Why should I mod Payday 2?

Over the past few years PAYDAY 2’s modding community has grown massively. It’s no longer just a wasteland of memes and glove recolours… …okay, it still kind of is… …but there’s a lot of really cool mods out there now too! There’s gameplay changing and content adding mods, all created by avid fans. If you’re looking for a way to keep PAYDAY 2 fresh, consider modding. “B-b-but I already use Hoxhud-” NO, NO. THAT DOESN’T COUNT. PLEASE STOP. Nowadays we have visual overhauls, sound overhauls, the ability to remove desync entirely… …you can fix the shitty server browser, improve the hitmarkers… …and, of course, countless quality of life improvements. If there’s a bug in PAYDAY 2 that’s been annoying you, which, chances are there are a lot of… …there’s likely to be a mod out there that’ll fix it. We even have full on custom heists now! The gameplay you’re seeing is from Out of Frame… …a custom heist that can be done either stealth or loud… …and played online with other friends who have the mod. Check out lastbullet.net’s PAYDAY 2 modding page… …and see what you’ve been missing. There are links below to some of the best mods out there… …as well as BLT (the Better Lua Tool)… …that makes most of these mods possible… …and BeardLib which makes custom heists possible. Get modding and try not to crash your game! Although… …it’ll probably do that on it’s own anyways… (When’s PAYDAY 3 coming out again?) MODDING: Better than doing Cook Off again!

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  1. Comand94 says:

    Yes I agree, this game is full of bugs and features that should've been in the game just like Skyrim and just like Skyrim modding can fix anything here. I'd have not been playing PAYDAY right now if I didn't get this sweet difficulty overhaul that allows me to actually struggle on Death Wish and some other quality of life mods like red lasers, commanding your bots (which overkill is trying to steal right now…), better bots, 3 bots in singleplayer, more skillsets to purchase and many, many others including even some of the mods I've made myself.

  2. xVizun says:

    Hey dude,
    I like your voice alot, its so nice to hear you please make more videos, your 2 videos are really interesting!.
    But i got 2 questions, the first is, is it really allowed from overkills to use mods? or is just hoxhud confirmed by them
    and second can you maybe tell if payday 3 is in work?

    Thanks alot and keep going, tell me when i can help you with some advertisment in my skype status or something 😀

  3. Kiran Amuthan says:

    Holy shit, you're on a roll with these vids! Keep em coming!

  4. HanzsKlopek says:

    Really enjoying your series so far. Any chance for a video on the best contracts (xp/time/cash effective) for solo players ?

  5. Ethan says:

    I'm watching your vids and i realize "What, this guy only has 720 subscribers, but he's brilliant!"

  6. frassex says:

    Subscribed, great videos

  7. Fabelaz Nyan says:

    Remove desync? What, how, why…. But how?!|
    You got my attention now.

    Btw, does anyone know of a mod (aside HoxHud as it's incompatible with other mods afaik) that allows you to not hold down the f button? that's basically the reason I still use hoxhud.

  8. Boldizsár says:

    the only thing I hate about modding is the unholy trinity of:

    Dlc unlocker-Meth helper-Pocohud

  9. John Brown says:

    BLT actually stands for Better Lua injecTor, not Better Lua Tool.
    Source: I'm one of the people who ported BLT to Linux

  10. tenr0h says:

    Do I still get rewards when I play modded heists ?

  11. Masztufa Ä. says:

    it's been such a long time i found a good content creator.
    take my sub, @Connor Shaw

  12. Dragonbomber 10 says:

    whats the mod that when u shoot a shield's shield, sparks come off it?

  13. TrueGreed says:

    Hey man, I've been trying to figure out a work around for the Restoration mod, do you know of a way I can keep my Load-Out selection during the Job prep screen? It's rather inconvenient when I join a room expecting one thing and the heist is the opposite, forcing me to leave change and come back. Other than that love the content and keep it up!

  14. Not Cheating says:

    but i already use HoxHud

  15. steve james says:

    Keep it up Connor!

