You Can Run, but Not Hide (Goat Safe) [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Hi guys, Unknown Knight here. So Overkill released a hotfix today. Hotfix 94.2, which includes: A temporary fix for all the crashing that
is happening recently. All special enemy health reduced by 15%.
A new achievement, and a safe and drill that is tied to this achievement. And here we can see, this would be the Goat
Simulator Goat Safe. We can see the achievement here, titled: “You Can Run, but Not Hide”
Find and secure the goat in the Firestarter heist on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Now, before this achievement was released
it was titled “Server Shenanigans”. Combining that with the achievement now most
of you would be able to guess that the goat will be hidden somewhere on Day 2. I believe most of you will be able to get
this achievement easily but here’s how to do it for those of you who are only free to
play on the weekends or if you have difficulties finding the goat. So let’s skip ahead to day 2 and find that
goat. So here we are on Day 2.
Now based on the clue “Server Shenanigans” we might guess that the goat is hidden in
the server room, but that’s not true. In the FBI office, they hold on to some of
the Payday gangs’ loot and all these are kept in the evidence room. And this evidence room is on the first floor. Now there’s the goat. Aww he’s so cute. And the goat safe is right behind, but it’s
only for show and we can’t do anything with it. So all we need to do is to secure the goat. We need to activate the loot point but grabbing
the goat does not activate it so we need to bag either the server or some loot from the
evidence room. And luckily we have some coke here. And here we go. Grabbing the goat, no loot point. Can’t interact with the safe either. So let’s grab the coke. There’s the loot point so let’s leave. And there’s the achievement. I’m going to open my safe and see what I get. So now back to the main menu, we have something
in the Steam inventory. If you do not get the safe immediately you
can try restarting Payday 2. And there we have it, the goat safe
and the goat drill. Let’s see what skins are in this safe. Looks like it’s a pretty good mix, we have rifles, shotguns, sniper, akimbos, SMG, LMG. Let’s see the preview of skins available. And oops. Alright, the skins all look pretty bright
and distinct. So let’s open it up. And we have Pan. Wow. Looks nice. Personally I like the well-used
look on my skins. The twin goats also look great, except that
it’s on the grips so it will be covered. Let’s put it on my akimbo chimano customs. There’s my chimano customs. Well, not bad. The grips and the gadgets are
coloured, with the magazines as well. And my silenced versions. I like these as
well. Lastly, my concealed ones. Looking good as well. And there we have it. The goat safe achievement.
Go get your skin now and I hope you enjoyed the video. Unknown Knight, signing off.

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