What’s new in Update 170? [PAYDAY 2]

What’s new in update 170? For first update of the year, this is a pretty small patch But there are a handful of interesting changes worth looking at, to start the recently added Alaskan deal, Brooklyn Bank, and both days of Reservoir Dogs were added to the Crime Spree roster. This would be nothing but a good thing But it did come with the cost of resetting everyone’s crime sprees to zilch. They did warn people a couple of days in advance though so fair enough I guess. On top of this a boatload of bug and crash fixes were added across to various heists. Next up were some weapon changes including correcting the bug that made the arbiter and China puff deal more damage than intended rest in peace now rocket launchers have had their damage buffed with the HRL-7 seeing increase to 12,500 damage up from 10,000 and the Commando 101 being up to 6200 up from 5,000 Overkill stated they wanted rocket launchers to reliably kill Bulldozers in fewer shots this makes sense to me as their major advantage over grenade launchers is instant dozer relief Not much else to say there. It’s a good buff and helps rocket launchers not just be grenade launchers that require ammo bags The Thanatos sniper rifle has had its base damage increased from 2,800 to 3,500 Which thanks to the forbidden skill now increases their maximum base damage to 4536 Okay, so I do like this change and the rocket launcher change But it bothers me a bit that both of these seem like changes designed to better balance the game around one down Rather than the game six other difficulties, the thanatos is now a far more reliable head popper on the highest difficulty But I would sooner lower the health values of one down enemies than Continuously increase the damage of every weapon it seems like a roundabout Solution to a comparatively simple problem regardless today is a bad day to be a bulldozer A very welcome change is a reworking and overall reduction of the Strike auto pistol’s recoil and camera shake When the Strike’s stabilities maxed out now it actually feels like it As opposed to before where the camera would still go flying in every direction Not much else to say there a good change to make a previously viable but unwieldy pistol a simply viable one The Judge’s ammo count has been reduced by 5 down to 35 Make up your mind on what you want the Judge to be Overkill, the poor boy has been through enough Speaking of ammo changes, weapons equipped with DMR kits and that’s counting the Broomstick with the precision barrel mind you Have had their ammo pick up rates and normalized to gain one bullet per ammo box This is actually a nerf as far as I can tell but at least reliability is nice you may not Occasionally get two or more bullets from one drop anymore, but you won’t sometimes get no ammo from a drop either Really, I’m okay with this. On top of this, the ammo pickup rates of the Galant, M308, Cavity, and Little Friend were all reduced by 20% fair enough for the first couple, but the little friend nerf is a bit annoying Sure the ammo pick up rate of the grenade launcher attachment could do with some reduction but assuming this change also were even Exclusively affected the main weapons pickup, why? It was already borderline unusable low. Eh, whatever DMR’s across the board have been nerfed a bit But it’s not the end of the world ammo pickup rate is something that can be compensated for with skills namely fully loaded aced. Finally for big changes Swansong has had it’s aced effect reduced by 3 seconds Meaning you’ll have 6 seconds of infinite ammo and invincibility as opposed to 9 This change needed to happen, prior to the swansong was the perfect get out of jail free card for higher difficulties Allowing you to clear an entire room of cops and then run to safety before dying Now you can EITHER clear a room of cops OR run to safety and both options are slightly less effective Again like I said I feel like that one down and frankly even Deathwish need to be reworked rather than buffing weapon damage to Extremes and nerfing skills and weapons that are exploitable on it. Don’t get me wrong Swansong absolutely had this coming, but without also changing the highest difficulties that were very clearly built with a skill in mind You’re just making things more challenging on a difficulty that was already too challenging. Oh well Maybe there are more changes coming that will put all of these changes into better context. Thanks for watching and take it easy

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  1. Connor Shaw says:

    THANK YOU ALL FOR 60,000 SUBSCRIBERS! It really is appreciated! Sorry about sounding a bit sick in this video, but I have some kind of stomach bug/migraine/sore throat combo that's been sticking around. Hopefully I feel better soon. Thank you again!

  2. OWNPlays. says:


  3. Xcho says:

    "Its a bad day to be a bulldozer" that was a good one

  4. MusicDJish says:

    4:22 Did you actually manage to Messiah the bulldozer or did he shoot you so then you couldn't fire anymore?

