(Win) Car Shop Without Driving?!! [Tip] [Payday 2]

Hey people, what’s up? Today I want to tell you how to win Car Shop
without driving. So a few reasons why you’re here watching
this right now: 1) You’re good at stealth, but you’re bad at driving. Well don’t feel bad about it. I personally suck at strategy games even though
I love to play them. 2) You’re good at stealth, you’re good at driving, but your computer decides to lag like a Powerpoint
slide during the driving sequence. Again, don’t feel bad. I played Payday 2 on a laptop before and could
only handle stealth. On loud it simply was unbearable. 3) and also the last reason. “Unknown Knight! What the hell are you talking
about?! You can’t win Car Shop without driving!” Well that’s true and NOT true at the same
time but before you get upset at the clickbait
title (please don’t get upset), let me clarify. The thing is, there are 4 sport cars in Car
Shop, which, in my opinion, gives the impression that every player MUST
drive one to win. There even is an achievement for being the
1st of 4 players to reach the end point. However, the Falcogini sports car actually
has 2 seats. So instead of driving, you can always join
the ride instead, if you’re watching this video for the 1st
two reasons mentioned. So in summary, yes. You can always share a car, instead of lending your Steam account to someone to help you finish this heist, which of course, is a very bad idea. If anyone needs help, just drop me a comment and if we can find
a common time to play in, I’ll be more than happy to drive you to finish
the Car Shop heist. So hope this video was helpful, and I’ll see you in the next one.

8 comments on “(Win) Car Shop Without Driving?!! [Tip] [Payday 2]”

  1. MonkeyBunnyShop says:

    Wait i thought this was common sense LOL thanks for the video to help the people that doesnt know

  2. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    drive me there lol no wait im good at driving challenge me who has the driving skill

  3. b33croft says:

    Lol how to finish goat heist on one down tip…. don’t play it

  4. Matti Meikäläinen says:

    Honestly the timer in this heist should be removed

  5. WingsofLime says:

    Me: ~sees video~
    Video: ~states same thing~

    lol A+ video

  6. Agustin Pellizzari says:

    still i can't finish car shop only because of the driving part

  7. Skedder says:

    How to do Alesso on OD stealth.

    Pay a pro stealth heister to do it for you.


  8. A Human says:

    I expected the minigun glitch

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