What’s new in Day 4 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]

What’s new in Day 4 of Spring Break 2017? This time around, a brand new game mode has been introduced to PAYDAY 2! Crime Spree! There’s a lot to digest here! However, I’ll do my best to explain it all quickly and simply! If your are over level 60, you will find a button on the Crime.net screen called ‘Start Crime Spree’. This will create a ‘Crime Spree Lobby’, starting you at a level 0 spree. Other players can join your game through friends, invites or using the “Crime Spree’ filter on Crime.net. You’ll get three different maps to choose from that are single days from various heists in the game. You’ll choose one of these levels to play. If you don’t like the selection of jobs, you can spend 6 Continental Coins to refresh the list, giving you three new options. Once you start the heist, you’ll be greeted by a slightly different loadout screen with a new window called: ‘Gage Boosts’. Every player in the lobby can buy a maximum of one boost and the effect from it will be applied to the whole team. This can be things such as a health or armour boosts for loud; Or faster lockpicking and pager answering for stealth. These boosts cost EIGHTEEN Continental Coins each however, so think twice before throwing away coins on something that may not affect the outcome of the job! Once the start heist starts, it’ll feel like ‘Overkill’ difficulty at first because well… it is! Your goals are slightly different than normal though… Instead of trying to secure as much loot as you can for the biggest PAYDAY… you’re better off simply completing the heist as fast as possible and not bothering any nonessential bags! This is because you aren’t paid per bag during ‘Crime Spree’ but rather for the amount of heists completed and what heists they are! So, you’ll want to get through the heist as fast as you can! Upon completion, you’ll see that you’ve earned a few rewards: Experience, Money, Continental Coins and Card Drops! You’ll also increase your spree level! (That’s the yellow number in the top right.) At this point, you’ll be given three more maps to choose from and so on and so forth. Every heist has its own Crime Spree level based on how long and difficult the heist tends to be. Here’s the catch: Every 10th spree level, you’ll be required to add a ‘Difficulty Modifier’ to continue your spree. These can range from small things like making Cloakers drop smoke bombs when they down a player; to HUGE changes like adding two extra Bulldozers that are allowed to be present in the map, making all FBI units become Heavy SWAT, and increasing the health and damage output of all police! At certain intervals (The numbers are a bit weird…), you’ll also had to add modifiers for stealth heists. Things such like reducing the amount of pagers you can answer or civilians you can kill before the alarm sounds. The gist of all of this is: The bigger your Crime Spree number, the MORE difficult the spree becomes! As far as I’m aware, there is no upper limit on how high your Crime Spree level can get, meaning you can keep linking jobs together over and over theoretically indefinitely! It’s entirely up to how skilled you and your crew are and how far you’re willing to push it! Of course, this isn’t difficulty just for the sake of difficulty; The higher your spree level, the more and better rewards you get upon heist completion. Once you’re satisfied with your Crime Spree, you can cash out and claim all your rewards! You’ll get yourself a boatload of experience, cash, Continental Coins and Card Drops! If you feel like taking a break without ending your spree, you can suspend it from the lobby screen and pick back up where you left off later on. BE CAUTIOUS THOUGH! If at any point you fail a heist, disconnect or even crash, you’ll break the Crime Spree chain! The only way to resume your progress, is to pay out more Continental Coins; Which can be quite costly depending on how high your spree level was. After you’ve ended a Crime Spree, you can start a new one from the Crime.net screen again. You can start back from 0 and make the climb or make things more difficult off the bat by beginning at level 20, 40 OR whatever the highest level you’ve ever hit was! Finally, if you are playing in a lobby with a host who’s a much lower level crime spree level than you are, you WON’T increase your level until the two of you are on par again. Conversely, if the host has a much higher spree level than you, you’ll earn MORE points to your level’s progress than average until the two of you balance out. HUGHHWOOOHH~!! So, that was a LOT to take in!; I know! And considering this gamemode just came out today, I may have misinterpreted some of this gamemode’s content. Not to mention, there are some bugs that need to be squashed. However, the best way to understand it all, is to just play Crime Spree for yourself! Here’s my advice: If you intend to go for a long Crime Spree, I’d recommend disabling ALL of your mods! You’ll want to minimise the chance of your game crashing as much as possible to avoid the possibility of losing your progress and having to shell out Continental Coins to pick back up where you left off. All in all, this gamemode is absolutely FANTASTIC! The overarching progression makes every heist feel like it matters more! And getting that huge PAYDAY at the end of it all is incredibly satisfying! As for other content, we now have custom skins for armour! Similar to weapon skins, they can be unboxed in dropped safes. However, they can also be earned through Crime Spree although I’ve yet to see this for myself. These skins can all be previewed in the equipped armour screen. I’m personally a HUGE fan of the SWAT armour! Great stuff all around! Although dodge players might be feeling a little bit left out… Next up, we have a feature from the first game finally making a return! That would be colour filters! Up until this point, I’ve been using a mod (Gradient Filter Changer) that readded this feature! However, I no longer need to! There are many to choose from, including some new ones that weren’t in the original game! If you’re wondering about ‘Mad Planet’, it’s a pretty hilarious nod to ‘Mad World’! I’ll be sticking with BHD, the same colour filter as I was using before. Beyond that, was yet ANOTHER change for ‘Body Expertise’! The skill no longer affects Bulldozers, meaning you’ll need to smash their faceplate and go for headshots to kill them effectively even with this skill! Not only that, but crossbow weapons have been classified as ‘Single Fire’, meaning they can no longer reap the benefits of ‘Body Expertise’! This is an interesting change and may shake up the ‘One Down’ meta just a bit! There has been some backlash, so it rings to be seen how this will play out! And finally, we have a ‘Mega Rust’ mask for that Rust main out there! It’s earned by reaching a spree level of 250 in Crime Spree! That’ll be everything! This day is ABSOLUTELY excellent all around! Crime Spree is a very fun gamemode especially for higher level players who want to still have a feeling of progression! See you all tomorrow for some more paper craft (and presumably bug fixes)! Thanks for watching and take it easy!

