Which Personal Loan Facility in Singapore should you sign up with?

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5 comments on “Which Personal Loan Facility in Singapore should you sign up with?”

  1. Witiong says:

    i contacted them earlier. really good and fast! within a day and the loan was disbursed. Of course, please get the req documents all ready.

  2. Jerlene Sirois says:

    better get it from them than those unlicensed loan sharks!

  3. Kristin Benedict says:

    Thanks for sharing! Going to a physical location to apply for such stuff can be quite malu!

  4. Graing says:

    you saved my life. there was an unfortunate event in my family. needed to tie it over. thanks!

  5. Ron Valdivia says:

    Finally, i do not need to go down in person. I just need to email them everything and verify all via phone calls & email.

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