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Translator: Queenie Lee
Reviewer: Denise RQ This subject,
“wealth and income Inequality” are the biggest moral crisis, and I’ll also say it’s a spiritual crisis
in America today, all around the world. This gap between the rich
and everybody else is reaching critical proportions. I think one of the biggest crises
of the young people, today’s young unemployed
become tomorrow’s unemployable; they lose valuable jobs training skills. I’m going to show, as a picture
is worth a thousand words, I’ll just show you some pictures about how rapidly this inequality as well as the opportunity inequality is growing. What’s happening in America today
is savers are losers. Most parents say the kids go to school,
save money, and work hard, but in 1970, when I graduated from school, 1 million dollars at 15% interest
earned me 150,000 a year. Now, you could live
on 150,000 dollars a year back then. But in 2016, do this thing
called quantitative easing, I called it the Greenspan Put. It’s one million dollars
at negative 0.05%, it’s going to cost you a million dollars
to save a million dollars. That is how deteriorated
our financial systems have become, and this is one of the causes
of the gap between the rich and the poor. Another thing is
that fewer and fewer families are receiving middle-class incomes;
it’s going down. Every time we shop at Walmart,
we ship dollars and jobs over to China, and Pakistan,
and all the other countries. That’s capitalism. Another thing that’s happening
when people’s incomes go down: they become dependent. Now, the US government tells us
that poverty has been beaten in America. Maybe poverty has been beaten, but what has increased
is the entitlement mentality. The attitude that the government
and other people should take care of me. As I said, it’s a moral crisis
as well as spiritual crisis. I learned in Sunday school
“Give and you shall receive,” and too many people today think
they should receive. This is another crisis here:
social security. Being Japanese, the Japanese call it,
“Ah, social security.” (Laughter) I’m a racist, I know. (Laughter) But anyway, I’ve met
so many people my age – there are about 75 million baby boomers
on the top of the baby boom chain. We expect the government
to take care of us; that’s a lot of highly educated people. That’s a crisis. In 2002, I published this book
“Rich Dad’s Prophecy.” Fourteen years later,
the prediction was that in 2016, there will be a global financial crash. We’re in 2016, and here we are in 2016,
you can see it coming. In the first ten years of this century,
we have had three major crashes: in 2000, with the dotcom crash; followed by the 2006
real estate subprime crash; and then in 2008, the banking crash. The question is, “Is this next?” This is “the giant crash of 1929.” Every time I listen to those guys on CNBC-
I call it bubble division – they keep talking
about the “giant crash of 1929.” I tell you what:
nothing compared to this one coming. That’s why I write, and I speak,
and I’m very concerned about our futures, our well-being,
and the state of the economy. I’m going to talk today
about why the rich are getting richer. “Commercial Message”,
my next book coming out. But I’ll explain
some of the tricks of the trade, why guys like me get richer,
and everybody else is not. This is quite interesting. This is one of the reasons
the rich are getting richer. These are the Bush tax cuts, the biggest tax cuts
go to the top 1/10th 100%. Thank you, George. I appreciate that. (Laughter) They have no morals,
those guys, man, I tell you! I’m the author of the book
“Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Maybe I should see a show of hands. How many have read
“Rich Dad Poor Dad”? Oh, good. Some of you have.
Who has not yet read the book here? Good, there are some customers
out there; I can see that. (Laughter) As I say to the Publishers Press, I’m a best-selling author
not a best-writing author. But anyway, for those who haven’t read the book
“Rich Dad Poor Dad,” it’s a true story on my two dads. The story begins
when I was nine years old, growing up in a little town, a little sugar plantation town,
called Hilo, Hawaii. I raised my hand in the fourth grade – and I went to a very rich,
basically, all-whites school – and I said, “Mrs. Jarrell,
when will I learn about money?” She said, “Why? Don’t you know
the love of money is a root of all evil?” I said, “Not to me.” (Laughter) But she said, “You’re here to get a job.” I said, “I don’t want a job.
That’s why I want to get rich.” She said, “Go ask your dad.” That’s where “Rich Dad Poor Dad” started. My poor dad was the Head
of education for Hawaii, a very smart man, PhD., went to Stanford, the University
of Chicago, Northwestern. I went home, and asked dad, I said, “Hey, Dad. When are
we going to learn about money?” He said, “Never.” I said, “Why not?” “The government doesn’t
allow us to teach you that.” That’s kind of interesting. So he said, “If you want to get rich,
go talk to your best friend’s father. He’s an entrepreneur,
and someday, he’ll be a very rich man.” That’s how the story
of “Rich dad Poor dad” starts. When I was nine years old, I crossed
and went to my rich dad’s office, Being an entrepreneur, he started teaching his son and me
about why the rich get richer. That’s how my financial education began. So I wrote this book in 1997. So far I sold about 41 million copies
in 50 languages throughout the world. I’ll give a little bit of my background. Thanks. I don’t do it for the applause.
Send me cash. But anyway… (Laughter) This is Hilo, Hawaii to New York City. I didn’t do well in school;
I was a straight C-minus student – having the old man
as the Head of Education wasn’t easy. So, anyway, I got
two congressional nominations: one to US Naval Academy
at Annapolis, Maryland, one to US Merchant Marine Academy
at Kings Point, New York. I took New York because they were the highest-paid
graduates in the world. This is me at Kings Point, here. Our starting salaries, for most of us, were about 100,000 dollars
a year, back in 1965. So that was pretty good back then, not much today,
