White House Solo Stealth Pacifist (All Achievements) [Payday 2]

Hey guys! So, this is it. White House, Death Sentence, solo stealth, pacifist and all achievements. But, I didn’t want it to just be a regular
gameplay and yet I don’t have the time to do a full
video tutorial so this is the next best thing I can do. A kind of demonstration gameplay where I take
things slow and show you guys a 100% safe approach instead
of taking risks, so that there is stuff to learn and less of “White House Stealth is impossible” or something like that. So enjoy the video and hope you guys manage to learn some tips
and strategies from it. Unknown Knight here, signing off.

8 comments on “White House Solo Stealth Pacifist (All Achievements) [Payday 2]”

  1. МыДобрых ГражданПозабавим says:


  2. reorseX says:

    at this rate you will also solve the secret

  3. Major Blitz says:

    The Pardon
    Lv 9001 Magic Spell
    -Literally Destroy all of your Previous crime record from the Big Stuff like Trespassing White House to Something like Punch the NTR Doujinshi writer.
    -One Pardon Can only be use for one person, once presented the Pardon will destroy itself.
    -Any Loli Hentai you involved with will also become legalized.

  4. Achuverz says:

    What about the souvenir?

  5. TheShocker says:

    The guards must be thinking sonething like "hmm there is an armed and clearly dangerous man who probably broke in here and has a Trump mask and is wearing a murky uniform and crouching behind a chair, but the detection meter is not at 100% yet so it must be just the president playing games on us"

  6. Jabberwork says:

    Have you done the secret already?

  7. CrazyCatCZ says:

    Get the higher fov. I literally can't keep watching your video with this small fov.

  8. Captain Alpha says:

    Hey Unknownknight, i just got 1 question to ask
    Is there any different between normal and Death wish?

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