Why Choose Lake Michigan Credit Union?

So as I drive home at night, I like to
reflect back and think what is the propose? Why am I doing what I do? I believe by doing what’s right for the member Having that as kind of our golden
rule to follow You can’t go wrong Lake Michigan Credit Union is very
unique we have products that really demonstrate value because we’re not
looking at it from ourselves from a selfish standpoint or from a benefit to
us, but rather we’re looking at the members What’s important to them? The way
we treat them? The products and services we offer? The interest rates we charge?
Keeping our member first and foremost in our minds and doing what’s right for
them you can tangibly see the benefit of that Being part of our members lives is
something that we want to continue doing on an everyday basis We have so many of
our members that are just so close to us we’ve even had members who invite our
staff members to you know birthday parties, weddings, and other things and
how incredible is that that they look at us as we are part of their family and
vice versa When I go to LMCU, it’s just going to see friends They know me, they know my family, they know my wife and you know, I know some of them
and some of their families and it’s five minutes of visiting with friends and
getting some banking done The culture at LMCU is customer service The way I would describe the culture at Lake Michigan Credit Union would be passionate
and kind I would use the words family and opportunity You know it’s not only a family in terms of the way we treat our members that we respect them and we
value them and we want to make sure that we treat them like family, but also
within the organization there’s a camaraderie There’s a sense of belonging and
there’s a sense of family that’s important The senior leadership at Lake
Michigan Credit Union really inspires us to go the extra mile and think outside
of the box and you know come up with the best solution for our members It’s wonderful to reflect on, “what did I do today?” Did I make an impact in people’s lives? Did we make it affordable for a young
single mother that was living in a cramped apartment to be able to afford her first home to provide money for a college education for somebody or braces
for a child that might be bullied because of the appearance of their teeth and people like Bauer Financial independent rating service gives us four
stars, the highest classification for safety and soundness The trust at LMCU is amazing It’s it’s so comforting to know that someone is watching your account
and has your best interests at heart Over the last 12 years that I’ve been
with Lake Michigan Credit Union, I’ve seen the impact that we’ve made in our
community Choosing LMCU is is choosing friends
choosing a security blanket to watch over your financial future and LMCU is doing things like nobody else I think looking back you know it’s been
very very exciting what the Credit Union has been able to
accomplish and I think looking forward there’s just, I would use the word opportunity
There’s so much opportunity there’s so many people that don’t have the benefit
of getting the value that we offer never in our company’s history have we ever had such a robust array of products as what we have today so the future is very
bright, there’s a lot of potential that’s still out there Now more than ever,
it makes sense for people that are banking someplace else to come and join, become a
part of the Lake Michigan Credit Union family

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