What’s new in Halloween 2017? [PAYDAY 2]

What’s new in update 164? for the 2017 Halloween event. It’s that time of the year again, Which is good, considering Overkill sort of missed the mark on that one last year. Halloween is officially upon us and a new heist, only available for the next two weeks, has been added under events contracts. “Cursed Kill Room” the Necro Cloaker is back up to his old tricks again. Forcing us to defend his safes full of loot. It’s a modified version of the time trial room from the safe house, once the button is pressed the heist time will count down from 5 minutes instead of up from zero. Once inside you’ll gain time by shooting cardboard cutouts of cops and lose time for shooting civilians, Just like in the normal time trial. The only way to stop the clock is by being within the vicinity of the cloaker safe placed in one of various spots throughout the map. Once all four players are near the safe, the heist timer. which can be seen plastered across various places in the heist, will pause, and another timer will start on the safe itself. You and your crew have to defend the safe for 60 seconds, preventing cops from tampering with it. If any player leaves the circle before the 60 seconds are up, the safe will disappear, you’ll lose over all time, and you’ll have to start again with a new safe, so try not to do that. If you successfully hold out for the minute required, you’ll be rewarded with four bags of Cloaker Cocaine. Although for whatever reason, you can’t sprint while holding it. You’re required to secure the bags in a vent placed randomly in the map. After all four bags are secured, you and your crew must gather around the door at the end of the time trial, after that to loop back through and start again. This keeps going until you fail the heist or overall time runs out. Remember the timer keeps ticking down at all times, aside from when you’re actively defending a safe, so no matter what you’ll eventually run out. The goal here is to defend at least four safes succesfully. Your reward is one of seven masks, which you can choose from this wall here. I’ll show them all off in detail momentarily. Unfortunately, the crew can only pick one mask, and it will be rewarded to all players regardless of if they’ve already earned it before, not to mention the entire time you’re picking your masks, the counter keeps ticking down. when the timer finally does reaches zero no more safes will spawn to be defended, an escape button will be placed near the entrance, that has to be interacted with to successfully leave the heist, the problem being this is a very long interaction time, and Tasers, Cloakers, or general death is likely to stop you. Once the button is fully help down, the heist ends, that’s pretty much everything (sigh) I’m not pulling any punches here. I f***ing hate this heist. It’s NOT fun. I don’t expect top tier map design or groundbreaking gameplay mechanics from a Halloween event, they’re meant to be goofy and entertaining, but Cursed Kill Room is neither of those things. It’s a boring slog with swarms of cops crowding your tiny room, constant flashbangs, constant Cloakers, headless Dozers and RNG dependent fire will constantly burn making seeing a near impossibility. You’re forced to secure Cocaine you can’t sprint with all the while time ticking down. Explosives would be good in theory but are reliable to kill civilians that drain your clock, and you can’t even choose your reward yourself! Whoever hits the button first decides what everyone gets! F*** this heist, and everything it stands for! Lab Rats was better than this s***! *releasing his anger through a sigh* With all that out of the way, I’ll touch on the masks. They’re based on the seven deadly sins, and completely contrast the heist in quality. I’m particularly a fan of greed myself, high marks for all of this, art team. other than that, Safehouse Nightmare, the one in the basement of the original safehouse, is back. Anyone looking to earn achievements or masks from it, now is your chance, And there were some minor bug fixes to various heists. That’s it. needless to say I’m a bit disappointed with this event, although I’m glad it’s at least on time this year. Still there aren’t any difficulty achievements tied to Cursed Killed Room, so if you simply want to earn the masks, just play through it a couple of times on normal. That’s what I’ll be doing. I hope you have a happy Halloween regardless of the event and maybe consider subscribing if you liked the video. Either way, thanks for watching and take it easy!

99 comments on “What’s new in Halloween 2017? [PAYDAY 2]”

  1. Max Baranek says:

    lmao cloaker cocaine

  2. Baked Gecko says:

    So, no console update? throws phone and breaks skateboard in half

  3. Jason Kenneth says:

    Wow clowns are scary 2017

  4. Captain_ Otter says:

    I'm pretty sure you can sprint, at least i remember be able to sprint.
    And only the host can choose the reward i think

  5. L_SR says:

    i want to play it just for greed

  6. Gage Henderson says:

    Console players get a dick in the ass when all the new heist come out its takes forever to get it

  7. Znijik_the_Zed says:

    Hey, now we have a good heist to farm for the Robbedacop trophy.

  8. Darth Alpha says:

    Connor, I disagree with you on your opinion of the heist. I find it actually quite doable on overkill, you just need the right build. Abusing swan song, anarchist's 2 seconds invincibility and armor gating, plus upper FAKs make defending the circle easier. The heist for sure has problems, and I think that if overkill made the cardboard cutouts invulnerable to explosives, the heist would be a very fun permanent addition to the roster.

