You Vs. Your Student Loans • Broke // Sponsored By SoFi

– Oh yes, my paycheck! Yes! I’ll finally start a savings account, pay rent on time and maybe buy a new jacket for once. (phone vibrating) Hello. – [Voiceover] Hello I’m
calling for Milo Rights. – Milo, hi. – [Voiceover] Hi, this is the Student
Loan Collection Service. You owe us. (upbeat pop music) – Uh, okay. Hey, can I give you a call back? – [Voiceover] Sure, just give
us a call back at 1-800– – Shut up! Okay, ten extra hours per week at the job, plus the minimum student loan payment equals me paying them off in 43 years. Cool. (phone vibrating) Hello. Are you calling me from
a different number? Girls wanted $900 a night. Hmm. Must be into foot stuff, alright. Let me ask you a question,
what’s your name? Oh Brenda, that’s a nice. My grandmother’s name. Um, did you ever have student loans or. (phone vibrating) (incoming text message beep) (outgoing text message beep) How do you sleep at night, Brenda? How do you sleep at night? You’re a monster! No I don’t have any money. I can’t afford to pay you. Five dollars is too
much, that’s ridiculous. (phone vibrating) Uh! Hello. – [Voiceover] Hi, we’re
calling from your alma mater. Would you like to make a
donation to the school? – Are you serious? (phone vibrating) Hello Mom. – [Voiceover] Hey baby, your
nephew got into college. – Oh no. – [Voiceover] Don’t worry,
on a full ride scholarship. – Oh, well that’s great. Good for him, yay college. (upbeat pop music)

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