Work 3 Jobs For College & Get Loans – Rep. Ryan

paul ryan i was asked about it may
remember eric cantor said their own mobs mit romney high-tech criticize them our
weekly column on american but now that they see the majority of americans are
behind occupy wall street another poll out today overwhelming support for
occupy wall street well with the three-to-one margin all the sudden we’ve even got there all right you know wall people say he
understands the problems of all the pocket by wall street a lot of people
are back to watch this wbc everything is going on the streets past vermont and
standing in the last night hostages what message do you get a intention
called bob i wouldn’t arnold spiritually
emotionally suspicion of government look as though somebody gets hurt as long as snow properties destroyed i
think it’s from the people on demonstrates a to organize themselves
i’m not exactly sure what it is the called for but if there’s frustration aimed at crony capitalism corporate welfare at bailing out uh… connected
corporations i agreed with him so all the sudden we’ve got pauline same
we should hang crony capitalism worship and corporate welfare and we should
worry about the bailouts but that’s the big three project by wall
street how to get the republicans degrade apartments and understanding
that did not courts not good for you know what you
get he’s trying to pass a plan to think that would be a bit kelly is in tax cuts
at the top one percent fact enough access at his plan would cut moderates on film taxes per cent at the top one percent factions flight fifteen percent gain so
that’s not the only graduate after ten percent tax cuts under qualifies plant
he doesn’t care about at live dot he loves brody now is that we know is
unfavorable i cant ordered subsidies if he’d never wants to let them go he wants
to get the most probable companies in the world another break from the american taxpayer into is a great example of the ball i a
disaster by someone in that meeting paint uh… what do you think about how
great you guys had a car pell grants comparability by sam and i could barely
afford it fifty five hundred dollar grant and it’s hard to tell me if you
cut the swiftness war lines ask aftershock statements ninety treatment of animals we need to have the same mime-version this deceptions is healthier knows reports he reviewed reasons the administration to uphold the steamboat c_n_n_f_n_ participation popsicle industries that’s fallen testing and i like there’s a pretty recent slide
these days what did you work three jobs like i
didn’t want to have set out for a long sleeve worked three jobs and that
serious impact how about hitting that guy in opportunity decided to use all the guy i think you should be helping
and i think i want to work hard and i want to get an education i wanna do
better companies does not work three jobs and what you’re going to help pay
for the second part using google works all the time you know what have the
seniors these things that all the plot and that
the government listing over for the loan business all of the government had
always been guaranteeing those loans have to look for a new four grammys
sonya about remove i think tanks for making a profit when they weren’t even
sure in the long as they were doing nothing a central government billions of
dollars it allowed us to do more to the college students it was all the best and
the president obama did ok you know i’m a critical credit to president obama but
that was it was totally golf that was qualified waterville albeit while pretending to be on the
side of the people he actually won the debate billions of your money to those
banks any continues that in the next witness doctors constantly participate second all heedless vertical you’re talking about posted onto the federal he says we can’t afford it are you
kidding me we can afford to give you the flat top that’s not what mister taxes by
thirty percent in your plant so what is for life-saving saying my priorities are
millionaires and billionaires and if you have to work three jobs to try to get an
education while go to school idled effective pilot cut your opportunity to
make sure that the rescue people and that he pretends to understand that
we should and crony capitalism heats is thrown it out was that

100 comments on “Work 3 Jobs For College & Get Loans – Rep. Ryan”

  1. Umishiru says:

    @jeffxl12 So now your whining about someone using curse words? Ever heard of the 1st amendment? Also, stay on topic. Ironically you talk about taking criticism yet you attack me for criticizing, lol. Now your playing the education card huh, interesting. You call me ignorant but all you do is ignore the topic at hand derail it by completely going after some random user of the net you know nothing about. Continue though, as usual this is gonna be hilarious.

  2. Ramiro Lozada says:

    everything boils down to this: Meanwhile rich people and corporations dont pay their fair share, the 99% will still be taken advantage of. If you can add 1+1, you can figure that one out. Stop going around the bush people, we are smarter that. Stop the BS

  3. Earvampx says:

    U.S. Rep Paul Ryan's 2012 budget proposal seeks to slash hundreds of billions from social programs that aid disadvantaged Americans while giving $40 billion in federal subsidies (funded by taxpayers) to oil giants for the next 10 years. These oil companies are making record-breaking profits this year, so Rep Ryan's plan makes absolutely no sense.

  4. YOYOdaMOOSE says:

    paul ryan is such a slimey prick

  5. Earvampx says:

    Please sign this petition I wrote to urge Congress and the President to stop the $40 billion oil subsidies to oil giants. Thanks for your support and action.