but it’s pretty good back then. And then, when I graduated, I got a job as the 3rd Officer on a standard
oil tanker sailing in the world. It was a great job except for one thing –
the Vietnam War was still on, and my moral conscience kind of got to me;
I said, “Maybe I should go fight a war.” So I joined the Marine Corps,
and I took a cut in pay from about 6,000 a month
down to 200 a month as a Marine Lieutenant. It was a great decision. I went to a flight school
in Pensacola, Florida, it was right up the street here
at Camp Pendleton, and straight to Vietnam. It was really a great experience. Loved the Marine Corps;
Loved the guys who I had worked with. It’s a band of brothers;
a very spiritual organization. When I came back,
that’s when my business career started. My first business, the Surfer Wallets
business, and all of this. Everybody thinks, “Yeah, when you start
getting successful, life’s easy.” Well, no; success is expensive. I started selling these silly wallets,
and all soon, they took off, and I spent more time raising capital
to buy more inventory so l could sell more. But it was a great learning experience. I learned to make
a lot of money selling wallets. My life changed when I met this man here,
Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller. This here is what Fuller is noted for: he’s considered a futurist
and a friendly genius. This is a geodesic dome
at the Montreal World’s Fair in 1967. In 1967, I hitchhiked from New York City
all the way to Montreal to go see the dome, and it was a mind-blowing experience. I never thought
I’d ever meet this great genius. John Denver calls him
“the planet’s friendly genius.” In 1981, I had a chance to study with him up in Kirkwood, California,
near Lake Tahoe, for five days. I made the mistake of sitting down next
while he sat down next to me really. It was called “The future
of business” seminar, and he sits down next to me, and said, Robert, what is your life’s purpose?
What is your mission in life?” I said, “Oh, to get rich.” Wrong answer! He chewed me out. He said, “Robert!”
(gesturing a reprimand) It’s a waste of a good mind. Why don’t you do something
that changed the world?” I said, “Changed the world?
I just want to get rich.” Finally, I got it. As he said, I’m not here to work for me,
I’m here to work for everybody else. That was a pretty cathartic event once I realized how greedy I was. Then I studied with him for three years. Every time, he kept asking
the same question that he asked himself, “What can I do, I’m just a little guy?” “What can I do, I’m just a little guy?” He was tiny, too. So I ask all of you what can you do?
We’re just little people in many ways. I studied with him for three times
in ’81, ’82, and ’83. And then, he passed away July 1, 1983. He left this book behind;
it was called “The Grunch of Giants” and it stands for “gross universal
cash heist,” G-R-U-N-C-H. It’s how the ultra-rich rip us off. Fuller is a friendly genius, he never wrote finance books
or economic books. He’s a math, science, art,
design man; he’s an architect. I read “Grunch of Giants”
and I understood it because it is exactly
what my rich dad was telling me; the rich are ripping us off. So at that point, I said, “What can I do, I’m just a little guy?” I decided that time
I would take on grunch; and for those who wonder who grunch is, you may just notice
that those crashes we just had, we got bailed out,
the rich got bailed out. Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, Bernanke and the President
Paulson stand up there, and they say, “This was a mistake,
we had to save the economy.” That’s a lie. I hesitate to tell you that; it’s a lie.
They bailed out the rich. It is part of the business plan;
it goes on all the time. So, ladies and gentlemen, I said
in 1983 I got to do something about this, and what can a little guy do
is take on the biggest banks, the Federal Reserve Bank – which is not a bank,
not federal, no reserves – (Laughter) not American. Get the hint? I could take on Wall Street,
I could take on government, but I could also take
on the school system. See, ladies and gentlemen, those crashes, these bailouts
are not accidents, and neither is it an accident
there is no financial education in school. But my research found since 1993,
it is premeditated. Just as prior to the Civil War,
it was illegal to educate a slave, we’re not allowed to learn
about money in school. When I found that out, I said, “OK, it’s time for me to get on
with my life and start teaching.” So I become much like
my rich dad and my poor dad, I started teaching. It was not too far from here, my wife and I were homeless
in San Diego, doing our best to teach, because we can’t go
inside the school system, and nobody wants to listen. That’s how it started, and so I’m going to tell you
what financial education really is. I’ll start by telling what it’s not. Financial education isn’t saving money
and investing for a long term in the stock market
and getting out of debt; exactly the opposite of that. My financial education began
with the game of Monopoly. We all know the formula:
four greenhouses, one red hotel. When I was nine years old
till I was about 20, rich dad and I, and his son
would play Monopoly. That’s how I learned to become a rich man. The reason that works
is this is the cone of learning. It was created by a man
named Professor Edgar Dale. In 1969, he came up with
the cone of learning, and he said this is how human beings
are designed to learn. Noticed the worst way
to learn is by reading, and the second worst way is lecture,
listening to the boring teachers – that’s why I was never at school;
anyway, I was there, but anyway… (Laughter) What you guys are doing
is you’re looking at pictures, watching movies,
that’s why TED Talks works. Also, the second best way
is called simulation. Simulation is where you get
to make your mistakes, you’ve got to make your mistakes
after mistakes after mistakes, So human beings learn by making mistakes; except in school: you make mistakes,
you’re considered stupid. In business, you make a mistake,
you’re fired, you’re a failure. So, a person has got to find
a place to make mistakes. And for scientists like Edison,
it was the laboratory. The reason I learned a lot
