Why Credit Karma is Bad at Making Accurate Scores – Prime Lending Portage, Michigan

Good morning my friends, It’s Steven Woloszyk
from Prime Lending and today is Tuesday. It’s December the 6th and that means it’s
time for Tuesday’s 2 minute tip. Listen my friends, in life we have a lot of
things that we don’t like having performed. Certain procedures that are maybe considered
to be invasive. For many people, having their credit reviewed
is one of these types of procedures. You bury your soul. Every single nickle you’ve ever borrowed,
every single payment you’ve made on time or made late. Every single collection, speeding ticket that
you never paid. It can be quite unbearable and a bit nerve
wrecking to have someone else, have all this information disclosed to them. So for many of us we prefer the comfort of
sitting on the couch behind our computer screen, our smart phone and looking at a 3rd party
site, like Credit Karma, Capital One, as far as it goes but listen folks, they use different
algorithms that are tri-merge credit report. I’ve never seen a score from a borrower who
told me they had 760 on credit karma, turned out to be actually tri-merge credit report. Different algorithms. So listen, I’ve given people credit karma
and other sites, for a site to go and get an idea of your credit but if you’re serious
about your credit, if you’re serious about a mortgage. You need to talk to a professional. Someone who’s going to be gentle. Someone who’s going to use kit glops. Someone who’s been there and can coach you
on what you need to do to maximize your credit score. Not just for getting approved but for making
sure that you have the highest credit score possible to get the lowest interest rate and
the lowest mortgage insurance. It’s too important my friends. You need to talk to someone who cares, someone
again, who’ll be gentle. I’m that guy, Steven Woloszyk from Prime Lending,
providing you Tuesday’s tip. I thank you for tuning in, hitting like, commenting
and sharing and listen, as always, make it a great day.

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