  6. jtbeast85 says:

    @peterukk HAHA I need to go to school over there!!!

  7. miss ramp says:

    he didn't have 3 jobs. he had one job driving a fucking wienermobile lmao. what a goddamn liar.

  8. xxxRadarxxx says:

    If Paul Ryan agreed with me, I'd re-think my position!

  9. rmar67 says:

    Apparently, Ryan lived in some faraway magical land that has more than 24 hours in a day and more than 7 days in a week so he had ehough time to work 3 jobs and still go to classes and study.

  10. GazelleHeavy says:

    Paul Ryan is great. I agree with this guy.

  11. Matthew Clarke says:

    Paul ryan is the stupidest politician around …its a shame

  12. Andsormida01 says:

    @underbjorn As a whole Sweden has much stricter drug laws than the US. Do not compare the gun violence in Sweden to the US, completely different situation and Sweden forced PRIVATE properties and institutions to ban smoking and create specific areas, FEDERALLY!!. Private property should have the rights to either ban smoking or let it be, your government forced it on them. I am no racist, just a realist.

  13. weejockpoopongmcplop says:

    Some guy is yakking about pornography in the background.

  14. SuperBenzid says:

    @MrSpencerport If only. Take it all at once and then redistribute it. I wish the democrats were behind that.

  15. SuperBenzid says:

    @Andsormida01 I think bogan's like you should spend their time polishing the rims of their torana and drinking goon. Rather then going online and making our country look terrible. Our country lives of its diamonds, oil and gold and we still aren't doing all that amazing considering our mineral wealth. I don't think we should be giving lessons to anyone.

  16. Dick Cheney says:

    @peterukk Nothing new… Even from a Canadian standpoint they look like the fucking third world.

  17. Eric says:

    What are people doing their?

  18. WolfsStorm says:

    3 jobs? Most Americans can't even find one!

  19. Waffen9999 says:

    @peterukk Unfortunately, Finland also has a much smaller population than the U.S. We couldn't do that here, as it would be impossible to afford.

  20. SuperBenzid says:

    @MrSpencerport Well percentage support doesn't really matter if you a have a radical plan that you are willing to put into action. Lenin only got 25% of the vote and he still became leader. A minority of supporters is sufficient whats more important is that the majority lose faith in the system to allow power to be seized. And people are losing faith in the current system fast.

  21. Andsormida01 says:

    @SuperBenzid Australia has always had mineral reserves and demand for them, so what's changed from the 70's to now? Deregulation, sensible welfare and financial reforms to increase performance mainly deregulation. And BTW our oil is used domestically with 25% of oil consumption met by importing petroleum. Our economy has been extremely well managed and considering our population and mineral resources we're doing great.

  22. Andsormida01 says:

    @underbjorn It's not Muslims that are the probelm it's immigration of Muslims from undeveloped unciviliized parts of the world that's driven your countries crime rates sky high and has created a massive problem for the welfare state, the facts are unflinching. And I'm not sure what allowing uncivilizdd peoples from awful areas without proper guidance to your country has anything to do with free trade. Do people not need permission anymore to visit your countries.

  23. Andsormida01 says:

    @underbjorn You know what I meant, I was merely exposing the centrality of your government and it's power on individuals.

  24. SuperBenzid says:

    @Andsormida01 First, I got to admit I was a bit of a dick in my initial reply, sorry.
    Secondly, I see your point but I've got to disagree the country could be doing a lot better. Parity pricing on oil is a joke taking money from labor to large corporations. South Australia being kept on life support is a drain on us all its time to pull the plug. Lack of infrastructure is the worst I deal with congestion everyday on the two lane "freeway" by my house. WA is continually robbed by the other states

  25. SuperBenzid says:

    @Andsormida01 WA is getting robbed so hard Labor strongholds are falling to the Liberals just because people don't want to be colonised by the eastern states anymore.

  26. SuperBenzid says:

    And soon the country will have elected a Catholic with early onset Parkinsons to be pm frankly only the Greens could be a step downhill from there.

  27. Debbie Richards says:

    This is awesome and right on!! He says the truth about Paul Ryan and Republicans. The guy from Finland is correct. Other countries understand the value of education more than the U.S. does. We discourage people from going on to college. Other countries are beating us in the educaton category. Yes, socialism – horrors!!! Let's not have free public parks, roads, police and fire departments while we're at it The libertarian dream!! Argh.