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    Dingle Berry

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    notification squad!!

  4. Pajamapants Jack says:

    Hey is payday 2 not worth buying on console? Or is it still fun?

  5. Guacodile says:

    i really like the idea of a crime spree. seems fun for binge playing šŸ˜€

  6. Yanso says:

    Hey nice vid !

  7. Kaden Hadley says:

    mad planet

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    Go to bed connor, it's late.

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    Go to bed lad, you need it for school. well, if you have school.

  10. Austin Lux says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that it sounds like they are trying to add microtransactions again? i wouldint be shocked if on the last day overkill went "hey for 5 dollars we can hook you up with 100 continental coins"

  11. CannonFodder says:

    been dieing for aome suit customization….just sayin overkill

  12. Sir Cracker Bulb says:

    I got the swat armour but the game crashed when the safe opened.

    How overkill messed that up I have no idea but it's funny as hell

  13. Dead Fox says:

    if I redeem my rewards, I'll lose my rank?

  14. Quickkiller2880 says:

    sooooo, are any of these things coming to console? because I really don't want to buy this game again for pc

  15. SolBlade_Megiddo says:

    I'm fine with Crossbows being forced into single fire only category (didn't make sense that they weren't) so that they can't benefit from Body Expertise. I hope they change bulldozers completely ignoring Body Expertise, I could understand them making it so that against dozers you don't get the full benefit of Body Expertise, but completely ignoring feels a little too heavy handed.

  16. Kalvi Animations says:

    i dont actually like dis update at all

  17. Dirpy Turtle says:

    I really like the crime spree since I'm a bit of a speed runner myself

  18. Master Hoganes says:

    Mega rust…

  19. Alex Guo says:

    What is the shotgun build that you used in the video?

  20. Zer0 The Bread Wiz says:

    This spring break is the cuckening of body expertize

  21. social3ngin33rin says:

    too bad I don't know anyone decent to play with :/

  22. Duce bigalo Male gigalo says:

    I wish they updated the Xbox and PS4 to this šŸ™

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    Hey connor, could i get that cowboy build with the pickaxe, single action and the winchester? haha

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    I was hoping for a new armor type but oh well…

  25. Regan Ng says:

    Wait guys if you fail a heist do you still get your rewards? Or do you lose everything?

  26. Intellefire says:

    RIP One shot bulldozer builds

  27. Lightly Toasted says:

    87th comment and 242nd like

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    Holy shit what a time to be alive

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    I like the body expertise nurf

  30. Ben H says:

    I like how overkill put this amount of stuff on Pc in a DAY, meanwhile on console we haven't had a update for 8 months. Oh and on release the game unplayable until 4 months later. WE'RE STILL WAITING ON THE SKILL REVAMP AND THE WOLF PACK

  31. Linky Dinky says:

    I love crime spree, that is something this game needed. I adore it!

  32. marinesciencedude says:

    Reminds me of MvM, albeit with better rewards and ways to get in (MvM wasn't original, right?).

  33. marinesciencedude says:

    There's literally a discussion on the Steam Group about it…

  34. Cyann3 says:

    My friend is a rust main, can't wait to tell him about this update

  35. PurpleFormula says:

    How do you get the continental coins in payday2 the big score

  36. JoshTheJudge says:

    What happens if you fail a heist does it give your rewards?

  37. Luke Queen says:

    Turn off mods? It would be more helpful if there was a mod that told me what causes my game to crash in the first place. Anyone know anything like that?

  38. The Metal Shotgun says:

    In U.A.E spring brake is almost done

  39. Half Bald Guy says:

    Connor Shaw someone sent me to you on steam

  40. puereee says:

    Yes ypu can get these saves from payday just got it yesterday didnt even know this existed

  41. Toe Nail says:

    We will get some idiots trying to get as many bags as possible.

  42. Select WTF says:


    "That's a lot to take in"
    That's what she said

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    how i get the mega biker mask??