was I made mistakes playing Monopoly. That’s how I learned so much. Today, I play Monopoly in real life. My wife and I have over 10,000 units, several hotels,
golf courses, and oil wells. But that’s the game. Once you learn in your brain
by playing games, simulation is a little way you learn, so you practice, practice,
practice, practice, practice. You make mistake
after mistake after mistake like a golfer makes a mistake
after mistake after mistake. Then they are turning pro. But the reason
a lot of people are not rich is they think mistakes make them stupid. It’s criminal: a baby cannot learn
to waffle less they fall down. You can’t learn to ride a bicycle
until you fall off the bicycle. So that’s where our school systems
are letting us down. I loved the military
because they taught us to make mistake
after mistake after mistake. Every day when we flew,
we practiced emergency procedures, and every day I killed my engine
to fly my aircraft without an engine. This here is me doing the real thing.
I went down three times in Vietnam. If not for practicing crashing,
I wouldn’t be here today. All five of my crew came home alive. What I did was, after Bucky
kind of chewed me out with “What can I do,
I’m just a little guy?”, my wife and I created
this board game called Cashflow. This is the key
to the Cashflow game here. This is called a financial statement. Add a financial statement
to Monopoly, you have Cashflow. This is financial literacy:
how do you understand numbers? So the beauty of the Cashflow game is today we have thousands
and thousands of Cashflow clubs all over the world; people teaching people without having to go through school
and getting a student loan debt. Now, you have to go to school
to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, but you don’t have to go
to school to be rich. So all over the world today I asked
what Dr. Fuller asked, I started empowering people to learn. So all of over the world, today,
every day, in different languages, people are teaching people
the same lessons my rich dad taught me. This here is a financial statement:
income, expense, asset, liability. The beauty of this here is this: this is your report card
when you leave school. My bank was never to ask my grade point average
or what school I went to. My bank wants to see
my financial statement. The reason most people can’t go loans
is they don’t have a financial statement. They don’t even know what it is
when they leave school; even college graduates. The reason I can borrow
hundreds of millions of dollars: I have a strong financial statement,
this financial literacy. This here is very simply; it’s
income, expense, asset, liabilities. Poor dad always said to
go to school and get a high-paying job. The problem with education
is they teach you to be employees. Rich dad taught me to be
an entrepreneur acquiring assets: four greenhouses, one red hotel. Assets are very simple: you can plant an apple seed,
that apple seed goes into a tree, harvest the apples, you sell the apples,
you then reinvest your profits, and you keep building an orchard;
that’s how you get rich. Or a friend of mine,
when he was in high school, his grandma gave him some chickens, those chickens lay eggs,
he sold the eggs and reinvested it. When he was 45 I think,
he sold this business, he was selling ten million eggs
a day to Costco and Walmart. You don’t have to be
a rocket scientist to build assets. It’s buying a couple of chickens. (Laughter) It’s kind of funny, really. So the power of words – financial literacy begins with words,
because words affect your brain. As my poor dad always said,
“I can’t afford it.” In Sunday school I learned
“the word becomes flesh.” Every time you say you can’t afford it, and you say I’m a poor, I’m a loser,
I can’t do something, I’m helpless, the government should take care of me. Disgusting! Rich dad taught me, “How can I afford it?” So when I had no money, my wife and I just kept thinking,
“How can I afford it?” Pretty soon, your mind opens up,
and that’s when intelligence comes in. Most important words and money are basic, there’s only four: [income], assets,
liabilities, cash flow, that’s it. That’s where financial literacy says: income, assets,
liabilities, and cash flow. You understand those four words basically,
then you can build your vocabulary. Money has a language,
but it’s not taught in school. It is taught job security
versus being an entrepreneur. Look for job security,
instead of go for financial freedom. If somebody should take care of you and said, “I’m going to
take care of other people.” As an entrepreneur,
I have thousands of employees. That’s my job;to create other jobs,
to give them a safe life. So number one is assets,
number two is liabilities, cash flow; these are liabilities. The reason the poor middle-class grow poor is because they think
their house is an asset. If you read “Rich Dad Poor Dad,”
I said several things: savers are losers,
and your house is not an asset. This came out in 1997. In 2007, the subprime market crashed, and tens of millions of people
throughout the world found out their house was a liability. If you use the wrong word
to describe the wrong issue, you will always be stupid and broke. So don’t call a liability an asset,
and that’s why so many people are broke. They are using the wrong words,
and the words become flesh. Financial literacy – change your words, change your life. Never say, “I can’t afford it.”
Ask yourself, “How can I afford it?” Work to acquire assets not liabilities. Ladies and gentlemen, we have thousands of Cashflow clubs
around the world: people are teaching people. You don’t have to go to school
to learn to be rich. The thing is,
as Bucky Fuller challenged me, “What can I do, I’m just a little guy?”, I stopped making wallets,
and I started making sense. My wife and I created
this Cashflow board game that’s played throughout the world today. Every day, tens of thousands of people
are teaching themselves. That’s how you change the world. But if you change your words,
you change your life. So the best news is words are free. It doesn’t take millions of dollars
to change the world. Just change your words. Thank you very much. (Applause)

