What’s new in Day 1 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]

What’s new in day 1 of the Payday 2 2017 Spring
Break event? It’s finally time everybody! Ever since the release of Jiro, people have
been asking for a heist where we find his son Kento, completing Jiro’s story arc. We’re finally getting it during this event. As for what’s new on this day specifically,
there is not a lot actually, and here’s why. So, this is another ten day event for Payday
2 with something new being added every day. However, any time these events happen there
are loads of complaints from people having to install a new update every single day if
they want to play, slowing down people’s connection speed, taking up too much bandwidth, so on
and so forth. To compromise, Overkill has instead packaged
together content. So now every other day there will be loads
of free content, the days in between being these adorable Payday paper crafts. You can print one of these off yourself and
have your own little crew on your desk. They’re also holding a competition to design
your own heister with a blank canvas cut out. Whichever one they like the most will be made
into a heister and added to the game. Check the description for links to the website
and contest. As for the game itself, there were a few small
things. Aside from bug fixes, we now have a community
challenges window on the main menu. These challenges are things such as how many
dollars, cops and heists were earned, killed and completed by the community. The reward for completing these challenges
is a global experience boost for all players. The more challenges completed the bigger the
boost. And finally, we’ve seen a pretty hard nerf
to Body Expertise. Before, when the skill was aced it would make
all of your body shots do headshot damage when using automatic weapons. This has now been changed to only give 60%
of the headshot damage instead of full. This is a pretty intense nerf to the skill’s
usefulness in it’s entirety. Honestly, I would have preferred to see the
nerf come to how effective Body Expertise is against bulldozers, which is the biggest reason
why the skill was considered to be overpowered. Perhaps the skill should still do full damage
to most units, but only half or even lower to bulldozers. I want to hear your thoughts about this change
in the comments below. And that’s just about it.
Come back tomorrow for a new heist! Thanks for watching, and take it easy.

100 comments on “What’s new in Day 1 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]”

  1. Pajamapants Jack says:

    I think I'm gonna buy payday 2 your channel got me interested

  2. Yoshiki Kishilirious says:

    five minutes cause I refreshed my thingy and hell this is gonna be a great spring

  3. Chump345 says:


  4. Thomas Quinn says:

    Not to concerned about body expertise as I never used it and it is still effective at 60%

  5. George A says:

    I'm on vid! 😀

  6. BiPan says:

    well rip all of my body expertise builds

  7. Nier says:

    How about some optimization

  8. - - says:


  9. Select WTF says:

    Does it counts on Console?

  10. Razer Gamer says:

    I'm not gonna lie, when I first time seen those paper heisters, I didn't know should I laugh, or make a facepalm.

    This is very adorable, and to be honest, I don't think that a lot of game developers might do something like that (Even if it looks like fun for 6 years old) 😀

  11. MisterTajo says:

    What's new in Day 1 of Spring Break 2017?
    Change of Pace start playing

  12. Adam Smith says:

    Is this for console too?

  13. NuclearKnife says:

    Body expertise nerf?
    Shit I can't mow down a whole army of cops with a LMG now 🙁

  14. xxEvildoctorxx says:

    NooooOOOOOOoooo Body Expertise why??? ;'(

  15. Synthetic says:

    this is my first day after spring break

  16. Brockers01 says:

    nah, body expertise is about right at 60% global, it was too good at 100% there was no reason to take any other ar skills over it

  17. overlordbunny88 says:

    I like the new icon

  18. Sub-Par King says:

    body expertise, prob should do 80% headshot damage to dozers when aced, reasoning that the amount of armour they have on them soaks up some of the damage they would take

  19. Remi Gounin says:

    RIP my hunter build for safehouse nightmare

  20. Something says:

    Rip body expertise

  21. christian908 says:

    How about those links Connor.

  22. Oddo Doddo says:

    Where is the pete gold interview?

  23. aaron trapp says:

    They sold my deagle.

  24. NickBoi says:

    Yay!! I been waiting for a heist where Kento is found

  25. julian mulder says:

    it's sad they nerf body expertise, since it's 1 of 2 ways to make 40 dmg weapons work above overkill without sacrificeing 70% of my hp. rip lmg's you will be missed.

  26. RegoXera says:

    Lol kento, who's that?