  9. all shabry says:

    Its just like Almir toast safe in santa's workshop and the map is the killzone from the safehouse

  10. G r e e d says:

    Wow Greed (is it the skull and money?) is crazy looking

  11. SALXAPHONE says:

    I forgot to play safehouse nightmare again

  12. Angelo Ralph says:

    lol, cant wait to see genealmcbadass do this on one down

  13. legoman1566 says:

    "Alright Ramblers, lets get ramblin'." I understood that

  14. MercenaryFox says:

    You still being gay, Connor?

  15. TrueDTBreezy says:

    I feel I'm the only person who actually likes Lab Rats. Yeah, it can be hard as balls, but the concept is just so cool.

  16. Engineer Force says:

    Its not fun. Isnt that the point of Halloween?

  17. Danil Burmenskiy says:

    OVK fucked up again.

  18. krimit the frog says:

    For pc its this update, but on console we're only on like update 12

  19. Noah Bennett says:

    How does the circle work with AI?

  20. Derek Bassett says:

    For me, this heist beats out Lab Rats on the grounds of not having the spider or places you can fall to your death from.

  21. El Viejo Dann says:

    I really enjoyed the new map.
    It's like an arcade: you do the stuff and if you do it right, you can do it again, plus the masks at the end (again, if you do it right)
    And with that kind of music, it was perfect for me.
    I think it would be better if the map "cost" 3 continental coins or something like that.

  22. Rusher says:


  23. Connor Shaw says:

    I'd like to be clear, I've seen a lot of comments of people disagreeing with me or saying they thought it was good. You can think that, having your own opinions is good! I personally hate it, but don't let that detract from your enjoyment! Have a Happy Halloween!

  24. Lau Patual says:

    Good thing i have a mod that lowers the resolution of fire or particle effects, I can still see clearly but its still kinda boring tho…

  25. Tacocat04 says:

    ah you can't leave the circle.

  26. Kaizato says:

    Go to 2:41, turn on subtitles and R.I.P. Monetization

  27. barneby. says:

    I played killroom with a random on one down we did it at first try without problems and it was fun

  28. The Legend27 says:

    But can you play it on xbox?

  29. MarioDesigns says:

    What achevements are there?

  30. Onur Celik says:

    Too bad i can't play because i forgot to disable my mods so i have to redownload the game

  31. Miloš Greguš says:

    I think the cursed kill room is good i personally like it happy haloween 🙂

  32. RyanCyanide says:

    Y E S

  33. Blicz B says:

    Personally – hence there's no difficulty achievements, I'll stick to Very Hard and below the get all the masks. Not worth trying on One Down.
    Honestly though, I have mixed feeling about this heist, but I can clearly see why people like or dislike it. Overall, this Halloween heists seems to be not… Spooky or Halloweenish. Not that any of the previous ones were spooky, although they were closer to that then this. I expected more. I honestly didn't thought we'll get no mercy, but something in the spirit of Halloween. This was like this years Crimefest – disappointing.
    I really think Overkill is wearing off with PayDay2. They're lacking ideas how to improve it and they don't even try to make content like they used to. No, really. If you ask me, they just want to close this caper and move on…

  34. Random Joseph says:

    B-but these 8bits

  35. DanteTheCamel says:

    greed mask. is bae

  36. Mikays ! says:

    you sound like you're trying to get mad but you don't want to scream at your mic

  37. Denis Khovaev says:

    yep, that heist is fucking retarded, even no achievements

  38. Aura 0 says:

    That greed mask looks pretty good, but i think them not being able to be bought is kinda dumb.

  39. Yusuf Widyatmoko says:

    yo connor calm down man

  40. athomicritics says:

    also i dont know why but sometime the map can appear in a Christmas theme version , i cant be the only one that found that weird can i ?

  41. Ozzy Ozwald says:

    It may be designed horrible buts it's still hella fun I feal like it's suppose to overwhelm you like in Brooklyn 10-10 your never safe so you just have to keep killing and it is a haunted kill room so I imagine that's what they where going for

  42. staryoshi06 says:

    Ah, so it wasn't just me that hated it. There's so little cover!

  43. crab-redux says:

    i just love soundtrack

  44. Milek 5250 says:

    Wtf this heist is very easy and fun.
    Im starting to think that you suck at this game.
    1. You play only on OVK/Mayhem and you still cry about DIFFICULTY of the maps
    2. You play higher difficulties ONLY with your friends or should I call them carriers

  45. Karrthus says:

    Its fun the first few times, until you realise it takes about 30 mins to unlock all the masks

  46. Nei Tobi isch Legende says:

    Lol over here haloween consists of going out and punching the shit out of everyone else

  47. John Peacekeeper says:

    I find this more fun than Lab Rats.

  48. MaTo FaCiL says:

    this map is for pc only?

  49. Hassat Hunter says:

    You can't sprint with the cocaine since it's a medium bag, just like cloaker gold and cloaker money, all added for Prison Nightmare. From the "todays loot: gold" message there I think it was meant to cycle the 3 randomly before they decided to stick with just the gold (for some reason), now re-using the unused stuff for this new heist.

