What’s new in Day 6 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]

What’s new in Day 6 of Spring Break 2017? We’ve got ourselves some new armaments, free to everyone who joins the PAYDAY 2 Steam Group. First up is the 5/7 Armour Piercing Pistol; you heard that right! This is a high damage, low ammo pistol sporting armour piercing rounds! You can shoot straight through body armour, thin walls and shields! This proves to be a good choice for heisters who want an effective method of killing shields without taking up their primary slot! While the damage and AP rounds are a boon, the ammo economy of this weapon is collapsing… You only get two magazines total and the pickup rate is painfully low… Even with ‘Fully Loaded’ aced, I was only able to get most a single bullet per ammo pouch… Nonetheless, if you need a reliable weapon for killing shields at range and don’t feel like using a sniper rifle, the 5/7 is a great option! Alongside the pistol are some new gadgets for rifles and SMGs; the first being the: ‘Riktpunkt 45 Degree Sight’, basically just a free variation of the ‘Red Dot Angled Sight’ from the ‘Gage Spec Ops Pack’. This is good for if you want to swap from long range combat to medium or close quarters. In the same vein, we have the ‘Riktpunkt Magnifier Gadget’. This mod is only compatable for some sights but when used, it will enhance the zoom on your sight, allowing for vision at more intense ranges. These are great options for weapons that work at any range, although low accuracy rifles can safely give them a pass. Next up, our new throwable weapon! Incendiary grenades! Despite what you might think, these are not just a reskin of molotovs! You get six of these throwables and when they explode, they’ll deal damage and ignite any enemies nearby! They don’t leave ground fire afterwards however like molotovs do. These grenades are meant for stunning and killing cops as supposed to molotovs which are designed for area denial. And finally, we have four masks based on the missing animal posters in ‘Heat Street’. Tempy the Lion, Byrne the Koala, Stobis the Chinchilla, and Fluffedup the Turtle! These masks are adorable for sure! And a great addition to our collection! That’s just about it! Come back tomorrow for some more papercraft! Thanks for watching and take it easy!

69 comments on “What’s new in Day 6 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]”

  1. DankushMemush says:

    Well hello there.

  2. Princess Luna says:


  3. 이루다 says:

    time to improve my dodge build

  4. 12am21 says:

    I guess my molotovs in the BBQ pack are kinda worthless now. :/

  5. Richard Greese says:

    Well bugger, just bought the Spec Ops pack yesterday. So much for the angled red dot sight. Still got that speed pull mag tho
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. STORM says:

    Yes i am in the patreon list!

  7. TheTundraTerror says:

    If I'm going to bring a secondary for dealing with shields, I'm bringing the Judge with HE rounds.

  8. Pajamapants Jack says:

    I would wear the lions mask and use the lions roar. Seems apropos.

  9. teheim Gaming says:


  10. PedroCG Bruh says:

    What's new: An update that is for some reason impossible for me to download.

  11. Chump345 says:

    hello my friends

  12. j k says:

    skip the paper craft days.

  13. Dezhen says:

    Five-SeveN can penetrate Shields

    P90 can't


  14. That guy you don't know says:

    "These masks are adorable!"
    *Stares in the dead eyes of the very incarnation of fear"

  15. Nova Swank'd says:


  16. Jace Hackworth says:

    This day was pretty disappointing to me. If I needed to shoot through shields I would just bring a judge with ap round, the new grenades are crap, and the gadget that lets you zoom in barely does anything.

  17. Lord Ace Woolf says:

    Five Seven ?

    Incindiary nades ?

    Whats next ? Dust_2 Bomb Plant Heist ?

  18. Linky Dinky says:

    Overkill keeps doing that, they release a DLC, then when people buy it they release an item from that DLC that is free just slightly different, I'm not talking about the grenades by the way, I'm talking about the sights. There are loads of other examples like the nade from the gage pack and the grenade added in update 100, exactly the same only one is behind 4.99. I'm getting kind of tired of it.

  19. Hoenn Trainer34 says:

    I think what they should have is not just an Armor piercing pistol, but down right Armor Piercing rounds for most guns, not just Shotguns. which of course they'd do the same thing as armor piercing shotgun ammo, lower ammo count for Armor Piercing, and maybe extra damage.

  20. blackTIE says:

    you have got to be kidding me. Just bought the gage spec ops pack for the 45 angle site and the BBQ pack for the molotov. FML

  21. A Penguin says:

    I love when overkill destroys their own dlc packs I get the scarface EDIT spec ops pack I'm happy with my 45° sight oh wait now it's free what's that area denial and stunning so molotovs right … nah just a FREE grenade oh you want to kill shields well then i guess you take sniper​s oh wait there's a FREE pistol now, don't give me wrong I think it's great that people get free things but I really feel like I'm getting scammed when every player gets a free version of what I paid money to get just like electric knuckles anyways pretty disappointed with overkill I think they should make dlc stuff more 'special' for example I don't know a mod that gives 15% aoe dammage on assault rifles for a minus 15 accuracy 5 dammage and no barell extensions

  22. WillyKug 01 says:

    Yeeees! The Fucking Five-Seven on Payday! Now Overkill please buff the Kek-9, so I can hear the suckers of the Zeal team bitching about the 1 shot ez through helmet while screaming: "Volvo fix your broken game!!!"

