What’s new in Day 7 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]

What’s new in Day 7 of Spring Break 2017? More paper craft today! This time we have the veteran criminals! Dragan, Scarface and Rust! Alongside that, is a loot bag the AK and Thanatos, a Rats backdrop and a Cloaker model! Be careful making that one fellas! It looks really complicated! That’s… literally it today! No bug fixes or anything… That’s okay though! We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming out tomorrow! Thanks for watching and take it easy!

49 comments on “What’s new in Day 7 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]”

  1. SALTY MAN says:


  2. Krystian Kukielczak says:

    no views 2 likes XD

  3. James Shames says:


  4. FroggoNT says:

    Glad to see the Cloaker is the hardest paper gang to make right now. Fitting.

  5. Nim says:

    dang, only paper craft?

  6. DK Tech says:

    No Views

  7. Dead Fox says:

    were can I get them?

  8. Jacob Leibel says:

    Can't wait for the heist

  9. Hoxa _ says:

    In your livestream you had a guy called doctor who joined and then left, I'm in a lobby with that exact same guy XD

  10. TheBlue22 says:


  11. j k says:

    skip the paper shit

  12. Srbindy says:

    Take for watching and Thank it easy.

  13. MrSexy Nava says:

    I love the paper craft

  14. Pim Rijnen says:

    best video 10/10

  15. Shalex says:

    im here

  16. Freezing Jazzy says:

    Wow Connor, Another SHAWrt video

    Ps. My Puns Are Grrrrrreat as the refreshing taste of a B E P S I and a DrBepper

  17. GamersDeserveTheDeathPenalty says:

    You require YouTube Red to view this comment

  18. Sir Douchepants says:

    We could really use a bugfix today

  19. MattCobra says:

    I watched your stream and it was dank. Also I'm disapointed because they haven't updated it for Linux.

  20. Chump345 says:

    sadly i cant play payday 2

  21. Vavency says:

    Looks like Overkill pushed linux to the side along with consoles.

  22. Axyo says:

    finally dragan

  23. Jumping Buddy says:


  24. Girf says:

    am i the only one who wanted rust to come with a huge revolver refrencing Hellboy? 😂

  25. Achuverz says:

    thanks I need this <3

  26. antuha 4257 says:

    you want heists & weapons huh ? . Well fuck you here's papergang

  27. SulfurRingROKer says:

    love your videos, but personally I really liked your previous profile pic looking smart, this one looks too cute and doesn't feel so matching with this 'payday' guns and violence content
    anyhow, keep your videos up 😀 its a huge help to see what updates they pulled out when i cant log in to steam for a day or two

  28. WillW8 .8 says:


  29. big mac says:

    What a fucking disappointment

  30. Scarab Scrub says:

    Another pretty SHAWrt video
    (That meme is so dead and Im so not sorry)

  31. TheKakazoo says:

    Hey got a question for someone who knows alot about Payday.
    Now DLCs are on sale, though I dont know if I even should buy any.
    I've recently came to a conclusion that base game rifles are shit and moved on to full shotgun builds (even 2 shotgun dodge XD). Is there even a need for a shotgun player to have any dlc?

  32. master CUCK says:

    that's pretty fucking gay but cute so I'm gunna get them

  33. SolBlade_Megiddo says:

    Is Payday 2 crashing even more than usual for anyone else? I've removed my mods but still keeps crashing a ton.

  34. Merrio says:

    I wonder who's gonna be that new 18th heister… hope is no one generic from an action movie.

  35. Apple Norris says:

    I hope that lack of update was not because of terrorist attack 🙁

  36. Distorted says:

    plz do a single person build video

  37. Glare 86 says:


  38. Ice ProblemGun says:

    Suicide is the only way to be happy and satisfied

  39. Aghyzuth says:

    Only 3 days of no PD2 left ayy

  40. Blunkn says:


  41. Optical Octave says:

    Nice video! I just recently tested Payday 2, and I need to buy it. Thumbs!

  42. EvilBobarino says:

    you should have just said MORE FUCKING PAPECRAFT

  43. hara 2 says:

    That ez youtube money

  44. Harrison Linden says:

    how do you make your mega Gage blade it looks amazing

  45. TunnelDragon44 says:

    I hope the 18th heister is a crazed cloaker. (cloakers are already crazy, but this one would actually be evil.)

    Perk 1: Cloaker and Dagger: Removes the movement penalty of charging a melee weapon. Your chance to dodge is increased 10%.
    Perk 3: (I can't think of a good name for this one) Hitting enemies in the back with a melee attack deals *3 damage. Your chance to dodge is increased an additional 10%
    Perk 5:Hitting enemies in the back with a fully charged melee attack restores all your armor and 5% of your health. You hear a wulululululululululululu sound when your melee is fully charged.
    Perk 7: Hitting enemies in the back with a melee attack now deals *6 damage.
    Perk 9: Master of shadows: Your concealment is increased by 4

    (I decided a dodge deck would make sense not because I think there need to be more dodge oriented decks but because cloakers are fast and sneaky.)

  46. Dozy says:

    The first one that comments on this is gao

  47. Scott Fly says:

    wtf was this xD so short. oh theres some new paper craft goodbye and take it ez ends

  48. Citrina says:

    Henry's cock

  49. weeb with no life says:

    When the outro is longer than the video

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