100 comments on “What’s new in Day 6 of Spring Break 2018? [PAYDAY 2]”

  1. Lac0tr0n says:

    best Connor video ever 10/10

  2. Bonafide Monafide'd! says:

    Wow… Just, wow… So much information gone through in such a long time, but you still managed to make it through! If you could do this, couldn't you go over all of the akimbo's? Eh, whatever. You did great for this video!

  3. TheWrathofRevan says:

    I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Nice job getting to the point while being entertaining at the same time, Connor.

  4. Davtwan says:

    – The best benefit for off-days are faster hot-fixes.
    -No hot-fix today.


  5. Jaa's things and sorts says:

    wait so no fixes to the akimbo judge!?!?!?!? (im 2 lazy 2 watch the stream)

  6. Onward Turtle says:

    I dunno but I think Connor might be a little triggered.

  7. Ronhar says:

    Such insight

  8. Lemmy S. Kelton says:

    To be honest, you really didn't have to make the video this long. I can't believe you're seriously edging the time of the video out that long just to make a few bucks. Conner Shaw more like Conner sellout. Conner milk Overkill. Conner "I Shaw how long he could make this brief look video" Shaw. Well guess what Conner. This is the last straw. I will take away ALL of your silncer skills privileges

  9. VeganMusk says:

    Akimbo streams when? 🙁

  10. David Larson says:

    I really liked the part at 0:01, knowledge that will definitely keep the community running for years to come.

  11. Pleorb says:

    When I say "Connor Shaw does in depth videos on Payday 2 and how the mechanics worked." This will now be the first thing I think of.

  12. Rodrigo Lima #JoJonic says:

    wow, i hope i can download that 10GB of update, daaamm, i want to get all this new achievements

  13. Da_Guy_With_Crocs says:

    This is the content I subbed for

  14. Нет Нет says:

    Alright. Two phrases:
    1) Wow, I blinked.
    2) Nah. Too lazy to watch the other half.

  15. Bryan L says:

    that escalated quickly

  16. Bongolores says:

    tl;dw pls…!

  17. Tu asian 4 u says:

    Day 7: No Mercy Heist pls

  18. Justin Kupper says:

    Wow so many new masks payday is now alot better cause of this update!

  19. niikiyama says:


  20. bubberpenutbutter says:

    best video ever

  21. Killer Jr2448 says:

    Any news if these updates are coming to console?

  22. coolgamer chaves says:

    thanks for the information it was HELPFULL

  23. Amer Hamwi says:

    Well, the video was such a long one

  24. Dallas Payday says:

    Best video in the world

  25. Snup Pedro says:

    Dat watchtime

  26. ProtonicCobra says:

    This is the quality content I subscribed for.

  27. Rexer says:

    The "What's new in Day 6 of Spring Break 2018?" was missing

  28. Peri says:



  29. Csúb - Az Űrmedve says:

    Not 10 minutes.
    Literally unwatchable.

  30. LolPix says:

    Top quality content!

  31. P3 4ngel says:

    Probably one of the best updates and update videos connor has done, aside from his boyfriend

  32. Claire Bear says:

    Just the quality I expect.

  33. Cosmic Wanderer says:

    I can't stop Laughing

  34. CVIII says:

    It seems that the apparent intention for the timed upload of this digital recorded clip on the well-known digital recording sharing and communicating website called “YouTube” is to announce and inform the people who have developed an interest in the digital entertainment programmed crime simulator called “Payday 2” about a certain timed event in which the people who have been related or involved in the programming of this digital entertainment crime simulator will record themselves using a live feedback throughout the worldwide view in which they begin communicating with each other about the digital entertainment crime simulator that they were involved in the development of and to respond to the curiosity enveloping the people who developed an interest to it by answering their custom asked questions revolving it and all while a certain number of interested people are watching them in that state and that time.

    Truly a magnificent 200 millisecond video that leads to many information using the latest technology developed by mankind, I dearly state my appreciation to the owner of this digital recording library otherwise known as Channel, from the deep of my heart, thank you human who has chosen to label himself as “ConnorShaw” your recordings were well informed and will not go in vain.

  35. Kanashi RMG says:

    Thank you I didn’t know there would be a stream AFTER EVERY DOWN DAY THERE IS A STREAM JUST GIVE US NO MERCY OVERKILL

  36. Kaspa says:

    tl;dw anyone?

