Your Monthly Round-up: October 2017

Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode of TV. This week we’re going to be running through all the biggest stories in
personal finance from October. Let’s get to it. Energy absolutely dominated this month
in personal finance news as we saw not one, not two, not three but four energy suppliers
announce price increases. It started off with SSE Airtricity at the end of last month, followed
swiftly by Bord Gáis Energy who also announced price hikes and then a week later we heard
Electric Ireland would also be increasing their prices but only after the winter months,
so they’ll be introducing their price increases in February. Then just last week, we heard
that Energia have announced their first price hike since they entered the market in 2014.
However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom as we also heard that Flogas have announced a new
market leading discount of 25% off of their gas prices. In the midst of so many price
increases we decided to launch the Ditch and Switch campaign to encourage our customers
to ditch their supplier and find a better deal in order to save an average of €360
in the process and we were overwhelmed with the response with all of our customers tweeting
in their savings figures, some of them well in excess of €1000 so we were really surprised
and pleased to hear that. In conjunction with the campaign, we also packed the blog full
of new and updated pieces helping you to save even more on your energy bills. Moving onto
broadband news. There was some bad news for both Sky and Vodafone customers as the providers
have decided to increase prices for some legacy customers but the good news is, if you recently
switched to either company you shouldn’t be affected. However, for customers who are looking
to switch and find a new and better Tripleplay deal, we recently put together a video comparing
the four main providers to help you find the best value deal for your needs. In other news,
audiophiles will be delighted to hear that Sky have teamed up with French audio experts
Devialet to produce the Sky Soundbox which promises to bring cinema-quality sound to
your home entertainment system and it will be available for purchase in November. Finally,
in mortgage news, we found out that both Haven and EBS have joined the likes of AIB and KBC
and have cut their mortgage rates. This should be good news for both first-time buyers and
switchers and you can find out all of the details of those cuts over on our blog. So
there you have it guys, those are all the biggest news pieces for October. If you’d
like to read about any of those stories in more detail you can catch them all over on
the blog at You can also follow us on social media on YouTube, Facebook,
Twitter or Instagram. Thanks for watching.

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