  27. social3ngin33rin says:

    That's a stupid nerf, the crossbow is barely single fire!!!!
    The bow is the only thing that needs to be changed…like not being affected by the skill

  28. TheBlueSpaceMan says:

    Guys, a person made a change.org for making ethan character pack real…


  29. likessox92 says:

    I never saw the appeal of body expertise, what's the point? It just makes the game require less skill, and make it less interesting. Now I'll definitely never use it, oh well.

  30. Brandyn New says:


  31. Fuperbooper says:

    I think body expertise should stay at 100% headshot damage on all but bulldozers. I have a few LMG builds and one minigun build that are probably bad now.

  32. Bejan Ahmadi says:

    They should've just changed heavy crossbow to single fire and not full auto

  33. Xylr - World Famous Hacker says:

    I mean it was 60% prebuff so it's reasonable

  34. parker61202 says:

    Well rip all my one down builds. guess I'm going back to the crossbows

  35. Leonard Lao says:

    someone make a filthy frank heister model or a pink guy one

  36. lilchoto3 says:

    IMO, the nerf to body expertise is justified, let's be real, stacking a constant headshot damage buff with crit is pretty busted, but I'm not entirely sure if 60% was the way to go, if I would change anything to it, I'd make it 100% for standard cops and 60% for specials, with maybe an even lower percentage for dozers and cloakers. I dunno, it's just so interesting to balance due to the way the skill works.

  37. Bovin Lee Phann says:

    Honestly, BD was fine until they applied it to Dozers.

  38. EcchiRevenge says:

    Body expertise was only useful against dozers anyway.

    For more common cops you can just headshot them.

  39. Toasty Haymaker says:

    Hot damn cool new icon dude

  40. Ultra Chicken says:

    I don't care too much about the nerf cuz I never used it lol

  41. DK Tech says:

    WE JUST WANT PAYDAY 3!!!! For shits sake overkill please.

  42. Umbreon Gamer says:

    I played around with body expertise some more today and aside from expending a few extra bullets, I really couldn't tell there was a nerf, and this was on Deathwish and on skull dozers. Really don't find a reason to complain since the weapon you use has always mattered more in my eyes. 60 percent of a 100+ damaging rifle going through body armor is still going to fuck up someone's day.

  43. Discendo Vox says:

    I'm not sure what the proper amount of damage on body expertise should be, but I think the skill should just have no effect on Bulldozers whatsoever.

  44. Ellie says:

    I'm fine with body expertise nerf, it's the first in a long list of overpowered skills that need nerfing.

    Also nerfing bulletsponge enemies would be great.

  45. Poloski says:

    "Yeh i'm going to talk to staff about it. In my opinion it was the wrong way to fix the issue with bulldozers. Now automatics are useless again."
    -Overkill Ashley

  46. Nicolas swag says:

    hopefully someone will make the biker from hotline Miami in the "MY HEISTER" contest, and that overkill will approve it 😀

  47. Tailz _ says:

    Your new prof. Pic is adorable

  48. SpamFriedChicken says:

    nobodies gonna say anything about the h3h3 character pack?

  49. Ironman1o1 says:

    RIP machine guns and Akimbos.

  50. Mark Lee says:

    to be really body did not deal all the 100% damage it's was like 20 damg of difference from a headshot i use a lot pocohud and i notice that.
    sorry for the bad english

  51. Totalnerrdage says:

    for the new character it would be cool to get a bulldozer or a cloaker or something along those lines

  52. MaxOwnzor2 The Lawnmower says:

    How to nerf body expertise?
    Make crossbows single fire, like they should've been since day 1.

  53. Poloski says:

    "PSA: Body Expertise skill
    The Nerf is to high and is a misscommunicated from my end between departments, We will look into it tommorow and see what we can do about it, be aware we read all of your opinions."

    Expect changes soon

  54. mixed says:

    I play on console.

  55. ricardo martinez says:

    We need to get action figures of the payday gang

  56. littleloupy says:

    rip console

  57. Osiris216 says:

    I think they made the contest because they do not have any ideas (yet) on how to design kento……..Maybe kento is the new heister? I dunno

  58. Random_ _Lagger says:

    Love the new PFP! it looks so adorable.

  59. Ezio Audacity the Refrigerator says:

    I have a bad feeling that they're going to retcon Kento in Green Bridge.

  60. Sam Smith says:

    Calling it. Tomorrows new heist is Heat Street.

  61. Road says:

    Is it possible Kento is a bank manager?

