Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites

Tucker Carlson likes to brand himself as a
real man of the people. Politicians, big business, the media, they
are all on the same side. Taking on the liberal elite. Now Democrats have become the party of the
elite professional class. And standing up for everyday Americans It’s not a left right thing. It’s a ruling class versus everybody else
thing. He wrote a whole book about how America’s
selfish ruling class is bringing the country to the brink of revolution. Division helps them maintain their power even as it destroys our country. The Atlantic even called him the bow tied
bard of populism. The actual problem is the corrupt and decadent
leadership of our own elites. The he elites. Liberal elites. It is sickening and we’ve had enough of it. There’s just one problem with Tucker’s man-of-the-people shtick. . Yeah. Tucker’s full name is Tucker Swanson McNear
Carlson. His stepmom is the heiress to the Swanson
frozen food empire. He went to an elite boarding school in Rhode
Island, got famous for wearing bow ties on national
television, and has spent his professional career bouncing
between cushy cable news jobs. By all measures, Tucker Carlson is a member of the American elite. So what is going on here? Why would a guy who bragged about being an
out-of-the-closet elitist host a show where he rails against the ruling
class? There’s actually a pretty simple explanation for Tucker’s new shtick. And it’s called “false consciousness.” But see I’m an out-of-the-closet elitist. I don’t run around pretending to be a man
of the people. The elites to whom the rest of us mere plebes
look on in awe. I’m absolutely not a man of the people at
all. False consciousness is one of those phrases that grad students use to sound smart at parties. But essentially, it’s a term in Marxist theory that describes when working class people are tricked into accepting their exploitation. So let’s say you and your co-workers are feeling frustrated and start thinking
of forming a union. To stop you, your boss might say “you don’t need a union. The real problem is all these women taking maternity leave. If they weren’t taking so much time off we’d all be able to go home right now.” Or they might say “it’s these damn privileged millennials. They’re so obsessed with work-life balance
that we all have to pick up the slack. Get mad at them.” The boss convinces the workers to accept their
exploitation by pointing their anger in the wrong direction. Or as Tucker Carlson would say: One thing you will learn when you grow up
in a castle and look out across the moat every day hungry
peasants out in the village is you don’t want to stoke envy among the
proletariat. Thanks Tucker. So how do you keep the hungry peasants in
the village from storming the castle? Enter Tucker Carlson Tonight. The show that is the sworn enemy of lying,
pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. Since it launched in 2016, Tucker’s show has been a festival of false
consciousness, bombarding viewers with an endless supply
of culture war bullshit. Can transracial be the new transgender? What’s so upsetting about lady-specific Doritos? If yoga is racist is hot yoga more racist? To be fair, this isn’t unique to Tucker. Fox News’ MO is using culture war stories to distract from right wing economics. But what makes Tucker unique is how often
he uses the language of anti-elitism while ignoring real exploitation. Take the 2017 Republican tax cuts for example. It’s the largest tax cut in the history of
our country and reform. Republicans spent months promising their tax
cuts would help the middle class, including during several segments on Tucker’s
show. This is really about a middle income tax cut. OK. That of course turned out to be a scam. The overwhelming majority of those tax cuts went to corporate shareholders and CEOs. It’s a giveaway to the very rich, permanent tax cuts for corporations, and almost nothing for the average person. So what was Tucker Carlson, populist hero, talking about the week that happened? Racist trees. In Palm Springs, California, city officials
are planning to clearcut a grove of tamarisk trees because
they’re racist. Ah yes. Racist trees. I’m willing to believe you that there was
racist intent in placing these trees. Why are we punishing the trees for that? Tucker spent twice as long talking about this random tree story as he did about the tax
cuts. Does that seem a little unfair? If you were a tree you might feel a little
differently. This is false consciousness in action. Convince workers to focus their rage at targets
that don’t matter. Racist trees. And they’ll be too distracted to notice the
ones that do. It’s a giveaway to the very rich. Don’t want to stoke envy. Tucker does this all the time. Last May, Congress rolled back regulations meant to stop Wall Street from creating another
financial crisis. The financial institutions spent two hundred million dollars in lobbying. This is the kind of thing real populists hate. Big money rules and the needs of ordinary
people gets ignored. But Tucker didn’t mention the rollback once. Instead he was dedicating multiple segments to a random dude who refused to move out of
his parents house, which Carlson saw as proof that millennials
were too entitled. I think that probably does have something
to do with the safe space movement. So just to recap: instead of talking about bank deregulation, we got one multimillionaire complaining to another multimillionaire about how millennials are too entitled. False consciousness. Amazing the country this is becoming, we’re dedicated to chronicling it for you
in all detail. Last February, Trump made it easier for lenders to give out predatory payday loans, which trap working class people in cycles
of debt they can’t get out of. Many of these loans have interest rates of four hundred percent. The move was a huge win for predatory lenders, who Democrats have been trying to regulate
for years. This is a lobby that’s extraordinarily powerful. They have members and the members want results. But Tucker didn’t mention the move once. Instead, he spent the week blaming Democrats for focusing on identity politics. Elections in this country used to be based
on issues or that was the common agreement, anyway. The left is too distracted by global warming or the lack of transgender SEAL teams to pay
any attention. You spent three days on the racist tree story. False consciousness. Okay, last one. In May, House Republicans passed huge cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. This bill cuts taxes for massively high income
people by hundreds of billions and cuts the health
care of low and middle income Americans by hundreds
of billions. If there was ever a time they get mad at the
elites, this was it. I think this is one of the largest pure redistributions from poor to rich in one bill we’ve ever seen. But Tucker Swanson Carlson treated the whole
thing like a big joke. The left has had a full psychotic break. Then he turned to the stories that really
matter: atheists getting rid of a park bench in Pennsylvania, Michael Moore saying something mean about
Trump, and a random academic paper suggesting we
should eat bug meat. When Al Gore starts serving crickets for lunch
on his private jet, I’m in. The largest redistribution from poor to rich
we’ve ever seen. Don’t want to stoke envy. The goal of Tucker’s show isn’t to challenge
the elite. It’s to make sure you never realize who they
are. To get you so mad at atheists, feminists,
immigrants, millennials, trans people, college students, pot smokers, vegans, the NFL, Brooklyn witches, and Lena f*cking Dunham that you don’t get mad at the people who are
actually in charge. Tucker Carlson isn’t a populist. He’s a safety valve. A way to make sure that, if the hungry peasants
in the village get angry, they don’t take it out on the party giving tax cuts to him or his multibillionaire
boss. You’re his bitch. I’m 100 percent his bitch. Whatever Mr Murdoch says I do. I would be honored if he would cane me the way I cane my workers. My servants. He’s a phony. And if that sounds harsh, don’t take it from me. Take it from Tucker Carlson, in 2003, talking about Bill O’Reilly, the man who’s fox news slot he would one day
take over. I think there’s kind of a deep phoniness at
the center of his shtick because it’s sort of built on this perception
that he is the character he plays. He is every man, he’s not right wing, he’s a populist fighting for you against the
powers that be. And that’s great as a shtick. But I’m just saying the moment that it’s revealed not to be true, it’s over. Right? Because the whole thing is predicated on the
fact that he is who he says he is and nobody is that person, especially not someone who makes a million, or many millions a year.