    As for the heist; I agree. Never was a fan of the Kill Room myself and having a heist revolve around basically running around in circles and timed… not fun. Guess we got spoiled with Lab Rats and Prison Nightmare (though that was probably a re-dressed map originally created for something else), and now get more Safehouse Nightmare-ish "play it for the masks, then forget it ever existed".

  50. Matts Schild says:

    Headless doozer= body experties?

  51. konrad skopnik says:

    That heist wasn't so hard, I completed on OD on my second try.

  52. MxCherryBlue says:

    Nah,this heist is like lab rats

  53. Drawsome says:

    I still prefer Prison Nightmare

  54. DowaHawkiin says:

    If you equip the flashlight/led combo and turn it on while playing Safe House Nightmare, look up at the celing and keep it on, the light will twirl, twist, fade, etc. Unfortionetely I don't have video proof but you can try it for yourself! It's free and takes you about a minute. Like this comment so Connor Shaw can see this!

  55. Brandon Whitmore says:

    Console still don't have this

  56. Toasty says:

    "Lab rats was better than this shit"

    That's a statement

  57. Midnight Runner says:

    2 Fast 2 Führious lmao

  58. JiJi says:

    The Lust mask works perfectly with Duke

  59. Da Ve says:

    Ok that lab rats is better is a very hard insult

  60. AKA Prom says:

    Honestly I think the concept is pretty fun and a very nice mix up from other heists.

    (Also it's not who presses the button first, it's the host's choice.)

  61. Ѵнїтмїяє says:

    I couldn’t play the map. It kept crashing.

  62. Bandit says:


  63. heckstersjr says:

    Alesso Heist, Bomb: Forest, Cursed Kill Room
    The Unholy Trinity of Sh*megaman land sfx* heists

  64. mihail saltirov says:

    So they make fix so when u set defrend perk in defrend slot it works legit and when u change ur slot it keeps ur skill tree and deployable really all i wont is new update saving charcter not as u only play as one as u play for all

  65. Christopher Wells says:

    Maybe you can cover some Xbox payday stuff?

  66. Cloaker _17 says:


  67. Josiah Trelawney says:

    Still have forgotten about console players.

  68. The Endleader says:

    Boo hoo,it's never good enough,is it?

  69. Suteivun says:

    One thing I like is the new track '8 Bits are Scary'. Cursed Kill Room is rough and I hate that you need to play it a minimum of seven times to get all of the masks, but I didn't hate it nearly as much as Safehouse Nightmare.

  70. Mark Super says:

    The only reason why i like this heist is because of the sounds the cops make. Think about how much fun they must have had recording these, screaming in the mics like that.

  71. Scorponox93 says:


  72. Lance Boyle says:

    I hated this “heist,” it was so pointless and dull

  73. Sobertag says:

    When will this be on xbox?

  74. wannabe lawnmower says:

    I like the new soundtrack

  75. tim says:

    Woah calm down pls

  76. 46620 says:

    I kinda moved away from my desk when he started talking about why he hates it.

    Edit: grammarly being installed fucking up spelling

  77. A Generic NameTM says:

    what SMG is that

  78. Perry Martin says:

    I'd argue that Lab Rats is still worse…at least this one has a neat gimmick and some actual cover. Nor is it just a flood of Specials like Safe House Nightmare is.

  79. Optic500 says:

    The AI's behaviour is one of the worst ive seen in a game. Please improve the AI to the point they are smarter than you.

  80. Raviness says:

    Isnt it that only host chooses the mask and when someone takes it, everyone receives it?

  81. Heitor Silva says:

    map: not gud
    music: G U D

  82. XOXO Jacket says:

    Well what if your by yourself?

  83. Luke Queen says:

    Yea, the heist is shit. But at least greed mask is cool and the heist itself is good for farming kill achievements

  84. Christian Mayne says:


  85. Jameson Guthrie says:

    Get good

  86. Chilly Willy says:

    brah, you forgot to mention how awesome the new track is!

  87. Lighting Chaos says:

    This heist sucks.

    Did Almir play the pit from modern warfare and decided to make it into a heist? Because that's what it feels like. Also the music sucks too. I'd prefer donacdum on constant repeat.

  88. TheBabyShpee says:

    So can you not get the deadly sins masks ever again?

  89. Unoriginal Name says:

    what about the part where we got a sicc ass song outta it

  90. Thecloaked&thecloaker says:


  91. Tailz _ says:

    At least the track “8-Bits Are Scary” is baller

  92. DR.AWESOME says:

    "Halloween 2017" console player:😒

  93. moosejuice216 says:

    You're in cloaker hell it's not ment to be fun

  94. G- String says:

    Just stopping by for this videos one year anniversary

  95. Shmello says:

    shame they didnt do anything spooky this year

  96. Commander Duck69 says:

    I call it cloaker coke because its family friendly and because it sounds like we are stealing coke like the drink from cloakers

  97. don’t ask me big yikes says:

    cloaker cocaine….

    (Don’t say it)

    (Not worth it)

    (please do-)

  98. ThePolishTeaDrinker says:

    Wait, this update was in 2017?
    I feel old.

  99. Fatherless Flavid says:

    Idk i find this so much fun

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