Why do we choose to work at Credit Union of Southern California?

I I really wanted to work for a place where they cared about the people. They wanted to make a difference. I really wanted to work somewhere where what you do every day really changes somebody’s life. I came from a partnership where I was just temporarily filing for the summer and it was just supposed to be a four or five month job and 21 years later I’m still here. Before working for CU SoCal I was a recipient of their Annual Food Distribution at one of our branches. And, so me and my grandma would go and I would be just there waiting in line. I was really surprised to know that everyone working in the Food Distribution were volunteers and team members of the credit union. And, just the way they treated us and the way they made us feel was definitely different and I knew that that was an environment that I wanted to be in. Working at CU SoCal is so much fun. We have a great time with each other between our charity, CU SoCal Helping Hands, and just our normal, everyday, exciting things that we do with our co-workers—it’s a lot of fun! We have fun with our Members; we have fun together; we’re always trying to find ways to get together to network with each other as we’re growing, but working here there’s never a dull day. We have fun, we laugh, we smile, every single day. I love coming to work every day. Day-in, day-out, Monday through Saturday, no matter what day, I definitely feel that there’s always opportunity for me to change somebody’s life. I guess the best part about It is that you really make a difference You really get to know somebody’s story and help them It’s a positive place When I leave work, I feel accomplished. I feel like what I did today is really going to make a positive difference in the lives of others. CU SoCal really cares and shows that through everything that we try to do for our Members. We try to Build Better Lives for all of our Members. If it’s not through our loans, it’s through our constant community outreach. I definitely think that you can see the heart at CU SoCal. When you’re happy with what you do it’s only going to transfer when you go home. So it makes it a positive environment at home too. It’s like it’s not just making a difference at work, it’s not just Building Better Lives at work, it’s now how am I going to Build Better Lives with my family.

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