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    disappointing talk from a materialist, who thinks self enrichment will help people & derides the poor who need help!?
    i like the fact he calls out the federal reserve, yet when he talks about vietnam, you can tell he has no remorse for his part in genocide!!
    If you think you can learn how to live your life from someone like this, then think again, yet if you want to be a rich sociopath…🤔

  59. Strmhartong Vomp says:

    use earphone ~

  60. Garrett Guitar says:

    From this, I learned nothing practicable. Robert Kiyosaki wasted 20 minutes of my time.

  61. Sara Oliveira says:

    Como pôr legendas em português?

  62. jamotide Strategie und so says:

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  63. Vittor SL says:

    I love this guy

  64. Owen Klingbell says:

    2018 now. Still hasn’t happened

  65. Damon Keizer says:

    Would definitely recommend reading his book with the same title. Explained very clearly how the rich maintain their wealth by 'being the system' rather than serving it.

  66. Don Chardc says:


  67. nomadic traveler says:

    I'm getting richer and it feels sooooo good…..

  68. muhasin mm says:

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  69. Kale Mussel says:

    1500 people that disliked this video are school owners

  70. mr luckyleaf says:

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  71. Romeo Montana says:

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  72. Allison Landon says:

    Lutherangrants ,com helped me financially .With their grant schemes i received $28,000 for my business funding.

