethan Claridge says:

    He has the best moustache

  22. Night Wølf says:

    This made me cry
    No one should ever be treated like that
    I would Break my heart to see that
    That man did the right thing

  23. Rain_Kun says:

    😭 the father was so cute I was heartbroken that man is such a good person

  24. Talal Alothman says:

    – "Why is it important to speak up for a stranger?"

    – "That would seem to be self-evident."

  25. Susie Playz says:


  26. Kayla Tangaere says:

    That last guy…. he restored my faith on humanity

  27. mochi pudding says:

    arizona more like
    oh dear

  28. Aidan Masse says:

    The first and last guys were really nice and kinder

  29. Lucy Mihaljevic says:

    That first guy was so well mannered and spoken.

  30. Kylie Addison says:

    that last guys daughter was filming it to put it on her story like wth

  31. purvi patel says:

    Emma is so pretty 😍😍

  32. Michael Didy says:


  33. Dab Gacha says:

    I would've assaulted her if she was my mom i just need that icecream man

  34. Joyous show says:

    Amazing show👐👏

  35. Lorraine Wong says:

    ill slam and flip the table over even i was a child

  36. Robert Davis says:

    Last one made me start to cry only a little. God bless that man and his daughter, he is soooooooooo kind and nice❤

  37. Doughnut Lover says:

    The first man had the best mustache I have ever seen!!!!

  38. December Buffalo says:

    I am cry right down 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Chanyeol's ears says:

    What song is playing in the beginning?Someone help please

  40. Feyre Winter says:

    That first man, i think i saw him at one of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen nightmare are show.😂😂😂

  41. Audrey Luna says:

    I would called the police.

    "Your my foster kids hes my real son" PFT PFT the f*ck

  42. Meraki _ says:

    (This comment is not mine I saw it on another video)
    Imagine doing the best thing in your life and being told it was a social experiment

  43. ZayXis says:

    that last guy was a beast, hes the dad i want

  44. Nunnie Grace says:

    You piece of shit not you john

  45. Jay Jay says:

    That stache tho

  46. Beeeth X says:

    The last one 😢 that girl my heart

  47. Liz Resendiz says:

    My brother grandmother use to treat me like this and it’s effects you when your older

  48. Bryan Pacheco says:

    1:50 Lol his girl is frozen and does not want to be anywhere near, like when your at your friends house and they start arguing with their parents

  49. Bryan Pacheco says:

    Tje guy daughter is so cute, she's one proud daughter.

  50. Sylvia Khiangte says:

    The girl playing the foster child is so beautiful.. 😊

  51. Pugs Always win says:

    Is it just me or do you really want to twirl that first mans Moustache

  52. Student says:

    The woman and man who ordered stuff for her are angels. They restored my faith in humanity.

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    Anyone else notice John Q always touches the women he talks to

    (idk might just touch people in general)

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  65. Pickle Juice says:

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  66. Lonely Potato says:

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  67. Ash UvU says:

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  69. Ella Bourn says:

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  70. Mercedes Hernandez says:

    “If I could take you hike with me I would I promise” What an amazing kind man, this is what true good character is.

  71. assassin nitrogen says:

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  72. assassin nitrogen says:

    If I ever see John in public I’ll cuss him the fuck out or even worse yo

  73. assassin nitrogen says:

    Fuck I would of let that bitch starve. ( the little girl ) haha

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    That first guys mustache made my day

    This is such a good show! It shows people’s true selves

  75. Nicky Gonzalez says:

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    Is this what abuse is considered rn?

  84. Koreancultures Pro says:


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    He is the Lorax and he speaks to the thieves

  91. Violet ,The Violet Kitty says:

    “But I’m part of the family”
    “Technically you’re not”
    That hit me hard 😭

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    The last father made me cry wish I had a father like that

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