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[music playing] Originally, we came from USSR. I was born in Uzbekistan. We moved to Germany when borders were open. Lots of my friends were moving to Canada in 1995, so I decided to come here and explore. [music playing] My name is Vitalty Fendel. Waldemar Walter. We are now in Wonowon, British Columbia. A little town. It was a fort since 1942 when Americans were building the Alaska Highway
in order to connect Alaska with Lower Mainland. We have about 200 people. We came from Siberia. I grew up in Vladivostok where it’s cold
too. In the new environment we need to keep closer in order to help each other. We know each other from as young. We were planning to settle here for our families and children. [babies crying] We have nine children. I have 11 kids. Yury, Jonas, Angelica, Wladmir, Miriam and Levi, Veronika and Elona, James, Anna and Melana. I got a big room in the basement where kids are playing, especially in the wintertime when it’s cold. We are running tank trucks. We are servicing oil and gas industry here
in the area. We build residential houses. We have a plumbing and heating division. This is mostly our tank trucks. We move all kinds of fluids that are required for oil and gas development. In 2001, we started with one truck… …now we have 15. We came here with not much money. We were looking for financing in order to
start the business. North Peace Savings & Credit Union. They’re kind of a help and like many of our church members. My name is Alexander Simon and we are 101 Church. [choir singing] They help us with business. Also, I bought my house through the credit union. Most of all people are running their own businesses come to credit union for getting mortgage for the houses. I decided to build a bigger house, went to credit union, low interest and quick answer. They can do decisions at the branch in Fort St. Johns. The credit union is people oriented. You can deal right here you get answer quick. Small community. Customers of the credit union are the members of a credit union and they are considered to be the owners of the credit union. We have about 50 families in our church. We love children, children’s our future. We live in a country where we can easily give them future for the children you know because it’s one place we can be together.

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  1. Marius Betz says:

    First it's 15 trucks, then Mr. Fendel changes his mind to 10.

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