  28. Waffen9999 says:

    @peterukk Oh it plays a big difference. Finland is relatively affluent, the U.S. not so much in many regions. Given our size as well you're talking significant investments in infrastructure etc. >which we have been neglecting< That are tons of factors that can't begin to be discussed in 500 characters. However, like the U.S. Finland also has national debt, while small and still manageable, in the future you're still deficit spending, give it time you'll be here too.

  29. ttzz2003 says:

    So they are saying,

    Hey, appreciate what you already have OWS.Back in the days rich people like me can carry swords on the street and slay you serfs whenever we please.

  30. Andsormida01 says:

    @SuperBenzid What?

  31. Andsormida01 says:

    @SuperBenzid Living standards are the highest they've ever been but there is always room for improvement anywhere. But keep things in perspective, 99% of Australians have access to an education and opportunities to become something, and I'm not sure about your comment on SA? what exactly is so wrong with them? Man, WA is in now way getting robbed, trade of labour and resources have been happeneing between states since the beginning, but I agree the transport infrastructure is awful, truly.

  32. Our Fantasy Life says:

    @peterukk And you have gorgeous women who aren't racist.

    I'm moving.

  33. Daniel V says:

    I hate when people are like "I had it hard, so you can have it hard too." Shouldn't we want our descendants to have it easier? That's progress. That's compassion.

  34. Craig Shepherd says:

    @calimar28 Yes, why should we pay for peoples educatio… oh wait.

    You arent too smart are ya? Guess thats what you get for not having a proper education.

  35. EverestYourself says:

    I meet a exchange studend who came to my university and, he told me that his grandparents were retired and his grandfather had to go to work to pay their health insurance… It's shocking that my father has full health insurance (including prescription drugs) and a good pension knowing that Spain is a much smaller country than the U.S. Definitely they have a way of thinking that doesn't fit in our heads… But, you must understand that is the system they want, so, I don't feel bad for this.

  36. SuperBenzid says:

    @Andsormida01 Man I was sent to a asbestos school originally built as a prison. Were I was regularly attacked by aboriginals and fellow classmates because they suspected (rightly) that I was gay. I received nothing but hatred from our society for being both young and gay. Now I'm relatively wealthy for my age (85k/yr) but buying a place is still a struggle because house prices went nuts. And all I get to hear about everyday is how young people like me are the problem with oz. Man fuck Australia

  37. Andsormida01 says:

    @SuperBenzid Lol, the current generation of Australians is the most educated ever in our history and YOUR an example. Your hear the same shit every single generation of Australians from the previous, it happened with teh immigration of the 70's etc. I apologize for the hate you received from society for something out of your control and personal but keep things in perspective, in few countries would you be treated any differently. The fact you worked hard, is a testament to the system.

  38. SuperBenzid says:

    @Andsormida01 Your right Australia is so great I should really see more of it. I know I will take a plane to the other capital cities, oh wait….. AusFailia

  39. Andsormida01 says:

    @underbjorn Plus these people aren't a commodity desired and funded by a private entity.

  40. poindexterwitkowsky says:

    ~~^Hey Republican PAUL RYAN…Remember the scene in ANIMAL HOUSE where OTTER says to FLOUNDER, "Y ou f____ed up….You trusted us!"Well you are FLOUNDER & OTTER represents your institutionalized GOP buddies. When your plan to DESTROY MEDICARE(class warfare) runs it's course & your GOP buddies admit it was always a bad idea, YOU, PAULIE, will be made to take the fall. So take my advise..Stash your CORPORATE DONATIONS. Accept one of those lucrative lobbying jobs & "start drinking heavily."

  41. trogdorburninating says:

    WTF is happening in the background at 1:20?

  42. honeegrrl says:

    OMG, this is so horrible.

  43. honeegrrl says:

    So 867 people are willing to work 3 jobs or have their kids work 3 jobs to pay for college.

  44. poindexterwitkowsky says:

    ~~*~*~*GRANDPARENTS__&____PARENTS do you want your children NOT TO BENEFIT from MEDICARE? REPUBLICAN PAUL RYAN HAS MADE IT HIS LIFE'S MISSION TO TAKE MEDICARE AWAY & REPLACE IT WITH A VOUCHER SYSTEM. TWO TRILLION dollars in REVENUE has been lost in the last 10 yrs because of the BUSH TAX CUTS. ……………………………………………………………….He wants your children to pay for that lost revenue by DENYING THEM MEDICARE!!

  45. VGTheater says:

    if the federal government just stay out of peoples fucking business,health care would be so cheap and better value.

  46. Roger says:

    I'm working two jobs to pay for school and I have no loans. Not complaining, and not hating on people who have already established themselves as millionaires either. Just setting my sights on joining their ranks one day, and putting all this behind me.