  5. eric jiga says:

    Freaking hated almost this entire update. Liked the Thanatos and RPG buffs, hated most everything else. I know swan song felt cheap to use, but making the skill that much worse while adding nothing in place of what they took feels lazy and shortsighted. It was an excellent tool I used in a lot of builds while playing solo because it let me compensate for the bot's inability to clear rooms or handle high pressure scenarios. Now what, I can't use any dodge build I have on one down? Screw that.

  6. meep moop 2 says:

    the least they could do is change the damage to match the ammo

  7. Kaylee W says:

    wow! cant relate im on console

  8. Voldson says:

    Next update, all weapons removed except AMCAR. I'd rather have them not support the game anymore to be completely honest

  9. Joshua Collins says:

    Does that mean fully loaded aced now works with dmr kits?

  10. Scorponox93 says:

    No, leave my poorman's dmr alone! what has it done to you?

  11. Blueyu says:


  12. Karyu says:

    Any hopes overkill might buff sniper rifles someday?
    They're just plain awful right now. Their skills are rarely any good compared to what you'd get using, instead, a DMR or SMG.
    A body shot with a (properly good non-amcar) AR, with proper skills, is capable of piercing armor and doing easily around 150-200 damage, making it super easy to do crowd control or rip-off the faces of special units.

    And well, sniper rifles. You can probably get 1 or 2 collaterals with that. That might not even kill if you body-shot. So you'll just damage someone a little and have to wait and reload to shoot again, which is not nearly as effective as the ARs would be.

    Also, the skilltree is just wholely awkward and terrible. Getting a bullet back for headshotting 2 people in a very slow ammount of time? For the top tier skill, aced?

    How does that even compare with getting 90% extra headshot bonus damage on automatic weapons?

    Have I been using snipers wrong the whole time or are they just typically this useless?

  13. HellSpoon says:

    I will miss the 9 seconds of pain and destruction that swan song provided
    But oh well
    Past is past.

  14. arisenmantis says:

    I loved the guy in the chat freaking out about possibly being in your video

  15. SVAROG says:

    No… the enemies health needs to stay the same

  16. Ghakimx says:

    0:50 – Mentions Rocket launchers do 12k damage.
    Swat guy is in the blast radius of a rocket launcher and just squats there like a boss

  17. Mark Super says:

    1:20 The forbidden skill ? You mean the silencer one ? What do you have against it ? x)

  18. TheKiingkiller says:

    overkill needs to look at every gun and assign them a role they want the weapon to fill then balance them together,
    its all well and good tweaking here and here but payday needs a big rebalence, then need to be all with in reason usable on overkill with a 25% become less effective after each difficulty increase.

  19. 許進曾 says:

    it makes the dmrkit completely useless

  20. XpertGreek Gamer says:

    Here we go again, galant ammo pickup rate reduced. Gr8, i could deal with the 5/7 nerf since now i have a grenade launcher but if the garant change affects me wtf will i use for my main tryhard 1d build. Meh, the pistol build is the only 100% EXCELLENT build one can have for dodge, so i'm still good. Btw 1d is the only difficulty i play now, for casual fun too, i mastered the difficulty on every heist (except goat sim, took me like 5 days to complete it ONCE on 1d for the 1d mask, fuck that heist and people wanting things to be more *"OPEN"*IN A LINEAR GAME. I alos DESPISE controlling vechiles in ANY GAME especially when that game is linear)

  21. Капитан Какао says:

    Eeeee, my favorite stryk! Now it's better then submachine guns!

  22. The steam guy says:

    2:35 lol the chat

  23. hellogram says:

    They just killed DMR builds

  24. Charr says:

    An update after 2017? Its like getting a present that your parents aren’t going to give you but you get it anyways.