  23. Verdugo says:

    Nah, molotovs are still better 😀

  24. kwm1 M says:

    I dont get ammo for 5/7

  25. EcchiRevenge says:

    I think I would rather just use judge + HE or even dragonbreath for shields, less aiming involved and faster.

    Wish the 5-7 was a CZ auto instead, that's actually 2-mag in CSGO.

  26. DatMemelord says:

    These masks will make a great addition to my collection.

  27. DatMemelord says:

    The Magnifier is kinda shit. Not enough zoom.

  28. SuPPoL says:

    wtf overkill u have made very good event srsly gun heist gamemode and more 🙂

  29. Zer0 The Bread Wiz says:


  30. Dubleclick44 says:

    Heavy pootus 100 plz
    my lord

  31. Owen Gadd says:

    Weird that the five seven that payday has is the polar opposite of pretty much every other iteration of the pistol. It's supposed to be a high capacity, low damage spam cannon.

  32. Quickkiller2880 says:

    literally the first 2 safes I opened I got swat and the skeleton one

  33. sF says:

    Are these updates for ever??

  34. A Legend that eats lunch at 11:27 am says:


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. DanteTheCamel says:

    this just get better and better! Hybrid Sight? Five Seven? More cooler 45 degree sight? WOO

  36. Bodhi says:

    it would be cool if we could use 2 gadgets, that way we could use lasers and/or flashlights plus a magnifier and/or a angled sight.

  37. Sty ffee says:

    I was laughing for half an hour at the fact that there's no hand animation for switching "sights" with the magnification thing. 😀

  38. robensate says:

    i think the ammo should be increased a bit more, one extra mag would be great

  39. CrossbyIsToasty says:

    Guess who's using the Five-seveN?

  40. GERMANY TIGER says:

    Roscoe would not tell us anything about the threat against us, or who he was working for, but he told me he knew of a Yakuza member named 'Kazo' who was imprisoned in a Long Island correctional facility.
    He refused to say how he knew, but he was sure that this man had information about Kento. I discussed it with the gang, and we asked Bain to devise a plan for breaking this guy out.

    see day 10,heat street confirmed before , and the yellow coat.. I don t know what will happen LOL

  41. goldeneye2874 says:

    Wish overkill would stop making fun guns unfun

  42. Tim Perrault says:

    best day imo

  43. kritkrat says:

    What is this a CS:GO crossover

  44. Brockston Smith says:


  45. Brad Mondrush says:

    Conor in your honest opinion do you like or dislike the paper craft days and what they bring?

  46. Union_Of Beliana says:

    We need negev 😀

  47. Union_Of Beliana says:

    Why overkill don't add AWP in this game?

  48. Amusiive says:

    How does the 5/7 work on Dozers?

  49. MarXm4n says:

    they nerfed it? it had 162 damage and with silencer skills 182. had 20 bullets in mag and 30 overall ammo hmm

  50. Harlowe Iasingston says:


    My new White Streak replacer.

  51. Merrzyy says:

    The one update that is actually useful.

  52. just a simple user says:

    Meanwhile in garry's mod with ultra graphics mods. – 58 – 60 fps.

    Meanwhile in payday 2 Low except Texture quality – 20-30 fps.


  53. Emma Andersson says:

    When are you going to learn to pronounce primary? <-<

  54. social3ngin33rin says:

    OMFG THERE"S A CHINCHIN?!?! :D!!!!!!

  55. Dennis Latic says:

    Overkill we proudly present to you: the CS:GO update! (in some parts)

  56. not a bone pizza says:

    *cough black ops 2 five seven *cough

  57. SiestaYonJyuGo says:

    I'm guessing the 5-7 is supposed to be a free version of something like he judge or pistol crossbow?

  58. DaHolyJuss says:

    5/7 can pierce armor/armour but something like a (weapon that represents the m4 I'm thinking AMCAR but I ain't sure) can't? Am I still watching a Payday 2 vid or is this Counter-Strike?

  59. Kn3sL says:

    This gun was broken as FUCK in CS and now it's in payday ?
    Fuck this
    RUSH B !!!

  60. PaperNapalm says:

    Soo we got a bootleg molotov

  61. Harrison Linden says:

    How do you make your mega Gage blade?

  62. Its ya boi Thot Exterminator says:

    connor have you heard about the raid ww2?

  63. Gang Gang says:

    I love that people are still playing this game, me and some of my friends got it now off the sale thats on and its super fun, very good game that still is active years after launch

  64. Lonely Potato says:

    I was already upset that the m308 can't penetrate shields and the .308 ninja sniper could

    But now what is basically a .22 magnum pistol can penetrate shields?

  65. lol lol says:

    I Love this Video 🙂

  66. some random commie says:

    1:44 only if there was a harambe mask

  67. Christoffer says:

    0:58 what rifle is that?

  68. Zombiefied says:

    not five seven its app armor piercing pistol xd

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