  62. Caramel2828 says:

    RIP b33croft's one shot kill buldozer

  63. Asiwir says:


  64. SqueakerNumber1 says:

    I don't know the point of watching this when I'm a console peasant and I have to wait 10 years for an update

  65. TheYpurias says:

    I don't care about body expertise. My main strategy for dealing with Dozers is called "Spreading the Gospel," …I shove Mark 10 in their face until they go to the afterlife. Or, back when I used ECMs, I'd hit them with some Feedback, because Dozers can still be stunned by it. I'm not the best at headshots, but I honestly thought players better than me were at least better shots than I am.

  66. Pig says:

    Oh my god you used my photo! It was fun to make! 😀

  67. Snowleopard says:

    I really wish you didnt have a boyfriend, Connor.

  68. the man who changes the trash says:

    Still can't play with mods that use IPHLAPI.dll. Overkill, please fix

  69. Aghyzuth says:

    Ayyyy I got a reason to change my builds and I didnt get the 10 days of installing cancer thx ovk

  70. Theo The Beast says:

    when will payday 3 come?

  71. Cyann3 says:

    We need a Big Man Tyrone Heister! Someone, design one!

  72. Seizedharp says:

    hey conner
    my friend and i think that after hoxtons housewarming party included panic room
    jiro might break out his son from Green Bridge
    See where this is heading?
    its just a guess but
    overkill is crafty

  73. gimok2k5 says:

    Official word is out:
    Body Expertise stays nerfed, but due mis-communication, overdid it. It's getting buffed again on Day 2 or Day 4, but not to its old value.

  74. Player 1 says:

    Nice vid Connor, I don`t mean to be controversial but body expertise is for people who cant aim or the lazy gamer 😉

  75. Riot_ZA says:

    Rip Body Expertise and all my builds.

  76. Pablo Tescobar says:

    I really hope they're planning on updating consoles too

  77. Indskab says:

    How do you see your full weapon in first person ? Mine doesn't show fully, just half the weapon visible??

  78. Domonkos Hári says:

    how to halve work: make paper gang members

  79. marinesciencedude says:

    '-Submissions shall only show the visual style of your Heister. Lore, name and other information will be provided by OVERKILL.' FUCK. I'm better off making my own mod.

  80. diogo apm says:

    wasnt crimefest supose to be in october ????
    or is this just another event

  81. LlNCON says:

    how the fuck do i get the little fucking paper crafts xD

  82. M Apri Putra Kurniawan says:

    fuck i was just using the body expertise build now its nerfed damn u ovk

  83. Chris Moseley says:

    my spring break was last week fuck me

  84. Issie Hyoudou says:

    any info on the console update?

  85. Ratrone123 says:

    So they want me to make a new paper gang character, so they can add it into the game as an actual heister…?

    [Ethan Perk Deck V 2.0]

  86. Eddie Bingham says:

    day 2 still ain't here

  87. Amme09 says:

    can someone help me i cant find online games anymore i got internet conection and i reinstalled the game 2 times but still not working what can i do to fix it?

  88. mat and cat says:

    really wish they would release an optimisation patch, 6600k and gtx 1070 and i get drops on golden grin and a fair few others 😓

  89. Linky Dinky says:

    They need to revert the body expertise thing back to 100% aced, what they need to do is make the crossbow not be locked to auto fire.

  90. PierraNova says:

    the Myheister winner is gonna be Kento
    i guarantee it

  91. Laura Lespinasse says:

    Personally, I think body expertise should do 100% more on normal cops and 50% more on specials. I believe this would make it balanced without ruining the skill's purpose.

  92. jerk shed-jr says:

    When your PC breaks so you can't play this ;-;

  93. Theuntouchedkid says:

    I don't have a printer ;_;

  94. Rickedy Split says:


  95. Addison Gao says:

    I think is ok or it will be so over powered

  96. I Am Your Fan says:

    What's outro song name?

  97. moja says:

    I've left from payday 2 once for a few months why? because i was tired of the smae things so then i left in the time i left it was the searching for Kento event and i was late. Sorry Jiro you'll have to die without seeing your son just one more time.

  98. Bandit says:

    "eversince the relase of jiro, people have been asking for a heist where we find his son, kento. completeing his story arch. were finally getting it during this event" -connor shaw 2K17
    2K18 still only have come a bit closer

  99. Jerome says:

    Im dieing

  100. Imaginary Armageton says:

    The myheister is joy

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