Who is Take Charge America?

welcome to Take Charge America one of
the nation’s largest nonprofit financial education and credit counseling agencies since
1987 we’ve helped more than 1.6 million
consumers just like you repay more than five
billion dollars in debt well learning to manage personal
finances more effectively we provide financial education credit
counseling housing counseling student loan
counseling and debt management for over 25 years
we’ve been committed to helping people just like you, get out of debt Our nationally certified
credit counselors undergo extensive training to ensure
they are fully equipped to guide you through lifes financial
challenges and help you achieve financial stability Take Charge America has an A+ rating
with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve been continuously recognized
for our innovation compassion and commitment to ethics in
helping you achieve your financial goals if you’re struggling with debt we’re
here to help Take Charge America provides free credit
counseling services we offer one-on-one guidance to help you
find solutions to your financial challenges we can help you build a custom budget and plan of action to get out of debt. We
offer debt management services to help you consolidate payments and pay off debt. If a debt management
plan is right for you we will work with your creditors to lower
interest rates waive late and over-the-limit fees and
often lower overall monthly payments our debt
management plans can help you end the collection calls find relief and get back on track to
financial stability we offer HUD approved housing counseling
to help you navigate the financial challenges and opportunities and home ownership we
can help with foreclosure prevention pre-purchase counseling and reverse
mortgage counseling for senior homeowner’s who are looking
for additional financial security if you’re struggling with student loan
payments we offer counseling to help find the right course of action and get your debts paid off. Take Charge
America doesn’t just help you get out of debt, we will help you stay out
by learning to manage your personal finances affectively. When you call will give you
access to free online tools and resources to help you budget meet
living expenses and save for the future. You’re never
alone with Take Charge America we’re here to help you every step of the
way we’ve been helping people just like you
find solutions relief and peace of mind for more than
25 years call Take Charge America today and begin
your journey to living a debt free life in

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