    Why complain?

  47. AzraelNY says:

    If Paul Ryan only wants to help the rich, thats fine… but it would be nice if he was honest about it. Its painful listening to him try to explain his policies (lie about them) as if they help the average middle American or southern American.

  48. Charlie12241 says:

    You've got that right coming from a US citizen. Our country is screwed and the idiots are taking over.

  49. Charlie12241 says:

    Gee, why didn't I think of going to college and working three part time jobs? XD What's the minimium number of hours you would have to work at a job or go to college for a degree?

  50. Charlie12241 says:

    Good luck. Ony a robot could do what you're doing any longer.

  51. Charlie12241 says:

    You only have so much time and having three jobs and going to college is very difficult. How well can you learn when you have to work right after?

  52. chantu mantu says:

    Young turks is starting to become the leftist version of Fox News.

  53. cjhmarine0621 says:

    Hes dumb . Banks are not giving students loans dumbass

  54. cjhmarine0621 says:

    The politican who is making it seem that its easy to get money for college. He says to get loans but banks are not giving out loans easily. You have to have great credit and a cosigner.

  55. J DoubleYoo says:

    Ryan's father died when Paul was only 16. Using the Social Security survivors benefits he received until his 18th birthday, he paid for his education at Miami University in Ohio, where he completed a bachelor's degree in economics and political science in 1992. The same social security he wants to dismantle for everyone else.

  56. Dominic Tunney says:

    I got a Ryan add before this video. Wat

  57. bordy217 says:


  58. bordy217 says:

    More money to the banks!!! Loans, Loans and more Loans. Become a slave to the banks!!!!

  59. Neoklassic Media & Entertainment says:

    Working full time and going to college full time….is nuts..I'm doing that while trying a pay a mortgage…Try telling two young kids they can't eat because there's no money..?

  60. VGTheater says:


  61. tg101393 says:

    If nothing is done to SS, it 30 years it won't exist for anyone at all. Including those who paid into it and those who need it to survive. Your logic is to keep it that way so everyone can be screwed in 30 years?

  62. tg101393 says:

    The banks are the ones riskibg tens of thousands of dollars away to 18 year olds with no credit history. Aren't banks slaves to 18 year olds who may or may not ever be able to repay the banks?

  63. tg101393 says:

    The Ryan plan would still give the full amount ($5,550) to those in most need. Those who aren't as needy would get less. TYT's want you to believe otherwise.

  64. tg101393 says:

    Actually government intervention into the free markets raise the prices of both. I'd say liberals are more in favor of government intervention than Republicans.

  65. bordy217 says:

    You realize you can never be rid of student loan debt, right? It will follow you for life. They can garnish your wages up to 25% if you don't pay. So I guess you're right. They'll never get their money as long as you never get a legitimate job.

  66. tg101393 says:

    Students job out all the time, for many reasons. I think the 20-28 age group is at the highest rate of developing pyschological disorders compared to every other age group. Severe disorders cause many people to drop out and never fully recover to a healthy point. If you gruaduate and become successful, banks will find you and make you pay back your loans. But as you know, that doesn't always happen and banks are on the hook for thousands, just for 1 student who doesn't become successful.

  67. bordy217 says:

    OH NO!!!! NOT THOUSANDS!!! How will they ever survive?!?!?! I can't believe your argument is that 20 somethings go crazy sometimes. It has nothing to do with being successful. If you have a job at McDonalds, they can garnish your wages.

  68. tg101393 says:

    Thousands for one person. Please don't tell me you are so dumb as to think only one person in the entire country won't be able to pay back their loan….And it's a basic fact that those in their early 20's develop pyschological disorders at a higher rate than other age groups. I don't know if you are trying to dispute that or if you are just saying some BS because you felt the need to respond.

  69. bordy217 says:

    I just find it laughable that you think these defaults effect the banks at all. On top of everything else these loans are insured by the federal government. I'll pay over double back in loans than I took. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. Banks and Insurance companies never lose. Even when they lose. You are defending the wrong side.

  70. tg101393 says:

    My only point was that banks take risks, it's hard to say people are slaves to them. And government stepping into the free marketing and helping banks is a whole other issue.

  71. bordy217 says:

    There is no risk.

  72. tg101393 says:

    Banks take plenty of risks. Keep in mind your first post did nothing to just specify student loans. If you don't like the government deciding winners and losers in the free market, then you should criticize the government. Not scream that banks take people as slaves.

  73. bordy217 says:

    I thought it would be understood on a student loan video that I was talking about student loans. I criticize the government as well. The problem is that government i bought by the banks and other money interests.

