46 comments on “Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Goal of Getting Debt Free”

  1. Tamkin Raza says:

    Hello there,
    Your are doing great…
    I wanna get a job in United States as a data scientist. Do you have any idea about it , how to get it?
    I am from India . And you?

  2. Scott Dow says:

    That's interesting. The Finn Mindset tells of his goal to get out of debt and doesn't seem to be slowed down by useing Youtube viewers as people to hold him to it

  3. How2 4Every1 says:

    I don't have enough viewers to make me feel as if I have reached it.. lol…..and when I fail I share it too…and I try again😁 cool video topic.

  4. A_Smith says:

    Awesome advice!

  5. Passive Income Tom says:

    This makes a lot of sense. To some, talking about being debtfree is a foreign language. 👍

  6. C O says:

    This is really helpful! I've realized as well that I only talk about what I've been doing AFTER I've done it!

  7. Dawn T says:

    I thought you were going to say don’t tell people because of all of the negative comments you will get. When my husband and I were debt free and on our way to paying off our house, I told my parents that was our goal. They were so negative. They thought there is no way we could do it. Plus, a couple other people who knew gave us the whole you should have invested the money instead of paying off your house routine. We did it anyway. It feels great!

  8. A .L.L. says:

    This is polar opposite from what Joyce Meyers says in her book " breaking bad habits". Lol

  9. bonnie beme says:

    It is more like if you tell others of your goals then they think that you have money for them to ask for.

  10. Little Kosher Lunch says:

    I found this so refreshing, Dana! It wasn’t a goal regarding debt, but I definitely threw my hat in the ring for a competition recently and it didn’t pan out for me. I only told my inner circle, for fear of jinxing it.

    I think now that I’m past the experience, I’m willing to share on social what I learned, but only because I “know the ending” to that story. ;). Sharing the right amount on social media is a delicate dance that I’m still learning, but erring on the side of less is usually the safest move, in my book.

    Wishing you a great day. Love when you pop up with a video on an off day!

  11. aware penguin says:

    Dana just wanted to say thanks for your videos and love your intros. This is a great topic. I'm not huge on social media and I definitely don't talk about money matters online, but I'm very similar in keeping my goals mine and only doing a reveal once completed. This is for short-medium term goals like 1+ years. I've seen so many people making long winded posts about all 500 goals they plan to achieve and do none of it. When I got my master's degree, no one knew I had started the program until after I graduated. Even then, it was only a short post.

  12. Tintay Channel says:

    Strange concept.

  13. Sue Hearts Crafts says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing 👍🏼 I believe in writing my goals in my journal or telling only the hubby and only tell if I've reached the goal

  14. Freja Jensen says:

    You are right! I've noticed the same thing. I am not going to tell any more people about my goals now😉 I am going to do what I decided 💪

  15. Mrs Pep No More Debt says:

    I will say I have seen so many "Start of my debt-free journey" videos that are years old and you never hear from them again. Watching people slowly dig their way out was/is so motivating to me. Abby at Buy Life Back has been my most recent inspiration

  16. Finding My Star says:

    I've been publicly sharing my weight loss journey for almost six years but I'm no where near my goal weight. I'll have to think about how this might need to change.

  17. janereaction says:

    I don’t like to talk about what I’m GOING to do. I like to DO IT, then talk about what I DID.

  18. Lou Hale says:

    What a treat!! On a Thursday!? 😍 Thanks for the tips, Dana!

  19. Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

    My daughter told me that when we open up too much to others and share about our life we're also opening herself up to their values and opinions so be very cautious of who you share anything with and I have to agree with my daughter

  20. Mom Threesixfive says:

    Thumbs up. Without even finishing watching this video. There’s green-eyed monsters out there who will always try to bring you down or side track you off of your goals.

    Ooooo, plot twist. I don’t think that’s valid, cuz most people don’t reach their goals due to lack of discipline anyway. I mean, you publicizing your monthly budget and vacation planning doesn’t detract you from reaching it every year. I still stand by my previous statement. It is those supporters; whether deliberately or unintentionally can/does side track your goals.

  21. Lady of Huntingdon says:

    Great topic and advice, thank you for sharing 💕😀

  22. Jackie Collins says:

    This is a great point!!! I've been recently learning to be more selective about who I hang around with and what I do/dont share with others/social media (especially when it comes to my personal life).

  23. Rainbow Phoenix says:

    Yay a bonus video!!!

  24. C Flannigan says:

    Great advice !