  73. MsYogaGrrrl says:

    Why in the world would they give a platform to a known scammer, one who has affiliated himself with MLM frauds like Amway???

  74. Daniel Purdy says:

    Full volume can’t hear.

  75. Lin Dan says:

    The sound is so low

  76. Blue Squirtle says:

    The reason why the rich keep getting richer is because it takes money to make money.

  77. Elmurod Oripov says:

    I've read his book and he's one of the best teachers

  78. Bruce Lee says:


  79. Zorba Press says:

    Excellent video, but we need money to buy headphones to hear it. … With headphones the audio is fine.

  80. Mustafa Khan says:

    I know this is an awesome video because I read rich dad poor dad but first I have to take my headphone

  81. Lawear Smith says:

    Facts 💯

  82. Delia D says:

    I like your advise, but my friend, don't use the word of The Creator for your seminar. Yes! The WORD became flesh, (John1:14) and this was in the body of Christ. God is Holy.

  83. I Am Dan says:

    If you have read the book then the best thing you could read next is “The Richest Man in Babylon “👍🏼 if you can understand the teachings in that book , the application of those will take you far .

  84. Slashed Nutts says:

    Don't buy anything new. People throw good stuff into the street. All this stuff has been paid for by silly people with no brains. In most western countries you can squat in a vacant house after it's been vacant 3 months. If you can get a Government assistance package you'll be living like a Zulu 200 years ago minus the crumpet.

  85. JMullin71 says:

    Did he just say he was homeless why with that much money

  86. Bryon Thomas says:

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  90. Bozo Jimmy says:

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  91. Jeremy Brown says:

    He is a scam artist. Did the rich dad ever exist? Did he earn any wealth prior to his vague books and scam seminars. He is your classic snake oil salesman. He is using Ted to continue the scam.

  92. Dheerendra Thani says:

    Robert kiyosaki is revolutionary person. He changed my life. Rich dad poor dad book should be part of syllabus nursery to graduate level

  93. Dinesh Gupta says:

    It doesn’t take scientist brain to understand why rich is getting richer when u have Hugh disposable income you invest in assets that yas you back

  94. 24 7 says:

    if this is true, why would rich people allow him to talk about it?

  95. 020 says:

    so what about the big crash in 2016 huh? did it happen?

  96. pratik kamble says:

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  97. Aurelie Alameda says:

    He is using a great method. Talks and takes his own products as an example. Nice!

  98. The Sprite Show says:

    Because people like these exist.

  99. jonmay mayjon says:

    Lol you can still live off 150k per year hahaha.
    Part of the reason people are unemployed is because they refuse to take the work that is there. And I'm not just talking about flipping burgers for minimum wage. There are 10s of 1000s of trucking jobs that pay at least 50k per year, but because everyone is concerned about titles, they remain unemployed.

  100. Victor Guillory says:

    A rapidly widening gap between the rich and poor? Answer: become rich and may the odds be in your favor. Than he talks about an entitlement mentality like massive tax cuts isn't socialism for the rich.

    The Fed's Fractional Reserve Banking that leads to price inflation. Trickle down economics that expects a working class that suffers from bad monetary policy, wages that haven't kept up with real buying power, and stiff competition from third world countries that no longer want to be third world countries are not expecting hand outs. Their expecting there pensions, social security, 401K pay outs from wall street, and home prices not to crash. To much to ask?

    One third of US government assets are student loans. As if their getting that back. The US uses its military to force other countries to accept the dollar as the reserve currency so the US can export inflation. Thats how bad the price inflation has gotten. Private debt will soon cause an auto loan, home loan, and all around credit crisis. If leverage was the only metric for servicing corporate debt which it is the only metric for servicing debt in a recession half of corporations debt would be rated as junk by firms who rate credit and that's the next crisis coming soon.

    America can not and will not service its debt. The government, the people, and its corporations are all to blame.

    We are slaves to banking credit, fed notes, keeping up with the Gates, taking out debt to buy products from the rich who are given free money (tax cuts) to make those products.

    Goodnight and goodluck to all the get rich to solve your problems fools. The train will derail with us all on it….rich dads and poor dads alike.

    Good morning to China and their 50 years plans. Also good morning to competition from foreigners, foreign countries, and robots.

    I think it's a mad house. America really needs to start taking better care of itself.

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