  25. Dat HoBo says:

    i havent played payday 2 in about a month cause my pc broke and i really want to play the new heists

  26. AthanOrion says:

    Poor judge 🙁

  27. vali_IVotM says:

    "The game shouldn't be balanced around the highest difficulty"


  28. FuzemW says:

    Sean song got nerfed? That's it im deleting the game, i have an idea to delete the game because of the shitty skins and now this… Fuck it

  29. Ecchi Bot says:

    Thank you Connor That is what I said. The buffing and nerfing is in the wrong areas but if they want to mess with perks I wouldnt mind buffing perks not nerfing. I feel like many perks need a buff because it’s literally: Inspire, Resilence, speed perks and swan song in every build. Buff some perks so I can use something else. and do they test these fixes before hand? 3 seconds on swan song seems like a big chunk they should have done 2 seconds first and see how it goes.

    and finally One Down is basically a 30k+ Crime spree and you have 1 down for it instead of 4. They need to lower the enemies health and damage because it’s waay too high compared to deathwish. it’s not even a subtle increase it’s like “we want their health and damage to be 5 times as much as deathwish.”

  30. Ozzy Ozwald says:

    I mean is One Down that bad?

  31. weur says:

    Do you have mods ?

  32. BergbauerMuesli says:

    RIP ma Cavity 9mm OD / DW Runs …

  33. Hassat Hunter says:

    That's the only cost of the CS update? What about the 15 heists they took out?

  34. Hassat Hunter says:

    And to confirm, yes, the Little Weapon pickup is just for the AR, the Nade Launcher is unaffected.

  35. HeyImDuncan says:

    i personally thought that they were gonna leave this for dead when RAID came out
    im actually genuinely impressed they havent

  36. Darkhalo314 says:

    Really not happy with this new update. Terrible changes.

  37. Ray warlock says:

    Thanks to you I know what they added or removed.


  38. Sasha Pines / Nguyễn Hiền Hòa says:

    They just make the game crash more these change are dumb old patch better

  39. shibe says:

    they will remove silencer skills… yeah i uninstalled

  40. KoolGuardrailBoy says:

    cop: get's launched taking mineral damage
    a guy that's closer to the explosion: doesn't give a shit
    That's the game physic's for you i guess :/


    did I hear that right. Judge ammo reduced from 35 to 5….I mean wtf…seriously. It was already low on ammo to begin with….

  42. Blunt-Borne says:

    Wouldnt know im console

  43. LightTheFuze says:


  44. Bas van Heumen says:

    The little friend already had a low amount of ammo, now it's even lower. Guess I'm not going to use that thing. The Judge's ammo pool has been lowered, or more likely nerfed. So has the Galant. The DMR are kind of good, because they deal more damage, but their ammo pool is way lower. Thanks to the update, it's even lower than first. So far, I'm not enjoying this update. I hate the ammo pool you've got already. It's sometimes very low, the pick-up rate is low, every shot you take of your weapon reduces the ammo pool, even if it's in the magazine or clip. It's not as efficient as COD or Battlefield. Oh and swan song, that was one of the best perks. Now it's less good, because these few seconds, make it actually less useful. It's better to change a difficulty such as Deathwish or one down, instead of nerfing down skills and weapons. Hopefully, some weapons & skills will be reverted to back what is was, so it becomes more enjoyable.

  45. Nathan Kirby says:

    My life is LITERALLY terrible just because I have no pc

  46. Daniel César says:

    YESSS CONNOR!!! 1440HP Heavy zeals in One down create such a toxic environment, even worse with the 225 base damage(Snipers dealing 250 iirc) they could definetly nerf those instead of nerfing even more unuseable guns like Little Friend.

  47. Camile says:

    Not my little friend 🙁

  48. Engineer Force says:

    "Sorry I will shut up now" Wow connor, made a guy sad on that heist.

  49. True One says:

    These updates were for high crime spree

  50. BIackSkillX says:

    How did you get crits with the China puff?
    Wasn't the glitch that you can do crits with nade launchers when playing as host fixed a while ago?

  51. Wintarayana says:

    what first weapon u use?? its amcar ??

  52. Gat says:


  53. Jacobi Friday says:

    Do a brief look at the go bank dlc

  54. Aphex Pesuto says:

    I'm so thankful that someone else agrees that One Down's difficulty needs to be taken a notch down. I haven't really touched the difficulty since I beat Big Oil Job on One Down (primarily because the difficulty just isn't enjoyable), but also because I feel like Deathwish does that job just fine. I just hope they do a thorough balancing on all the difficulties in general (along with some slight weapon and damage balances to reflect that) this year.