  74. tg101393 says:

    If government would stay out of the free market in the first place, no opportunity or incentive would exist for banks and other industries to buy the government.

  75. tg101393 says:

    Making laws to protect idvidiuals (and obviously making ways to enforce them and punish law breakers) is one of 4 duties of government. That's okay. If HC providers could operate over state lines, then the amount of competition would force prices lower. The more money government gives to students, the more colleges will raise costs and acceptance requirements. And that's not solely because colleges are super greedy. Colleges can only handle a certian amount of student on campus/in classes.

  76. bordy217 says:

    Well then I guess we need to keep the Ws and Romneys out of government as well. Let's not act like an unregulated private sector would somehow be a good thing.

  77. tg101393 says:

    One of 4 duties of government is to enact laws to protect citizens and their rights. It's not like I'm calling for anarchy, just for government to keep out of the free market to prevent corruption from all angles. And their no political angle for me, I'm not saying Romney or W at all pulled government out of the free market, but Obama is a worse offender than Carter at putting government in the free market.

  78. J DoubleYoo says:

    My logic is to stabilize it to make it stronger for those who need it to survive, not hack it to bits and leave the elderly to fend for themselves with a couple grand in 'vouchers'

  79. J DoubleYoo says:

    How far do you think 5 grand will take an elderly person, health care-wise?

  80. J DoubleYoo says:

    Well, the banks could just NOT lend money to 18 year olds, you know

  81. J DoubleYoo says:

    We just tried the free market with completely loosened regulations thing, the 'give tax breaks to the wealthy' thing, it turned out to be a HORRIBLE idea which damn near took the entire country down, yet today you have people insisting we loosen regulation even more on banks and big business and give more tax breaks to the wealthy. That is the very dictionary definition of insanity.

  82. J DoubleYoo says:

    Plus, remember they want to LOWER the minimum wage and destroy collective bargaining, so the workplace will not have to offer benefits. I'd say you'd need at least 6 or 7 of their ideal jobs to pay for a degree.

  83. J DoubleYoo says:

    Because we, as a country, have the ability to make things easier for ourselves as citizens, but we do not do it. We, as a country, have the ability to offer a high standard of living for every citizen, but we do not do it because it would cut into the pockets of the already beyond wealthy a little bit.

  84. Roger says:

    But why complain?

    What, in the end, does it accomplish? I would rather just work to get to where I want to go than wait around for other people to change the way a system works in the hopes that *maybe* *one day* things will be *somewhat better* for me.

  85. unfad1ng says:

    "you know im a big critic of Barack Obama" Yeah right Cenk……………

  86. tg101393 says:

    You realize what you said has nothing to do with anything I said. Re-read what I've said and make a relevant response if you wish.

  87. Stephen Densmore says:

    This guy is a crook. Shame on America if we allow him and that soulless bastard Romney into office. Worst part of it all, their competition isn't much better.

  88. Zachary A. Wickard says:

    Maybe we should all take responsibility for our debts..

  89. Zachary A. Wickard says:

    I don't know what you are talking about in terms of tax breaks for the wealthy. The top 10% pay over 70% of the income taxes.

  90. J DoubleYoo says:

    You are right, millions of people in poverty should pay more income taxes so the top 10% have their tax burden eased a tiny bit, it's only fair.

  91. Zachary A. Wickard says:

    Then pay your bills big guy.

  92. Zachary A. Wickard says:

    How did you get any of that out of what I said? Millions of people in poverty don't pay taxes. Our current tax brackets put most of the pressure on the upper middle class.

  93. bordy217 says:

    You miss the point of the conversation.

  94. Zachary A. Wickard says:

    I know. I was saying that to another comment. Here is my belief on the government taking over the student loan debt. The government has no place in business besides to regulate. When the government starts to compete it can be very bad.

  95. Zachary A. Wickard says:

    And you absolutely can get rid of it. It's the same as any other loan.

  96. bordy217 says:

    The only way to get rid of them is by paying them, which of course you should do. However, that's the only way.

  97. bordy217 says:

    Or die. That's always an option. Then your parents have to deal with it.

  98. J DoubleYoo says:

    Ryan collected social security when his father passed away, which he used to go to college. He did not work 3 jobs. Typical hypocrite Republican

  99. Erik S says:

    What if you can't even obtain three part time jobs due to insane high unemployment in my home state of Michigan by the way one of the highest unemployment rates in the country stupid (Paul-Ryan!

  100. J DoubleYoo says:

    He did not work three jobs, he collected social security when his father passed and went to school with that. The same thing he wants to take away from everyone else. Can you believe people vote for this hypocrite?

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