Zurich Life – How Savings and Investments Work

Imagine saving for five years and
imagine the result of those savings. Now what would you do with more. When you save your money in a deposit account you get a predictable low rate of interest, so you get a little extra on top of what
you put in. But when you invest your money in a fund, that little extra on top
can become a lot extra. Funds aim to grow your savings, how quickly and by how much is up to you. You can find funds with steady
consistent growth and funds that offer more potential for higher long-term
gains. Your investment value can go up or down. The higher the potential for growth the
riskier the fund, but with careful management you can build a portfolio
funds geared towards your goals. Because unlike a deposit account, you have
control over how your money is invested and how hard you wanted to work. You don’t have to be a millionaire or an
expert to use funds to grow your savings, you just need to talk to a trusted
financial broker or advisor and start imagining what you could do with more.

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