  16. Objectorbit says:

    How do you get the lighting to look like it does? It looks like a nice improvement over the default game.

  17. Gizmore says:

    I don't even use Hox Hud, BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN NO DOWNLOAD FOR MONTHS. WTF is this bullshit?! I can't stand default-hud.

    Do you people know any mods like Hox Hud? Especially the not-holding-down-buttons part and the numbers instead of rings. Thanks in advance.

  18. oh god says:

    That outro just earned you a subscriber.

  19. APYR says:

    Would be pretty good, if it wasnt because no matter what mod i try to install it doesnt work

  20. Isaac says:

    Thaaats right.

  21. Napert360ggTGpl says:

    am i the only one that is scared of modding because it's possible to get banned for modding?

  22. 2nd Productions says:

    M8 I love this HUD.What is the name ?

  23. P B says:

    i have made custom maps for the open payday 2 every body can join and dont need a mod

  24. TobiC says:

    What's the name of your HUD?

  25. WheelchairActual says:

    Anyone know the mod that angles the Police Assault in Progress?

  26. Gamer One says:

    Wow, your channel grew FAST! Impressive

  27. - HAWK - says:



  28. Rize R3TR0 says:

    That's why I use WolfHud

  29. Agent Bacalhau says:

    does basic voices and pocohud count? XD

  30. Dodorex says:

    whats this hud

  31. trash says:

    0:00 A Payday 2 Legend was born.

  32. Grognak the Dovahkiin says:

    Modding is really useful for people who have crappy internet and play with bots, there are enough bot mods out there that they can be as good as real players.

  33. Ping says:

    i like poptarts

  34. Tex Rex says:


  35. Duduś says:

    Why the HoxHud is object of jokes? I never used it so i dont know why so many people make jokes about it.

  36. Ганбат Гаяпа says:

    does modding still work?

  37. Music From Games says:

    I'd only need a mod that shows the enemies hp

  38. MrZim says:

    Can you do a video on how to download mods after the last update? My mods dont work anymore and I dont know how to fix it

  39. SomeoneNamedTailsdoll says:

    You forgot pirate perfection
    It's the best mod ever

  40. A Grizzly Bear says:

    I can't be the only one who thinks HoxHUD is way too messy

  41. SCwep says:

    I just use the Terry Crews cloaker mod.

  42. Sydneey aberoth says:

    hey connor, your hud name plz :3

  43. cookim snookims says:

    The last statement in this video is just 100% agreeable

  44. Branko Lucassen says:

    bbbbbut I use hOxHuD!

  45. Ethan Johnson says:

    Cuz classic is like vanila in minecraft,Boreland

  46. Banana Phone says:

    I'm watching your videos and I've come to the conclusion that you should have more subscribers. Keep up the good work!

  47. Joshua Collins says:

    My payday 2 runs on about 12 fps, i recently resetted my harddrive and redownloaded payday 2 and all my old mods and everytime i load a a hrist i crash, im gonna have to go a while without mods

  48. Max Gain says:

    The answer of the title is simple.

    The memes , Jack!

  49. Karol Chmielewski says:

    no, please stop

  50. Kostas Deligiannis says:

    if I download guns. I will still be able to play with my friends?

  51. Michael Gelson says:

    There should be a mod where you can stealth beneath the mountain

  52. SCP-096 says:

    Haha I play on console

  53. Giovanni Gobbi says:

    Whats the mod you are using in the video that makes more fancy the bullets that are going everywhere?

  54. BLT FireBurst says:

    Hey look it's me! BLT

  55. Unknown says:

    Cause. We can

  56. Zed says:

    because big tiddy punk gf

  57. connorgy mp4 says:

    Don't you get counted as a cheater for using mods? At least everyone I see with mods has a cheater status

  58. Robbie Hall says:

    I already have mods. I just like hearing you explain things XD.

  59. Hacker Pony says:

    last bulet not work for me

  60. 26dollar says:

    I love memes!

  61. BlueBenRex says:

    is there a mod that has really fast fps beause when ever i try to start a match it crashes

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