Why Work at Premier America Credit Union?

Working at Premier America has really
made a difference in my life because I been given the opportunity to both work and go to school and then do some volunteer work all while being a single mom which
is not easy. Well I’ve been with Premier America for seven years and I started out as the Financial Services Specialist. It’s very hard for someone to say hey I love what I do but I actually love what I do and waking up early in the
morning wanting to be at work and wanting to make a difference. And I’ve been with the
credit union for 15 years. As a teller, they slowly progresed me to an SSS position and then from there on, I learned the basic stuff for being a banker so then moved up to SSS. I love my position because it’s constantly changing. Financial services
industry is evolving. It changes It’s exciting. I had a great mentor who I
learned from as well as an inner circle of people that teach me every single day
something new. Premier America has given me such an opportunity to grow
professionally and personally. I started as a part-time teller in our Simi Valley
office and now I’m here today as Regional Director for North Ventura
County. I’ve been with Premier America for 22 years. Once I came on board, the
opportunities were presented in front of me and I took advantage of them. When I seized the opportunity I said why not be part of something great. Its made not only a
difference in my life, but it’s made its my family’s life and it’s really opened up my mindset of what a manager should be. Everyone wants to grow and everyone
wants to see each other grow. I’ve learned a tremendous amount in just
financial knowledge as well as relationship building skills. Skills that
I use both in work and outside of work as well. I love that I come to work every
day and I’m challenged. No one day is alike. There’s a lot of different age groups,
but when everybody comes together it kinda seems like one big happy family. It’s
made a really big difference because I had no banking experience. It kind of
made me feel like I’m more capable of things that I’d no idea I could ever do. It’s extremely positive, it’s
encouraging and it’s uplifting. I felt they were interested in me as a person
and i felt that they will allow me to use my creative and technical skills to
help improve the company and bring membership experience here. Super family oriented, member oriented. It’s a little more laid back than a bank. How we get more personal with the members. We
get to know them. We start to know their families and their story. It’s essential
that any successful organization incorporate a team environment and we
foster that here. I know a lot of organizations would like to say that hey, my company is like that, and well as it? Is it really that way because ours is. You can see it in our surveys from our members and come and come and talk to our staff.
Even as Premier America continues to grow, we still maintain that credit union
feel. Because we’re working together we get that synergistic feeling that you’re
sharing a common goal and that your input helps make a difference. The credit union
is just as invested in me as I am in them. If you want to have additional
training they do that for you. Everyone is able to engage in different aspects
of the organization and everyone has a voice which is not common in the
industries. We really focused a lot of attention and development on our employees so whether it’s empowering employees to be decision makers and you
know move forward in their career. They want you to succeed not because your the employee but because they want to succeed because your a person. It’s pretty much a home away
from home. To describe Premier American in three words, I would say: motivational, exciting, and inspiring.
Service, family, and future. Passion, friendly, and family. Exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. Rewarding, caring, and loyalty. Proud, opportunity, and happy. Rewarding,
proud, and unity. Opportunity, dedicated, and team work. Altruistic, rewarding, and integrity. Positive, encouraging, and challenging in the best way possible. Totally, completley, awesome. Applying to Premiere America, just get prepared to be welcoming a second family. This is a
career, a lifelong career that can be established here from the ground up. Apply today. You won’t regret it. If you got the drive to be great Premier America is the place to be. If you want to build
your own growth and build not only that but build an understanding of the
business world and understanding of financial industry, they really have a
lot of people that can talk to you about that. You’re able to talk to the big heads. I’ve met the vice president and I’ve met the CEO and so it’s like it’s nice to know that they
actually care about you enough to let you learn about what they do. Be prepared to learn as much as possible and be ready for an amazing opportunity. It’s a great job basically. It’s a great experience to work in and there’s a lot great people around you to help you out every step of the way. Go for it and be prepared here in for an exciting and challenging and comforting experience. If you want to start a career in finance, this is a great place to start. We have a lot of mentors that could
guide you and help you grow your career. Do not hesitate and come in and talk about a position Check out online and just get ready for
everything that’s ahead.

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