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    Keep smiling and giggling like you're above it all. We've seen this shtick a million times. We know you are angry underneath it all because right-wing populism is hitting a nerve while your narrative is becoming increasingly unappealing to Gen Z. You attack a righteous man, not for his faults, but because he's a liability to your cause.

    Campaign Trump is back on the scene, more brash than ever before, and the way your side is acting, Trump is gonna win again, strengthening our cause yet again. Choke on it, you degenerates.

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    The liberals in congress snuck the ACA through the Senate in "the dark of midnight" before Scott Brown could replace the deceased Teddy Kennedy because Scott Brown was going to vote Obamacare down. Additionally, all of the liberals who felt the ACA/Obamacare was going to "save healthcare" decided to keep their U.S. Congress healthcare benefits rather than relying on the ACA for their healthcare coverage.

    The left wants to make the rest of the world rich off of the American dollar, cries out how poor Americans are, continues to give trade incentives to third world nations which produce cheaper consumer goods, and during the whole time they are getting rich in the halls of the U.S. Capitol Building.

    However, you pick on someone who's family left him a vast sum of wealth, yet went into the private sector to work rather than be a trust fund baby who lives on a yacht or pretends to work for the people in the public sector.

    What about John Kerry who married the wife of a former GOP politician who was the heir to the Heinz food corporation. The wife was left a vast sum of money from the Heinz fortune, and by the law of transitive proxy John Kerry (a veteran who disgraced the uniform I was PROUD to wear and can be considered a socialist) gladly has taken a fortune from a private sector, capitalist business which was inheritance for a politician on the other side of the aisle.

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    Trump and Tucker.
    Yeah, and they are telling you how to take back a fair share of resources.
    You take a statement he said he was not doing, and made it seem like it was the facade he was going with. Even tho he never made the claim.
    That's not journalism, that's lying.

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