  44. xXcarlos117Xx2 says:

    You explain more things than "*GeneralMcBadass*" like "Gage boost", he doesn't explaint that. Good video ^^ like

  45. Brian Deignan says:

    Oh great, they add another thing that sounds super cool but I still can't play it cuz no console content

  46. VomitBoy says:

    I don't have enough to buy a gaming pc, so I can only play on console, overkill please put this on console

  47. Phoevos K says:

    5:31 what gun is he using?

  48. DBBAMV says:

    so IF I want to play with my friend,as me being the host,does my friend has to Pay 6 coins to start his own crime spree and after join to my lobby or he can just join and we can go?

  49. Terrence Gan says:

    To those who've played Crime Spree so far, how many (medium-length) heists, approximately, would it take before you reach the same amount of reward you'd get playing normally?

  50. Reckless Rock says:

    Rip, no Omega Jacket

  51. Gizmore says:

    Wow, more updates I have to download with a download speed of 0,5 mb/s. I fucking hate my ISP.

  52. CheesyOnline says:

    I call suit safes to be next.

  53. TheBlue22 says:

    This is fucking awesome!

  54. LeEternio says:

    How to play Crime Spree:
    1. Push it to the limit
    2.Walk along the razors edge
    3. Don't look down, just keep your head or you'll be finished.

  55. Xrisouli says:


  56. Tristan Rombeiro says:

    What happens if you don't cash out? Do you lose your rewards when you fail?

  57. The Flying Democrab says:

    "If you crash, you lose all of your progress"

    Well that sounds bad, considering anyone can get a crash at any moment.

  58. Mr. Bones says:

    I feel like this is how mutator should of been

  59. Kallist Nemain says:

    How sure are you on the "not payed per bag" thing? We were testing this last night on the bank mission, and it seemed to effect the final payout in the tap menu for us when we tossed it in. Granted it's not a lot in the grand scheme, but if its on the way, I would still take whatever bags if it doesn't put the spree at risk. But I'm also willing to chock this up to a glitch on OK's part, what with the large number of bugs I've been seeing this event..

  60. Chris Hope says:

    its online only so no soloing in crimenet offline

  61. Chris Hope says:

    2:51 so you push it to the limit?

  62. Ryan Elgie says:

    dear overkill: give me the beautiful rust mega

  63. Shebby says:

    "Should I uninstall my mods?"
    "….nah I should be good"
    Starts game
    immediatly crashes
    ;-; connor was right

  64. Ospray226 says:

    Can anyone help me? My PayDay 2 is broken af.

    For the past couple weeks, whenever I've tried to play, the game loaded fine until I got to the "Press Any Key To Start" screen. I press the enter key but PayDay just freezes then crashes. If you can help me, hit me up on Discord: Chimchar8053#7918

  65. Sir Fabulous says:

    Mega Rust? Well time to grind crime spree, I love Rusts mask, the design is pretty damn cool

  66. Caleb_Gaming says:

    I'm still wondering when Consoles will be given some love XD but yea great video and I agree the swat armor is awesome

  67. Chorgus Blorgus says:


  68. c4tn1p says:

    Anybody want to team up?

  69. Artemkras47 says:

    dude I spend 10 hours, but now I have reached spree 300. I'm the best

  70. delta says:

    Hey Connor, I honestly wouldn't recommend making a video on Day 6, its basically adding a better Molotov and a shitty pistol version of the "Surefire" skill.

  71. Omar Elkahky says:

    Can't fix my game, even when I'm running the game without mods.

  72. why ? says:

    there is a mod that makes it so that if you crash you don't lose the crime spree tho

  73. Alberto is a duck says:

    4:06 what heist is that?

  74. Ernestas Valentinas says:

    What is the heist on 4:06 ???

  75. Armored mecha says:

    Crime Spree: AKA survival mode.

  76. Damn Dank says:

    "that rust main out there" i like rust he speaks like my dad lol

  77. Chowderp says:

    Do people not like rust or something? Rust is the best. It's Ron fuggin Perlman.

  78. ivan rangelov says:

    90% of my crime spree is just go bank its ridiculous how we always get go bank.

  79. XD BOII says:

    What was the weapon you used on club house in the end? 5:50

  80. Catherine Whittaker says:

    6:02 Cold. Just, cold.

  81. adam boyd says:

    On Xbox?

  82. christian908 says:

    Just uh, want to mention. BHD looks like trash. FIGHT ME MAX SATURATION IS THE ONLY PATH

  83. pcandpsplayer International Gaming says:

    Also u can play DLC heists that u don't own.

  84. Andrew Otiker Otiker says:

    I'm pissed us consoles got all search for Kento BUT crimespree

  85. Geradplayz says:


  86. Juciymcbeefcake says:

    They better add this to console soon. Knowing the most recent console update Iā€™m pretty peeved at overkill

  87. Nucleus says:

    Sprees probably stop at the 64 bit limit which is 64^64. Very big number šŸ˜›

  88. Radec says:

    Welp still waiting for console update

  89. hiitoast242 says:

    We got mega clover and Sydney for free on console

  90. Napoleon Sexbomb says:

    man i cant imagine playing this game without crimespree. it's the only gamemode i play which is why it's weird to think it only got added last year.

  91. Asian nub says:

    I crashed on crime spree 17 wtf

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