  37. Dog Dogsen says:

    Is this only on PC

  38. Tavivl 22 says:

    Update 7 Dallas little broth er is intorduced the MEDICK BAG

  39. MuchPotato says:

    Probably took longer to make the thumbnail than the video

  40. SALAZAR-B says:

    Best video

  41. Eyeless Jack says:

    I love this video Connor, It's put well together and I love the editing involved in this and your voice too, It really explains the update because it was hard when I first saw it.

  42. Ssnig 222 says:

    Longest vid ever hope i wont dye till it ends

  43. Match says:

    Ahh yes, content

  44. i couldn't think of a name says:


  45. Hexaria Noob says:


  46. Стражник Вайтрана says:

    Вот это апдейт… таких крутых еще не видел.

    Русский? тогда ставь лайк!

  47. José Santos says:

    thats just perfect

  48. Jakob Chance says:

    Insert meme here

  49. joey young says:

    I want someone to make a detected sfx

  50. seems legit says:

    Best vid

  51. Lil Cumstain says:

    im sorry what? i just rubbed my eyes and its ended already

  52. Cellolide says:

    On point!

  53. yesbutno says:

    best video ever 30 mins long alot of content

  54. Commentator says:

    Overkill events are so interesting…

  55. syro says:

    Quality content

  56. Sans from Earthbound says:

    10/10 best review

  57. Kollider115 says:

    You should make a complete series of payday that breaks down the lore and the Order of the missions

  58. EatMeDrinkMe says:

    Off days are retarded. If they don't give us something on day 6 why have 6 days?

  59. Killerdeath Yt says:

    Wow I’m impressed

  60. JooJ TDP says:

    I've replayed this way too much

  61. NeoponeX says:

    Help translate this channel

  62. Seth Beans says:

    That was g a y ….

  63. Evil Justin.Y says:

    Theresh a Shtream!

  64. tide pod king says:

    Day 7 is out and theres a new hiest named henrys rock

  65. Resi 4 Pro says:

    Make any revenue?

  66. Toucanish says:

    really? thats it? THEY BETTER HAVE LIKE… 2 NEW HEIST FOR US!!

  67. TheBreakingBenny says:

    That was fast!

  68. GRAND RAD says:

    Holy shit I’m in the comments section nice

  69. Appii Baka!! says:


  70. Muhammad Rafa Amrullah says:

    tHeRe'S a StReAm

    funky outro

  71. James Walton says:

    i want someone to turn this into a remix and have Connor upload it

  72. Samuel says:

    The best video ever. Bravo. Bravo.

  73. Peter Man Fox says:

    Is this going to be considered as a shitpost?

  74. PARADOX ! says:

    Best Connors vid. evah

  75. TTS Winter says:

    ThErES a StReAm

  76. Michael Forshaw says:

    Right click. Loop. Your welcome.

  77. Antoine Bourlier says:

    why i listen it on loop ?

  78. KoolGuardrailBoy says:

    0.5 millsecond of donators

  79. Lil Tom says:

    Game Changer Alert!

  80. DannyDevito says:

    gay eppic win trgiggered

  81. PhantomYT says:

    Why did u removed that video?

  82. ZealousZombie 42 says:

    If you don’t have time for this whole video then I’d highly recommend playing at 2x speed

  83. Feared Commando says:

    The first time I watched this, I didn’t see the 0:02 seconds of the video and I was so confused

  84. Lawrence Villasenor says:


  85. Sei Iori says:

    Wow, the new update really goes into detail about bain.

  86. Damion says:

    Looking forward to another video just like this one tomorrow, cuz I got a feeling the same thing is gonna happen

  87. 12345 12345 says:


  88. Shadowking58 says:

    What's new in Day 4 of Icebreaker?

  89. Happy says:

    why am i looping these

  90. Apollo1785 says:

    tHeReS a StReAm!!!!!
    funky outro

  91. Vinson Li says:

    Man, the script must have taken a long time.

  92. The Nodger says:

    What a masterpiece. Best video on Youtube. 10/10 IGN or whatever.

  93. _naufii says:

    Well that sums up day 6

  94. Shibe4jesus says:

    play it enough times and Connor sounds like an alien

  95. stefano wo says:


  96. Soldier333 says:

    Truly the most content-filled day

  97. Dictator Cat says:

    This is the greatest video of all time

  98. Bob the magic koala says:

    We broke him lads

  99. ZEU says:

    dessert shrimp?

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