When Should You Pay Back Your Private Lender?

7 comments on “When Should You Pay Back Your Private Lender?”

  1. Kyle Wallace says:

    Can you do a video about how you finance a flip with PL, from how much down payment they want , interest rates they charge to closing,if you have a video already can I get a link, thanks

  2. skymaster4ever says:

    Who is here not liking the video? Why not just comment what you don’t like and the video and information can be improved?

  3. Manny Skouloudis says:

    Paid your private lender promptly because you never know when you’re going to need him again.

  4. Sean Field says:

    Clayton this is the best information out there. Thank you!!

  5. El LeNoir says:

    I love the note business lol so many exit strategies

  6. Cookie E says:

    Looking for a loan to rehab commercial Property, vacant.

  7. MUSA SAYED says:

    Buy and Hold – After refinancing payoff the privet lender but "Cashflow" not enough to pay the monthly payment. What other options?

  8. Teresa Robinson Marketing says:

    This was fantastic information. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm just getting started and this was really helpful.

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