  25. daviddianna says:

    This is my LEAST favorite of all your videos. You always make so much sense to me but this one is one I will have to think about some more because I am not sure I agree. I do understand that you choose one person to tell first, then a few and then maybe more. The FIRST place you share should not be youtube as you will have to contend with all the negative before you have actually built momentum but I am sure that you lose the VALUE of your youtube channel if you never share the goal and the realization of the goal.

  26. Elizabeth Mbithi says:

    Hmm…I beg to differ…I am debt free and it took me 3.5 years to pay my debt off. I currently have a fully funded 6 month emergency fund and a home down payment for possibly next year. I talk about my goals to everyone who listens and it serves to accomplish a few things. One, it made the people who used to borrow money from me stop because they knew I was working towards something. Two, it made people question their own money choices and down the road, and to this day, I still hear comments like 'is there money in the jar for it?' Three, it also made me reaffirm what I believed in and crunch the numbers to ppl who opted to, for example, invest first or borrow money or finance things like cars. In the beginning, when I was still doing my own research, I was not entirely sure about certain things but the more people I met who had opposing views, the more I was able to research my stand and oppose with facts as needed. I shouldn't neglect to say that I have also learnt from those who have achieved financial independence and have been mentors acquired because I couldn't keep quiet about my journey.

  27. kakelinga says:

    I totally agree with you. When I told people my hubby and I had started Dave Ramsey's baby steps I had coworkers tell me it was dumb cause you will always have bills. Electric, gas, water housing etc,. I tried to explain those things were cost of living and part of your four walls and not considered debt. No luck with that. Then we had family telling us to spend money and take vacations cause you only live once. Sigh….

  28. Cindy says:

    But if you still HAVE debt, don't you continue to live like you have debt. Maybe I'm poorer than others? I can't just all of a sudden buy more food this month because in my mind, I'm debt free. Am i missing something?

  29. Cindy says:

    I wish this thought process worked because maybe i would be less stressed every day.

  30. Starr Rivers says:

    Seriously! Sharing goals helps me stick to them. Disagree on this.

  31. Sulaiman Al Ismaili says:

    Lovely topic

  32. zhenssi 12 says:

    totally agree ..

  33. Maria Perry says:

    Thanks for such a tip well in advance of the (or my) new year preparations! I appreciate this. I actually share my goals with a few family members and then I lose inspiration and have to work so hard to stay motivated. So, this was an "Aha" moment.

  34. Lo Marie says:

    I did tell my close friends… and only some of them were supportive. The others thought we were stuck up ): I stopped talking about our finances with them after that…

  35. Charmaine Rickstrom says:

    Cool channel. Thanks for that info I can definitely see that

  36. Lisa On The Net says:

    I have a lot of selfish people in my life in my life. I have found that they want to do whatever im doing. For example if I started a new diet they want to start that diet too. So they want me to explain every step I’m going to take and then they start texting and calling and asking me what they should be doing next and generally want help with the diet. Well im trying to work, change my own habits and figure stuff out. Instead of doing something for myself and focusing on me and my health I’m now taking care of a couple of relatives who decided to jump on the bandwagon. Exhausting and I cant ficus on my goals. So I keep my goals to myself around those people.

  37. Angela Lewis says:

    Dana….I feel that you are right!…i feel that you should not share any goals you have with others due to the increased…… JEALOUSY, BEGGARS, BORROWERS, NAY SAYERS, HATERS, COPY CATS, THOSE THAT ARE INSECURE, THOSE WRECKNESS AND IN DEBT, THE BRAGGARTS, ……I have learned to set my goals, large and small…pray to God to help me…AND KEEP MY BIG MOUTH SHUT!

  38. Angela Lewis says:


  39. connie denton says:

    I'm seriously going to try this and just begin to be reflective, and keep these goals to myself, and my vision chart. So I can tell if it makes a difference. Thank you! I love your video's.

  40. Tah says:

    I’m the opposite. If I publicly declare that I’m going to do something, I do it. My own stubbornness and pride leads me to smashing my goals.

  41. Brian Parent says:

    Makes a lot of sense.

  42. Karen Shaffer says:

    Wow – you went a very different direction that what I imagined. I thought it would be more like that others in your life might not understand your goals, or support you well in them. I guess we just need to exercise wisdom in who we share personal information with – which we should all be doing anyway. Thanks for another perspective. 🙂

  43. Miriam McGee says:

    Please tell me your framed dave pic is signed…. not just a framed dave pic. 😂😂

  44. BMXTraining says:

    Can you please share or point to studies "that you're less likely to achieve that goal" at 3:23

  45. Caleb Fagerstrom says:

    Dont tell people about your debt free goals.

    By: Debt Free Dana

  46. Rhonda Weber says:

    Oh, very interesting!

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