    Note: My primary concern with the difficulty balancing is that Mayhem feels like it's a wasted difficulty. Last I played, it was just Deathwish with fewer Bulldozers, but without the bonus of Deathwish (less EXP and money, can't do the FWB secret on Mayhem, etc.). Same is applicable to One Down: I feel like it needs quite a bit of rebalancing, cause needing high-damage weapons or perfect crit-builds is interesting for a bit, but when it becomes the only playstyle solution to the difficulty, it gets boring. And yes, I've beaten quite a good amount of One Down heists on loud, and no, it wasn't a fun experience. It was interesting, but it felt more like I was a lowly level 10 player who walked d*ck first into Deathwish.

  55. Jacob Rochester says:

    Wish they would update the xbox version..

  56. Alan Armstrong says:

    I primarily use swan song for crossing extended distances or reviving teammates. Ovkl could have resolved the "room clearing" issue and still allowed for decent utility by removing the speed penalty for swan aced. Such as the following:

    Instead of getting downed instantly, you gain the ability to keep fighting for 3 seconds with a 60% movement penalty before going down.

    Increases the duration of Sawn Song by 2 seconds and movement speed is no longer affected. Ammunition won't be depleted while the effect is active.

  57. BowlOfRice says:

    I'd be interested to know if you suggest picking up the Switch version of this game?
    I just heard about it via the direct so I'm not sure what to expect due to all the dlc and stuff

  58. Varianto Ariowibowo says:

    Umm what if i want to buy this game on switch… Would you recommend it?

  59. wannabe lawnmower says:

    "the forbidden skill"

  60. GermanPeter says:

    The transition at 3:42 was amazing 😀

  61. agent 0126 says:

    I'd like to think that they are doing a weapon nerf first, then reducing OD's difficulty level, and then buffing any underpowered weapons out of it.

    (I see that they also completely forgot the G3's assault kit too, brilliant job!)

  62. matrixcode says:

    But Connor, what about those silencer nerfs? How will any of us survive?

  63. HungryHunter says:

    i still hope for real police ai for all the zombie cops we have in payday.

  64. Wesley Nogues says:

    Why in gods name would they nerf the little friend rifle after nerfing the GL? Was there some secret that I, a little friend user, was unaware of? As far as I know, the weapon was almost unusable on one down thanks to low concealment and the almost necessary fully loaded investment, meaning you almost HAVE to use ammo bags on fucking One Down. This is even further compounded by the nerf in THIS update. DMRs and GLs were good, so might as well kill the gun that was one of the worst of each of those types subclasses and give a slap on the wrist to everything else right?

  65. Tyler Lancaster says:

    Anybody else experiencing crashes on startup After the update?

  66. MyNameIsJeffrey says:

    Making pay day 2 on nintendo switch but doesnt update ps4 and Xbox 1

  67. Doktor Kranium says:

    the whole game is bullshit ….you as a player are wayyy to OP
    PDTH was better
    i'm fine without having 89736482736 weapons and 76347 atachments of which 76346 are in DLCs
    i'm fine without 500 heists ..of which i barely play 10
    i'm fine without skills that make me OP with a puny cost in skill points
    the whole skill trees should be reworked at least
    and the number of skill points far more limited
    to make the player choose/strike a balance
    i want high tech armor and stuff / other resilience stuff idk
    and sentries / shotguns / rifles / etc
    in PD2 currently…with those 120 points you can get a shit ton of things
    trimpines +sentries + bag skills
    and shotgun / rifle skills
    it's too much
    …having sentries + hp regen + ammo bags + shotgun skills to make me reload in 1.1 sec and fire with 500+ dmg…
    is too OP….

  68. perhaps says:

    Thank you connor,now i've bought UE

  69. Botnetty says:

    2:27 chat system in a nutshell

  70. Abdiel Alfonso says:

    I would like another sniper rifle, like a R700 or a L115, and a new machine gun, or at least a clean M249, and a Glock with higher damage.

  71. Hyde the Frog says:

    Rip Bain

  72. GERMANY TIGER says:

    In my opinion,ovk just hate any of the skill that'must have' and could hold the situation:
    silence killer can avoid too much buffing on every calculating.meanwhile swansong is an 'must have skill'

    take a look at the skill ovk destroyed: body expert swan song.first aid kider.

    for the first and the last is unaceptable.swan song nerf do so.but atleast don't cancel the infinity fire.

    if ovk want to solve it in perfectly.they should aloud us to run while in swan song.

  73. Ezekiel Balanza says:

    Hey Connor did you hear that they'll remove specialized killing beacause it's too op said overkill

  74. Big Boss says:

    Rest In Peace China Puff

  75. Nick Fell says:

    What is the forbidden skill? Silencer skills? Also, how did you change your fov?

  76. Avys5 says:

    I have a way of making melee usable in higher difficulties: having a difficulty damage multiplier, so it's a bit more useful

  77. CookieLoverDom says:

    Maybe OVERKILL could make One Down reasonable by lowering the health of the officers but making the armor pieces block most of the damage, therefore it would be easier for everyone that can shoot the tiny hit boxes between the armor pieces, but as i said, the armor pieces would block a lot of damage and making it almost impossible to kill any unit by shooting at the armor. This would be a lot of work for OVERKILL if they actually took this idea into the development and would change the game drastically. But i think it's actually pretty good!

  78. Chappie _ says:

    0:15 Whats your primary weapon??

  79. Haven says:

    You and Richard Dangles should do a colab.

  80. Kyriakos Doukas says:

    Would you recommend this game to me?

  81. iankneumann says:

    Why does payday 1 graphics look better. Should i buy payday 2 ?

  82. Judge Artyom says:

    The RL buffs were pointless. On OD it doesn't do anything other than for the commando, and it just reduces the kill time by 1 rocket.

  83. MinionOfDeth2112 says:

    Buffing the RPG? …as if it wasn't already enough of a team killer.
    (kicking of RPG using players intensifies.)

  84. Surfangel says:

    I'm not the only one thinking that overkill is nerfing the best non dlc weapons and buffing meta dlc weapons to convince non dlc players to buy the ultimate edition, right?

  85. Kostya Fin says:

    https://vk.com/club159444380?w=wall-159444380_119 ЗДЕСЬ РОЗЫГРЫШ НА PayDay 2 ВСЕМ СПАСИБО !!!!

  86. Jigmac says:

    Unseen strike should be buffed, no one is using it.

  87. christian908 says:

    Just say, "yeah man, maybe." You killed poor little Electric Rooster's heart.

  88. Tacocat04 says:

    What heister were you playing at Alaskan Deal?

  89. Slosten says:

    I tried the new Stryk out last night and holy shit, it's ridiculous. I had it built for around 60 stability and I swear the camera did not move at all while firing full auto and ADSing. It feels like I'm playing a console shooter designed with analog stick aim in mind.

  90. Leo says:

    Anyone elese hear silencer skills might be being removed? If so, rip Connor's builds… And my stealth builds…

  91. JacketFoster says:

    OK, BLT is stopping my game from loading, can someone tell me why? Does this have anything to do with SuperBLT? It's SuperBLT, isn't it? BLT was killed off by an update, and now SuperBLT came along to take up the mantle, isn't that right? I want a goddang explaination, because I REFUSE to go back to the default HUD. I want Void UI back.

  92. brundain1 says:

    So how do you feel about them removing silencer skills in the next update?

  93. Tyler M says:

    So um..Specialized killing is getting removed..
    rip connor

  94. Reza Daniel says:

    Dude , got any idea when will be the lmg buff coming to console?

  95. nukeman1303 says:

    Would you be surprised if they made one down none down?

  96. SIKDO CLAN says:

    What about the ps4s update for payday2

  97. Flavio Antonacci says:

    What enter the safe in game for PS4?


    Haven't played pay day 2 in like 3 yrs , interested to hop in after this

  99. Marko Rubin says:

    At 1:13 the bulldozer did the t pose when he died like if you saw

  100. Clayton Pactol says:


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